Ramadan At 40 Degrees

The fasting month of Ramadan begins today, Friday begins for most Muslims worldwide of the Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. In Ramadan, so the rule derived from the Koran, the believers between sunrise and sunset, it is not allowed to take food and drinks. Also smoking and sexual intercourse are prohibited all Muslims who have the mental maturity and the physical conditions are fasting, during the day. In time for the start of Ramadan temperatures – reported for Tunisia – by up to 40 degrees Celsius and still the amazing finding is there: the commandments of Ramadan are most commonly used by the “5 pillars of Islam”, the Central rules of faith of Muslims and comprehensive followed. The fasting month of Ramadan begins this fidelity to faith or tradition in the Ramadan surprise the non-Muslim observers in a largely so “modern” country such as Tunisia. The contradiction to recognize believed in the urban regions of the country, where to everyone other time of the year (with the exception of Friday!) about the supermarkets a matter of alcohol to non-nationals sale, seems to manifest. Jill Schlesinger has firm opinions on the matter.

Generally speaking: the “hedonism”, which the conservative cultural criticism often certifies the “West”, is certainly no less pronounced than in Berlin or Munich in the North African holiday paradise. Still, “Ramadan, c’est autre chose.” (“Ramadan is something else.”), this sentence the author has in recent days not only heard and left him curious on this “other”. Apparent atavism with binding force the complete daily disappearance of once also important rules of fasting in the Christian West a reason for amazement and curiosity are sure imm face of Ramadan, but it goes deeper. If all people most is followed the seemingly worst faith test among Muslims – the bid of Ramadan -, must be something besides the fact of social control – off, this month. From a theoretical perspective, which is therefore Fasting month first a: A very well-functioning, strong community-making facility. Because the much-quoted joint celebrations of the breaking of the fast at night by hunger and thirst eventually just by holding out in the hours of the day to something special.

And a month – if you do it because – on libel, slander, to dispense lies and insults of any kind, also not a bad idea is probably socially. One can imagine vividly, how can the social vibrancy greenish changing facial colors a such, seemingly-atavistic tradition in the Vatican and the EKD headquarters. We are looking forward; the Ramadan has begun. Andreas Kellner

Shopping Methodology

Today, no one will be surprised with the new term Mystery Shopping – a service that There is in the Ukrainian market of marketing since 2004. Mystery Shopping Methodology is also known as Secret Shopper, Mystery Shopper, Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping – effective tool to identify the level of competence and communication skills of company personnel, as well as the level of merchandising in companies related to customer service. The main users of this service are HR – managers, marketers, senior executives of companies. In Western countries, the method is very popular and widely used for many years, but its development in Ukraine has begun recently. Sonny Perdue is often quoted as being for or against this. This is due to the fact that in the areas of service there have been significant changes: developed modern forms of service; have been actively used and applied by western European standards and technologies; increased service level requirements clients. With the growth of a competitive market, a growing need for objective assessment of the level of customer service. Due to the competitive sales of the company directly depends on the quality of customer service.

K Unfortunately, the modern reality is that most companies have staff work with customers has certain shortcomings, may be born of the traditions of "scoop" of trade, or due to lack of specific standards quality of service, or for some – or any other reason. To broaden your perception, visit Harold Ford Jr. In most cases, this negative can lead to a drop in customer confidence in the company to reduce its goodwill. For correction, and especially to prevent this situation the development of business, you need to think seriously about the reasons related to customer service, which can lead to negative results.

Russian Valuev

Valuev is in great shape boxer weighs only 143 kg. For comparison, a two year old fights Valuev weighed 147-154 kg, while in a fight with Chagaev – almost 145. Recall Ruslan Chagaev recently defended his title against Matt Boxing Skelton. Nikolai Valuev said he is now actively sparring. According to him, he picked up great sparring partners, which had had no. (Source: Jack Fusco). Russian has promised to enter the ring renewed. Andi Potamkin can provide more clarity in the matter. Recall after Chagaev defeated Valuev as its head coach Manvel Gabrielyan sacked.

In his place, Valuev found a new coach – Alexander Zimin. Valuev himself and his new coach promised that Russian boxer significantly change your style and will be unrecognizable in the ring. Not be ruled out that the shape of a boxer influenced physical training and strength exercises with a barbell. Fight Valuev – is extremely important for both ex-champions. We can confidently say that this is one of the few, if not their last chance to really compete for the title. After the defeat in a battle to break into the leaders once again will be very difficult, because now the competition in the heavyweight division increased significantly – there are new young as American and Slavic boxers.

