Every year, when this vacation time arrives, the press announces the innumerable cases of deaths caused for traffic accidents or drownings, showing to us it unconcern of the people with the life. This invites in them to reflect on the behavior of the man, in the modern world, therefore it seems that the well bigger, that is the life, this does not have more value. The abusive alcohol ingestion, of drug, directing in drunk high speed and/or, the imprudence in the sea, takes to think us it about the unconscious desire that these people have of if destroying. However, this desire is masked for the narcissism, onipotncia feelings, of egocentrismo, that take account of the modern man. These have the function to fill an internal emptiness, as well as, to deny the feelings of little value, incompetence, low auto-esteem, that many people importunam, generating to them suffering.

We live at a time where the human being if charges and if he demands very. It lives in a perpetual race, to win the competition, that the modern society imposes. With this, &#039 searchs to develop the one image; ' super-heri' ' perhaps, therefore in such a way, it obtains to reach its objective, that is, to go for the pdio of the life, pulling out applauses of many and nourishing its narcsico side. Fixed in being the winner, it starts to act as a insupervel being, perceiving many times, as a god, not needing, therefore, to respect the rules. These are understood as challenges to be faced.

It is judged capable to win any limit, even though, of the finitude. It swims fears, does not measure the consequncias of its acts, therefore its only focus is to be recognized as one ' ' super-hero. In this anxiety of the recognition, he is that ' ' super-heri' ' he finishes destroying its life and of other people, who perhaps bet in its victory. there, is a questioning; how many ' ' super-heris' ' they will need to die, so that the people pass to accept its condition of human being, that is, of one to be that it has limitations, that it is fragile, sensible, finite, but that can live for much time, since that it knows to coexist them.

The Answer

Exchange of ideas through language, in this case. And in our case, we consider any communication: verbal in person or by telephone, written as letters, faxes, e-mail or mobile messaging. Berkley is actively involved in the matter. I note: if you are able to communicate verbally, "written speech" does not make such a great work (here only to work with the spelling – spelling and punctuation – the correct placement of punctuation marks). After all, if you can respond quickly to the words in ordinary conversation to a replica or questions interlocutor, the "slower speech" – letters and so forth – when you have time to think about the answer, the more it is possible. So, let's see which way a language is the most effective. To begin, recall how we learn their native language. Where did you get started? How is your way to mastering the native language? When you are just starting to take its first steps in this life, then before you got the problem, how to understand what you say, how to convey their ideas to other people.

Of course, at first it was just sounds that attract the attention of adults. Then you begin to use gestures such as pointing to the object with which you associate your wish. Parents you began to speak words, naming objects for which you have stated, referring to action by you or them. Seeing a bird, mama told you that this "bird", pointing to her arm and repeating it several times word. By observing real objects, you have heard words of designating these items, then tried to utter those words.

The Case

The State of mind you want change through self-harm you may be ending a State of confusion or to end up with a feeling that haunts you and can not control, or even one comes to be damaged when it is in such emotional confusion that doesn’t know what he is feeling. The self-harm achieves focus in a pain that you describe and justify.The self-harm gives purpose to your inner storm. A factor an abuse is common in women who are hurt, lost or not invalidation. They learned from a very early age that the feelings and thoughts about their emotions, were wrong or that they were bad. Or they learned that some feelings were not permitted, being often punished for it. And also saw that their parents or guardians nor had mechanisms to manage their own emotions, and one cannot learn this unless I grow up in an environment with people from know manage emotions effectively and positively.

However not all women who are injured have suffered abuse in childhood, some with living violence continues in his partner, have the continuous feeling of invalidation, can trigger this problem. Self-harm you does not distinguish social classes, can occur in women of high social class, prepared, or women in poverty or low level of studies, and it may also occur at different ages. The self-harm is a behavior as a response to an emotional state, many times, unbearable. This is the case where the emotional violence is installed in your life as a couple. If you get to this point of hurt you to alleviate your suffering by this violence exerted against it, is because you’ve unfortunately not acted before the first symptoms, early abuse, leaving spending all believing that everything would change if only. Because no, Tu must curb violence, you must act, must apply some techniques and talk to arrive at an agreement or settlement, or dissolve the pair if necessary.

Mommies Care

Trendy moms care about the world around them. As we enter the 21st century, environmentalism and ecology is no longer considered a marginal concern but rather has taken front seat as an important concern of all people that want a better world for their children. That being the case it is no surprise that successful, modern women who find themselves expecting to bring a new life into the world imminently would be extra concerned about how her behavior effects not only her own health and that of her unborn child, but the health of mother earth, too.

