National Advice

Five schools be situated around the central area, and four in the periphery of the city. The research instrument was a questionnaire with open questions. The collected data had been analyzed of qualitative form. The cares had been taken ethical necessary, as resolution 0196/96 of the National Advice of Health. The collected data had shown that, although to be cliente of many attributions of the Pertaining to school Psychologist, the professionals of the education still understand its performance directed to the pupils who do not correspond to the desirable standard of the good pupil, held. The expectation of the same ones, in relation to the pertaining to school complaints, is of an attendance in the molds of the clinic, and the professional of psychology would be that one that, beyond detecting the problem, guides on the action forms to be adopted. The Pertaining to school Psychologist is that one that the solution withholds and somebody that participates of Inter form and not to multidiscipline.

Important attributions of this professional had not been cited, such as the participation in the elaboration, implantation, evaluation and reformularization of resumes, pedagogical projects, educational politics and in the development of new educational procedures, next to faculty and technician of the institution. It is concluded then, for the necessity of one better definition in relation to the paper of the psychologist inside of the school and the clarification regarding its action for the pertaining to school community and also for the community in general, since the image of psychology still meets atrelada to the idea of the clinic. She is necessary to rethink also the paper of pertaining to school psychology in the curricular grating of the psychology courses, being aimed at to break preconceptions in relation to the area, to stimulate more studies consequentemente and a bigger performance of the professional in the education. Pupils of the Course of Psychology of ILES/ULBRA of Itumbiara? GO Teacher ILES/ULBRA of Itumbiara-GO