Mother Nature

In the old, but not primitive times when man became more powerful in front of Mother Nature, it immediately became obsessed with enemies and battles for territory, suggesting that it would give him the coveted happiness, a better life. In these times, times of great leaders and brave soldiers, the term (just could not be determined: whether as an advertisement, or a sign of respect) many songs about the deeds and mighty warriors, their lives, loud victories in the battles, the weakness of the enemies and their impiety. These praise songs came to be called heroic songs. The songs were composed and terms, as they are artfully combined accumulation of singers on the basis of a certain story in the epic, praising the exploits of heroes, it was a kind of sonic log. This is how the poem "The Odyssey", "Iliad" by Homer, the French, "The Song of Roland," the German "Nibelungenlied", many Russian epics, many other works from various countries and peoples. Often, they not only praised the military exploits, while it has been and educational activities, ie transfer of experience, for example, how to properly cultivate the land, to get a good harvest, how to build a warm and robust housing, how to catch animals, and which ones are edible … and other useful information has been laid in these songs and stories. Folk tales, too let its roots in antiquity. They made this very clear dream of the victory of man over nature, observing people in the vital activity of animals and other organisms, their ideas about the world – the world filled with unknown dangers and incredible wonders of the incomprehensible and it is still more dreadful and terrible, unknown universe and its laws unknown.