So what are some of the things that should be of concern to a young, aware, caring woman who is also expecting a child? It is appropriate to begin with good nutrition, but not just the usual admonitions to eat a well-balance diet filled with fruits, vegetable, protein sources, dairy and the rest. Recently the trend has been to take good nutrition a step further.  Nowadays it is not hard to find organically grown fruits and vegetables, and animal products which come from healthier sources, such as free-range chickens and cows.

As the baby’s due date approaches you might want to consider having a “Green Baby Shower.” Tell your friends you not only want everything to be good for you and your baby, but also healthy for the environment.  Some things they might consider as appropriate gifts are BPA-Free feeding products and pacifiers, lightly used baby clothes, and products made from recycled materials and that can easily be recycled. Trendy moms are role models for their children, teaching through their very actions the importance of protecting not only their own health, but the health of the planet.


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Calcium In The Infant Feeding Children

Dairy consumption is an ever present theme in the consultations on infant feeding. Surely you too at some point you’ve made any of the following questions: “My son does not drink milk, what? “” It’s like taking yogurt? “,” How much cheese can you eat? “. Here are the answers to these and other questions. When we talk about milk as a food group, we are including milk and only two of its derivatives: yogurt and cheese. These three products provide good quality protein and are the main source of one of the most popular nutrient: calcium. This mineral is essential to ensure the formation of bones and teeth.

Hence its importance in feeding the children. Children, like adults, should eat a sufficient amount of milk to meet their calcium requirements. But how much calcium they need each day? The RDA for this mineral vary by age: 1-3 years: 500 mg. of calcium in the day. Two servings of milk are sufficient to achieve this amount. Some options are: o Two cups of milk. o A cup of milk + one cup of yogurt.

yogurt or a glass of milk + dessert (rice pudding, flan). o A small piece of cheese (30 g) + a glass of yogurt. From 4-6 years: 600 mg. of calcium daily. In the above tips you can add some cheese or milk preparation: white sauce or cream sauce, ricotta, some fully or partially prepared cereal with milk. In 7-10 years: 700 mg. of calcium per day. At this stage, three servings of dairy is recommended. You can choose the combination of foods you like. Here are some examples: Two cups of yogurt or dessert + Two cups of milk or milk + one cup of yogurt or a cup of milk + one cup of yogurt + a piece of cheese The variety of dairy products and their presentation, is growing: flavored milk, desserts, yogurt smoothies, drinkable, fruity, various cheeses. Among the many options provided is possible to meet calcium requirements of children while respecting their preferences. The key is to satisfy your appetite with pleasant food while nutritious.

How To Choose A Hat For Sailing ?

Why do we need a cap for swimming? Keeps your hair relatively dry Protects your hair from the adverse effects of chlorinated water reduces the water resistance when swimming keeps heat your body, as in at sea most of the human body loses heat through the head removes hair from the face, prevents tangling and wrapping hair around the gum swimming glasses swimming Serves fashionable accessory. In particular, many manufacturers in the release of a new swimwear collections at the same time produce hats with the same design that allows the athlete to look more individually What sizes of swimming caps? Y swimming caps no separation by size. Latex and silicone caps are suitable for all adults, as both these materials are strong enough and resilient. For the most part, depends on the elasticity of the cap and used by technology. For children there are special children's hats, which are more optimally suited to children's heads and avoid excessive pressure on the baby's head. What are types of swimming caps? Latex caps are cheaper than silicone. They are more subtle and much harder to dress on his head due to specific qualities of latex as a material.

In addition, after school lifting caps gives a lot of discomfort, because her hair glued to her and rip when removing. Latex as the material is very thin and sticky, so latex caps relatively fragile and easily torn. Must carefully used by people prone to allergies. Silicone caps are more expensive than latex. They are more durable and long lasting. Unlike latex caps are available in bright and varied colors, and more tactile. So if you see a bright, beautiful hat with any pattern, then most likely it is made of 100% of silicone.

In addition, anti-allergenic silicone caps. Another advantage is that silicone cap more flexible and more convenient to sit on his head (they can be stretched more than 2 times compared to their original size). Dear caps of silicone manufactured in such a way that fully wrap around the swimmer's head, without forming wrinkles.

History Companies

In the early years, moreover, prices can be up to 30% cheaper by applying a franchise insurance. 3. To also buy a car can help cheapen your insurance, how much more economical car, smaller higher insurance. A moderate power engine will spend less fuel, will be cheaper and will reduce the price of your insurance by more than 25%. The extras as equipment of audio, spoilers, rims, etc., are the objects that most tend to be stolen, so that, in many cases, also rise the price of policies.

