NanotehnologiiUzhe today nanotechnology used in the production process, at least 80 groups of consumer goods and more than 600 kinds of raw materials, components and industrial equipment. Over the last decade, nanomaterials and nanotechnology have taken a significant role in the development of science and technology in the developed world. At the same time, large-scale introduction of nanomaterials and related nanotechnology prevents, above all, lack of effective technologies of nanomaterials is an industrial scale and at prices affordable for widespread use. Currently, there are dozens of ways to obtaining metal nanomaterials, which can be divided into two groups: chemical methods and physical methods. Metal nanomaterials and received a multi-stage method of chemical synthesis, almost always carry the best no 'inheritance' source of inorganic compounds, which makes their use problematic in areas with stringent requirements for purity of materials used.

Most suitable for such industries are metal nanomaterials obtained using nanotechnology based on the use of physical phenomena. (Cu, Co, Mn, Mg, Zn, Mo, Fe, Ag). Scientists have discovered a new physical phenomenon samokontsentratsii energy in the local microscopic conductor is in electrical circuit with a discharge gap, and developed on the basis of his entire group of lines in the field of nanotechnology, namely the erosion-explosive nanotechnology. Because of this our company is the global team of developers and producers of nanomaterials. In 2009, scientists developed and implemented the next stage of the process of nanotechnology, which allowed to receive by means of ultra-pure nano organic compounds of biogenic metals to food acids (citrate, ascorbate, etc.) These compounds are considered the most biocompatible with the body humans, animals, plants, and already widely used. In 2009, carried out comprehensive studies and obtained findings Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and sanitary approvals MPH for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Anti-bacterial coating with TopPRO KOMPLESOM Nano Screen

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