Listening to Music from a Portable Device

Did you know that the level of noise at music concerts, discos or live music sites are between 104 and 125 decibels and that your portable device can reach 100 decibels? Here you will find answers to some questions that may be of interest to you if you like to actively listen to your portable music device. How is what is the appropriate volume of my portable device to listen to music? According to international norms established by organizations which are concerned with the subject, the maximum volume allowed to listen to on a portable music device is 100 decibels, it would therefore be a good idea not to exceed 60 per cent of the volume of your computer since listening to music with a volume greater than 89 decibels begins to damage the cells of the inner ear and eventually cause from a slight decrease to a total loss of your hearing ability. Can the use of headphones cause damage to the ear? Improper use of any computer or portable device can cause a not desired effect for those who wear it, however there is scientific evidence that causes more damage to the ear listening through headphones for inclusion than of another type of device since the sound of music comes without barriers to the auditory nerve. How you if I have no affected ear? If you have a suspicion that your hearing has always declined it will be suitable to go, firstly, to a health care professional to make you a medical evaluation, however if you have the feeling to hear hissing or ringing in the ears, you are experiencing difficulty to listen to a conversation, you can not listen to television or stereo to the volume that others do, if you are experiencing problems with balance or dizziness, it is likely that you have some kind of hearing problem. I lost me from hearing loss if I choose to listen to music at a volume right now? Hearing loss sensorineural that occurs when the auditory nerve is damaged by age, noise, diseases, injuries, infections, among other causes usually can not be reversed since the cells of the inner ear are not regenerated over time. We think that discomfort that we feel in our ears is temporary and will pass after a short time and in fact may be that it happen, however do not forget that if we persist in listening to the music at a volume that is not adequate, we will very soon have regret the harm done to our ears. Take care and enjoy your music to the fullest but please do it in the appropriate volume.