Conversely, there are insurance companies that reduce their prices when you have anti-theft tracking systems or alarms elements. 4 History of impeccable claims good drivers who have not given parties with guilt in years have discounts on insurance companies that become more than 50%. On the other hand, it is necessary to mention that a party with less than 300 euros value may not be worthwhile, because the following year It will have to pay the loss of bonus for low loss ratio. It could be much more cost-effective to include a franchise of EUR 300, because it can result in a subsequent additional savings of 50% of the insurance. 5. Are there promotions now? It is important to be always attentive to the promotions to get the best price possible because insurance companies launch different campaigns throughout the year to attract customers, and it may be a good time to choose your insurance. 6 Price, coverage or both? If the only thing you care about is the cheapest insurance the best choice are the companies secure low cost. If it is not, will be find the policy that more coverage can give you the best price you can find.

7. Whenever you can, pay annually despite to that split your payments may be you a relief economic, it is worth to know that the final price is doing through this system can be increased by more than 10%. If you can afford it, the best option is to make one annual payment. 8 Be the holder of the insurance is more cost-effective in the long run new drivers sign up quite often under the figure of occasional driver in the policy of one of their parents. However, not being as holders, subsequent companies not apply discounts of antiquity, which are up to 65%. 9. Fewer miles and a ceiling for your car insurers know than a car, how many more miles ago, more likely to have an accident. For this reason, rise their policies up to 20% if more than 30 are made. 000 km. per year. For the same reason, in a garage the vehicle has less exposure to abrasions or shocks, so the savings can reach 5%. 10. Correct data to insurers a small initial savings as an occasional driver put to a person which in reality is the main driver can lead to an investigation in the case of a serious accident. If we realize that some of these features you can reach to exceed 100. 000 euros of cost, we will see that it is not worth at all. Achraf the Mejaoui, freelance insurance consultant, worked for different companies until lanazarse to the adventure creating his own management company where offers all kinds of advice on the world of insurance and accidents.


We are in the conflict, entering a great difficulty that lies in the distinction that should be drawn between, on the one hand, the language itself, i.e. the cognitive processes own the phrase, and, on the other hand, the unspeakable languages and arbitrarily encoded by all societies, in one or another moment in its history, languages chairing the dialogue carefully. I insist on the fact of putting them on guard because we have real obstacle to the extent where the processes that we are going to try to track down talking about languages, are not manifested that invested in applications coded in an almost incalculable number. That is well understood in English it says water as that in French it says eau, difference, certainly a manifest difference of vocabulary which relieves herself, to Sociology (more exactly to Sociolinguistics). Without however is essential to conceive both the one and the other to testify the same capacity of the sign. They now see where is coming from the difficulty: must not impute to sign what comes to their use, and, therefore, get to put parentheses, mentally, everything that makes that water and eau are, sociologically, two words that belong to two different languages. It is necessary to recognize that this part of the tongue is very delicate to make it! Let’s begin by clarify the traditional definition of the sign as an Association of sound and sense.

Currently we know that this definition is totally inadequate: since the beginning of the 20th century, indeed, more exactly from the work of Ferdinand de Saussure, know that that sound and that sense are scanned each other, i.e. you can not cut into both sides of the sign does not automatically cut the other. To give you an image that will help them to understand this phenomenon, write, for example, on a piece of cardboard the word maintenant, and armed with a scissors, cut this word after the main syllable: you will be on one side, a word that would be opposed, in a system of the French, tete, pied, jambe, etc.

Angle Sonorous

How much bigger it will be the temperature of a gas, greater the speed with that the sonorous wave in it if propagates. In fact, the agitation of molecules of a gas increases with the temperature, making with that the propagation of the sonorous wave is faster. The speed of propagation of a wave depends on the way in which it is if propagating and this she also occurs with the sound, for example: in the water the sound if propagates with a speed of 1.450m/s, in the iron with a speed 5,100 m/s. A sonorous wave if reflects in such way that the angle of the incidence is equal to the angle of reflection and some phenomena as the echo are caused by the reflection of the sound. The reflection phenomenon also occurs as sound when a sonorous wave passes obliquely of a way for another one, it has its direction of modified propagation the relation y=v/f is valid for the sonorous waves and the frequency of a sound does not get excited where it passes of a way for another one. intensity of the sound the intensity is a property of the sound that is related with the energy of vibration of the source that emits the sonorous wave. If propagating, the wave carries this energy, distributing it In all the directions.

How much bigger it will be the amount of energy that the sonorous wave to carry until our ear, greater will be the intensity of the sound that we perceive. The intensity of a sound is in such a way bigger how much it will be the amplitude of the sonorous wave. The intensity of the sound is measured in a called unit 1 bel. In the practical one, one is used more comumente submltiplo of this unit: 1dBz=0,1 bel. The sounds of great intensity in a generalized manner are ackward to human ear e, as (it shows) when reach an intensity next to 140 dB, start to produce sensations painful.