Officer Application

Rumors about what you're thinking about changing places, can play against you: you can gain a foothold for the glory of an unreliable employee, a boss can independently call you on the carpet for an explanation, and then your conversation will be held in a negative way. On the contrary, keeping his intentions secret, you agree not provoke unnecessary suspicion that the reason you left was the problem in company. In addition, pre-notifying the Director's intention to leave the company, you are demonstrating yourself as a responsible officer who is ready to fulfill their obligations: to complete unfinished projects and pass all the things a new employee. Unfortunately, the officer warned in advance about care, not always met with understanding from his superiors. There are cases when a worker loses not only the confidence and good relations, but the positive recommendations, as well as compensation due to him. As a rule, the latter are not insured employees who received the "black" or "gray" wages.

In order to properly submit an application for care, must follow the rules. First of all, the application must be submitted in writing. It must be present and the date of signature of the head. Remember that by law, the number of employee who wishes to resign, is not the first free day, and the last day of work. The application must be registered with the Secretary in the register of documents, while in front of the registration number should be be signed by the chief.