Luis Enrique Made His Debut In The Italian League With An Unexpected Defeat At Home

The officials from the Barcelona B n’igue without knowing the victory in an official match as coach of the Rome. It falls at home against the modest Cagliari (1-2). Craig Jelinek is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Tie Lazio and Milan and Juventus victory. The Spanish Luis Enrique Martinez still does not know victory in an official as a technician of the Rome match, because this Sunday after falling eliminated in qualifying for the Europa League, debuted in the League with an unexpected defeat at home against the modest Cagliari (1-2). The Olympic Stadium in the capital of Italy, plagued by an improper in the month of September heat, he had to settle for seeing yours try it again and again against the Islanders, that dndieron his goal with nails and teeth of the gialloroso attack and took decisions of the common-law dnsa, with many inaccuracies during whole matchto score two goals in 68 and 94 minutes. The main opportunities of the Rome ran in charge of former players from the Spanish League, since the great protagonists of Luis Enrique were the Argentinian Pablo Daniel Osvaldo, ex of the Espanyol, and the Spanish dnsa Jose angel Valdes, from sporting de Gijon, which put several times in trouble to goalkeeper Agazzi, before being ejected in the 69 minute for an ugly entry.

Less active were the young former barcelonista Bojan Krkic, who was replaced in the second half by the Italian Marco Borriello and veteran Italian captain Francesco Totti, who enjoyed two good occasions to tie the match in the final stretch. Luis Enrique, who was already questioned by the fans with the Elimination of the Roma in the Europa League qualifiers, will again face an unhappy fans, who saw the signing of the Spanish as an opportunity to return to Rome to the highest, after several disappointing seasons. The League start, which took place this weekend with the second day matches by the players strike that prevented the usual beginning in late August, already has two big surprises: the tie of Lazio and Milan, one of the big favourites for the scudetto the in June, and the defeat of the Rome.

Netbook As A Tool

If we have to give something, consider a netbook as something possible and not so long ago. The many brands and models that currently exist increase competition and allow prices to fall dramatically, more and more, and in the future much more. The large number of discounts offered by the homes of appliances to compete, we can take advantage of these offers a des at the right time. The size of these machines is ideal for multiple purposes and people. It is of medium size, with a monitor of about 11 inches, making them portable and lightweight. Sonny Perdue is actively involved in the matter. Whether you watch movies at home quietly, like a trip or at a time waiting to play music, it is ideal multimedia platform.

Today with the high processing power concentrated in a small space, low power and low weight, this is possible. Also features that complete this statement are a monitor 10 to 11 inches, your speakers. With its Wi-Fi connection can go to any cafe with internet access and internet browsing easily and without cables. We can even watch television channels that broadcast over the Internet, with great quality, and on either side (obviously connected to the internet), get off movies, listen to our music, share photos and communicate with people around the world, only with this device technology. Every day more people buy a netbook and become more popular, so his price will go down in the coming years, making them much more accessible to all people. In conclusion, the use will be extended in a few years, making it necessary for many applications today already use this type of portable machines in corporate demonstrations, remote work or at home, bring multimedia content to have the opportunity to show it in the case where necessary, and so on. With the widespread use in these applications, many other uses will be much more useful and will become daily.

Held IV Assembly Of The Technology Platform For The Electricity Networks Of The Future

Held IV Assembly of the technology platform for electricity networks of the future Futured chooses its new group rector Futured receives support from the Ministry of science and innovation the IV Assembly General of Futured (Spanish platform for electricity networks) has brought together more than 60 professionals in the electrical sector, ministerial representatives, energy companies, research institutes and universities nationally. Juan Tomas Hernani, Secretary General for innovation, and Maria Luisa Castano, Deputy General Director of public-private collaboration, both of the Ministry of science and innovation, strategy offered the Government’s support for the projects of Futured, announcing an increase in the budgets allocated to programmes that encourage their implementation underway. They also stressed the importance of this platform as a basis for the development of the energy sector at the international level. According to said Maria Luisa Castano, of the total number of approved projects within the Innpacto Plan, which is part of the State innovation, energy strategy was the sector which occupied fourth place, receiving 14% of total EUR 353 million. Jack Fusco addresses the importance of the matter here. Within the energy sector, thematic lines majority of the approved projects were bioenergy and comprehensive networks. In 2011, a minimum of EUR 200 million will go to energy-related topics. During the IV General Assembly of Futured chose the new governing group of the platform.

White Losada, Gas Natural Fenosa, has been appointed President of Futured; Norberto Santiago, Ziv, Vice President; and Enrique Morgades Prat of CIRCE, Technical Secretary. Likewise, the Rector group will include representatives of the Ministry of science and innovation, UNESA, Endesa, EON, HC Hidrocantabrico, Iberdrola, Indra, Ormazabal, Telvent, AICIA, ITE and TECNALIA. White Losada closed the ceremony Recalling that thanks to the work of Futured electricity grids have become more visible, a key point for the well-being of society and the economic future and energy. He also pointed out that the challenges for the new stage must go on line social, economic and regulatory sector. The main objective of Futured will continue to be the design and development of new projects to set up networks of the future. This line is the mains 2025 project that aims to unify the different ideas of what the network of the future in a horizon of 20 years, should be guiding the efforts of entities embedded in the electricity sector in Spain, as well as capturing synergies that will help the Spanish electricity sector in general. More information.

