MacLaren Strollers

MacLaren – a stroller, combining almost all of the options that every day mom looking so carefully, turning over dozens of pages on the Internet with a description of different models of strollers. Well, except that large inflatable the wheels of these carriages you will not find, but it is quite logical, as the plant produces MacLaren strollers only with the mechanism of folding type umbrella – or rather, buggies. History of the British wheelchair Maclaren began in distant 1965, when founder Owen Maclaren invented his first stroller. Maclaren baby strollers popularity and demand throughout the world. Maclaren strollers are among the best buggies. Even though its high value (price segment – 'above average'), these strollers are among the most demand on the tween market. This is evidenced even by the fact that many world stars have given their preference to these wheelchairs.

For example, a wheelchair McLaren were seen by celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone, Mel Gibson and many others. All strollers MacLaren has the following features: patented mechanism allows the addition of wheelchair fold it with one hand for five seconds; lightness and durability of wheelchairs McLaren secured high-tech aluminum frame of; seats for all wheelchairs can be easily removed and washed; rubber wheels; foot parking brake on the rear wheels ergonomic handles are made in such a way as to ease the strain on hands; MacLaren model conceived in such a way that even most parents will not hurt your feet when walking stroller; all strollers fairly roomy seat width 34 cm, and the model even more Techno XLR – 38 cm (width so necessary for the possibility of installing lifts or car seats); Five-point safety belts with a unique mechanism to undo them with one hand without any effort. In Russia the most popular models were the following MacLaren: Techno XT, Techno XLR, Quest Sport, and Volo. But in this article would like to stay at the richest in terms of configuration and functions of the model – Maclaren Tehcno XLR. MacLaren Techno XLR – it is not just buggies. First, it is very warm and spacious, but not so about 80% of the strollers of this type, so the Techno XLR is considered all-season stroller. Was this model may not be suitable only in two cases: 1) If you choose budget stroller 2) If you need a wheelchair 'SUV' to walk through the woods, and drifts off-road. In all other cases, the MacLaren Techno XLR – ideal! The back of the stroller with adjustable down to a prone position (down to 170 degrees) hood large, not heavy stroller, so it will be the salvation for those moms who live in a house without an elevator. Model Techno XLR, in contrast to other canes MacLaren, can be used from birth, because as additional options for this stroller bassinet can be installed MacLaren for newborns and car seat group 0 + Recaro Young Profi plus.