Moscow Restaurants

In Moscow, there are now more than 2,500 restaurants (about half of the total number of points of public catering), and the list is constantly updated. Despite a rather impressive figure, the number of restaurants in Moscow – just a drop in Sea compared with other world capitals. In Paris, for example, there are 14 000 schools, "haute cuisine", and in New York City – 17 000. But even with this relatively small number of Muscovites and guests are always choice. Want to "beautiful views"? There is a restaurant on the water and winter porches. Those who prefer a concrete jungle wilderness can go to a country restaurant.

For fans of "bread and circuses" are all sorts of sports bars, restaurants and karaoke venues. For those who do not want to rack their brains over how to get home after a restaurant meal, you should pay attention to the restaurants at hotels. As for "features of national cuisines', in almost all of them (including the author) are presented in the metropolitan restaurants sufficiently. The most popular are still restaurants in Moscow Italian (or European) and Asian cuisine. However, fans of gastronomic delights, too, have a place to roam. For example, in the newly opened restaurant "Daikon" is presented not only their traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisine, but also rare, even for Moscow, the Indonesian and Singaporean. And in the restaurant "The Hindu" the chef is ready to please visitors … Indian rolls, which is added to rice cooked with Indian spices.