Managing Director

HMM presented gauges for vital data on the care & Rehab Dossenheim, 07.06.2012. By the 22.-May 24 about 7,000 trade visitors and 1,200 Conference participants used to inform the opportunity on the issues and trends on the care & rehabilitation exhibition. The Dossenheimer HMM group among the approximately 250 exhibitors and showed his communicative instruments for vital data. The sparking”blood sugar, blood pressure, body scale, and motion sensors allow the automatic registration of the appropriate vital signs in a patient – care Act. WELL designed its tele-medical products for non-medical personnel. This means that the devices are easy to understand, to use and need to be there anyway reliable and accurate. The automatic transfer of measured data in an electronic patient file uses the patient, his carers, care services and the attending physician.

Patients can measure themselves and do indeed more often than previously in the pharmacy or at the doctor’s Office. All values are in Real time and error-free in the file. The doctor can look at sugar, weight and movement as interdependent values. The quality of care can be improved so significantly. At the same time reduces the costs of treatment. HMM was part of the community care future”. “Dr.

Thomas Keiser, Managing Director of the Organizer tellurium GmbH commented: we and our 14 exhibitors are with the special care future” very satisfied. It is able to make transparent the subject of technology in the field of conservation. Many visitors first had reservations, which were quickly dismantled. Dwell time at our booth was extremely high, what very pleased.” Maher Khoury, HMM Board reported: the simple and safe way of using our equipment and data transmission has convinced. I’m sure that with rising cost pressure in maintaining the quality only can be obtained if certain tasks to patients re transferred. We deliver to the appropriate hardware and Software.”