It is to exert the vocation without rest, always with cantinela of which the teeth are washed, they lie down early, they remove good notes, they do not smoke, they take its glass from milk. It is to worry about vaccines, the cleaning of the ears, the studies, palabrotas, the fianc2es and the fianc2ees; without taking offense they send when it to be silent or they give him with the door in the noses. It is to remain kept awake hoping that she returns the daughter from the celebration and, when the slept one arrives to be made not to annoy. But in the table it is preparation the table cloth and the still hot food. To be Mother, is to shake when the son learns to lead, buys a motorcycle, is shaved, falls in love, has an examination or they clear the tonsils to him.

It is to cry when it sees the young contentments and to tighten the teeth and to smile it sees when them suffering. It is to serve as nursemaid, teacher, driver, cook, launderer, doctor, police, confessor and mechanic, without acquiring pay some. It is to give to his love and its time without waiting for nothing in return. Meaning that is things of the age when they say to him that it does not understand anything already. Mother is somebody that wants to us and it takes care of to us every day of his life and that cries of emotion because one remembers her once a year: the Day of the Mother. All this is certain, for that reason it is no wonder nowadays, 80% of the women flee from such responsibilities. Nevertheless, it does not have nothing else beautiful that to arrive at house, exhausted after a hard labor day and to be received by shouts of joy and enormous smiles, because mother already came.