Olina Is International

County hamlet of Vorarlberg franchise system for kitchen Studios was sold to the company, July 12, 2010 the circle goes on with the sale of the company to the international kitchen group Vorarlberg success story of Olina franchise kitchen Studios. Re oec is responsible for the transaction. Franz Walser as Managing Director of the company stock in Vaduz. After the successful establishment of the Olina franchise system for kitchen Studios, it was for managing director Wolfgang Allgauer time to prepare the company for the future. End of 2009 he commissioned sale his Olina franchise GmbH therefore the companies trading in Vaduz. Earlier this year there were many prospects for the successful Vorarlberg companies, including some international corporations. THE circle, an Association for kitchen specialists, which already operates in six European countries was awarded at the end. Through the merger with Olina franchise GmbH, Ernst-Martin Schaible, Managing Director of the circuit, would like to its market and the network of European kitchen specialists develop and hopes on positive synergies of both companies.

The entire transaction was led by the Managing Director of the company stock, Franz Walser, personally. The preparation of sales documents, searching for a suitable buyer, about the due diligence test to contract construction and notarial deed he accompanied the entire process of Olina succession. Already after a short time had expressed equal to several corporations and private investors Olina serious buying interest in the project, had to be tested and selected. The kitchen bond County, was awarded the contract after only six months of intensive work on the project whose plans for the future the Olina kitchen studios with the objectives of the founder Wolfgang Allgauer match agreed. Olina franchise GmbH was founded in 1997 in Feldkirch as franchise concept for qualified kitchen studios and now 16-franchisee with own kitchen studios in all Austria, four in Vorarlberg. Olina partners benefit from a proven concept, as well as comprehensive support in all business matters. Meanwhile about 1,000 kitchens are sold per year.

Extremely high customer satisfaction provide unique innovations, modern design, 10 years warranty and free service. About 60 percent of revenues generate by referring people to customers the kitchen professionals. THE district is represented as a composite for kitchen specialists so far with 2,216 member companies in six European countries. With its annual turnover of 1,752 billion euros, the district ensures for more than 30 years the volume of purchase and a comprehensive service concept tailored to the kitchen specialists the yield margin of its Member houses.