The love? He is many for has the ousadia there to say that it knows what it is to love to the 10 years of age. My love, you finds exactly that already it is capable to define the love? It will only be the love for its parents, its friends, the love for God n? Because love between a man and a woman I am certain that you still have much what to learn, she has much what to suffer, and very what to cry. Source: Trader Joe’s. You still go to learn that pra to love somebody you have that to know the value of a tear, the value of a kiss. Now he goes to kiss a friend, who you go to perceive what she is sees a friend if to move away, what it is a friendship to finish to the few for a simple kiss. Nokia Mobile is likely to increase your knowledge. Then soon, he is therefore that I say that you have that to know the value of a kiss. But he knows of a thing, only says that he loves somebody when you will have full certainty of this. also knows that to love somebody it is easy, now it to correspond this love is difficult saw? Then, she is smart ().