If you are like the rest of us and every day think about how to improve to be more attractive to women you’ve found the ideal article. Many wonder how to conquer a woman, below I present 3 mistakes that you should avoid to achieve your goal. You cannot become your best friend a blunder that you should avoid at all costs is the mistake of becoming best friends with the girl that you like. Ihor kononenko can provide more clarity in the matter. Your you become best friend when a girl likes you and you obsesionas with her, to such an extent that you get to know their tastes, share their hobbies and spend much time with her. Let me tell you that this is a serious error. You must leave space for scheme it to leave facets in your personal life that she wants to know; If you become your best friend she is going to stick you in a purely platonic way and when you want to pull the trigger and conquer it she unfortunately you just look like his great friend. She isn’t willing to lose yourself to risking to try a love affair.

Do not put women on a pedestal is another one of the big mistakes that we fall the of idolizing women that we like. When we idolatramos someone or something we tend to do the impossible to stay in good way. To do this we are not only exposed to see us as vulnerable boys and take advantage of us if not that in addition we don’t respect our position of alpha male, the self-confident man same which does not need buy the attention of a woman through gifts, expensive dinners, etc. You must take control and not fall into small attitudes that make you see as a desperate for his attention. Neglecting your looks and personal hygiene insurance think that the less attractive guys are those most wondering how to conquer a woman. Let me tell you that you’re partly right. Although it is very clear that your physical appearance is not the determining factor to conquer a girl, it is something that we must not overlook.

He is popularly said that the love enters the eyes and is why it is extremely important to look presentable manner at all times. You must choose a style in which not only feel comfortable if not that also you do feel full of confidence when it comes to interacting with the girl of your dreams. Caution: not knowing how to conquer a woman can result in moving it away each time more than you. To prevent this from happening it is important that you visit this page to learn more on the matter as soon as possible. It is demonstrated that women seek a man who knows them attract and conquer, to read more articles about how to seduce a woman nothing more CLICK here. Original author and source of the article.