Live In Harmony

What's more beautiful, more satisfying than being in total harmony with your mind, your body, your family, your work, people around you? But is it that easy to create this harmony? Living in perfect harmony with your body and your mind should be your priority. Sometimes, this task is complicated. Sometimes you feel bad, you're depressed. In these cases, you tend to stagnate, to be fed up with everything, to let you go. You feel bad about yourself. Your state of mind reflects on your body, your fitness. You must pull yourself hand, try to find ways that you go out of your torpor. Adopt a positive attitude, look on the bright side and be optimistic.

Put away your evil thoughts. Tell yourself that your life is not as ugly as this, there is always solutions to every problem. Know dominate your discomfort. Come out, see the world, make you work for change ideas. You'll find that changing your mindset, you will feel in better shape. Your little psychosomatic ailments disappear as if by magic. You feel, in fact, in your body and well in your head.

The harmony between the two is perfect. For your life is yours, we also need is harmony within your family, your marriage. The discord, rivalry, disagreements in your family circle can only undermine you, you worry all day long. You chew your problems without stopping. You are no longer living, spending your time you play or you languish in your corner. Certainly it is sometimes very difficult to live in total harmony with her spouse.

Brazilian TV For Fernando Grecco

Ironies of the Brazilian TV For Fernando Grecco ‘ ‘ Need imagines in possessions/I to wonder if you can/Em will be greed or hunger/A brotherhood of man/Imagines all the people/Sharing all the world ‘ ‘ (Imagines – John Lennon? 1971) It is irrefutable fact that the Brazilian television possesss one of the programmings more banal ridicule and of the whole world. Grotescas, loaded novels by an empty erotismo and without favour, take account of the noble schedule. Periodicals, the example of the National Periodical, of the Net Globe, nothing more are of what spokesmen of the elite, manipulating, modifying, creating notice in agreement solely with its interests of economic order. It is not different with the commercial propagandas. One strong appeal to the previsible mood is something sufficiently aborrecvel to who still withholds certain erudio. However, something that it very exceeded in the limit of the tolerable one was shown in the Net Globe (logically) has few days.

We make reference to reference the new propaganda of the Ita bank, where it shows a series of employees of institution singing, unisonous, the song Imagines, of the master John Lennon. Few televising propagandas had obtained to reach a so salient degree of incoherence as this. The song is a louvor shout the peace, the equality, the fraternity between the men. The letter in suggests a society economically to them joust where the property, the greed, the hunger, the money, the same religion inexists or the borders. Finally, Lennon makes in them to imagine in a radically antagonistic reality to that we are confined. How can a banking institution, representative principle of a barbarous, desumano and atrocious capitalism, to use itself of an anarchic text song to make advertising of its services? Is conceivable a bank, as the Ita, that all trimester surpasses invoicing records, to use that it is very far from its ideology, or, better, that its extension goes of meeting with it in all? The financial institutions are the symbol biggest of the capitalism to dspar that we live deeply. They represent, in its fullness, exactly the opposite of what the song of Lennon indicates in them.

Probably something exists to subliminar in the propaganda of the Ita, a time that the song speaks on a society without money. In fact it is this that the Ita and other banks have sponsored with its excessive interests: a society really without money. Fernando Grecco is contributor of the Leaf of Votorantim.

Ghost Recon

Although versions of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC has been delayed until early 2011, the Wii and PSP versions will be launched this month of November, although they will offer different gameplay experiences on other platforms. Ghost Recon Predator PSP version was developed in the jungles of Sri Lanka, where a military team has as limit 72 hours to fulfill the Mission of paves the way for which the army of the United States can reach and search terrorist anti in this place of asia the game will offer much tactical experienceadvantage of the environment and customization of the soldiers, and all under arms of new technology never before seen. Multiplayer mode for up to three players will be offered and the date of the game is scheduled for the month of November this year. On the other hand the version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the Wii will be supported in 12 missions, from the people of Norway to the streets of Moscow. Its development is focused on a wide variety of audiences, from more experienced until the casual players. Paramount will be teamwork between the two characters protagonists, with included cooperative multiplayer and a curious arcade mode..

BTL Promotion

Cooperate with us 6000 well-trained regional promoters and promoters of our 1200 in Moscow, you can choose any number of performers, focused on solutions to even the most complex tasks. In matters relating to BTL, to have no nothing is impossible. Not only can we develop any type of event for our clients but without any pads make it a reality. Over the power of all – from the busy crowded chamber to show promotional activities that we can to both scenarios and fitter clients, and according to plans developed by our forces. We use in their work an individual approach to each client, so our services are much broader than the list of our opportunities that we present below. Promotion. Sonsumer promotion, or promotion of consumer activity, it is impossible to imagine without this kind of promotional activities. Promotions, perhaps one of the most popular and sought after types of promo.

They are not only effective for increasing sales without them is hard to imagine any promotions, which aim to conclude the goods on the market. Promotions – is a reliable magic wand and in the case where buyer needs to be reminded of an existing product or to show it to the new party. A distinctive feature of our btl agency in providing this service is not only an individual approach to every promo event or the client, but also the fact that we always introduces new ideas in the rigid framework of standard mechanic. Most Popular btl action – this tasting, as close as the lead-in customer to product, and leafleting.