The Parent Trap

Alone the parents choose childcare allowance nor Kita what parents really need to deliver on the their children before the compulsory education in Germany – it says in the basic law. Like the majority of parents in Germany by this decision right, exhausted from exercise, believed the debates in politics and the public, in two ways: childcare allowance or Kita for all are the slogans with which the wishes of the parents and their children are supposedly sufficiently described. Parents want to therefore either in full-time work and in good hands give their children during the day, or “Stay at home” to be as far as possible for their children. In between there is nothing apparently. And she, the parents trap lies precisely in this alleged nothing.

Children are problem or rest when publicly talked about parents, children and care in Germany and written, is worth it, just pay attention to the nuances, are revealing this on all sides: there must “Management problem” and it must be released – just in vogue – the women in the case of part-time. Even the youngest children must not only maintained, but – by all means, it seems – “promoted” and finally the State untutored “rest of children” must be managed somehow. You know what? Children are in German debates – we noticed before it at this point – especially one: A problem and apparently especially for their parents. Schizophrenic and functionally it’s a schizophrenic finding, in his Gruseligkeit hard to beat that. What went wrong, when parents begin to think about the greatest happiness in their lives – their children – in staff fear and issue categories? When are parents looking after the simultaneity of successful professional career and perfect parenting is seemingly tear? Now, if something went wrong, depends on the location of interest. The parent trap is economically considered an absolute model of success.

What could be late-capitalistic ideology formation fit better in that, as workers who answer emails before loud bad conscience on the changing table? What parents really need to deliver childcare allowance nor Kita would the parents ask themselves according to their needs and would this obligation free answer, you would get the reply, it stated that above all this probably “either / or” is that it keeps the parents in the case. A flexible concept of working life, actually long overdue in the ‘developed’ world, would depict the basic knowledge, however, that the life, especially the parents, consists of stages with changing priorities. That a to deriving from this permeability between family, work and other life priorities must be no utopia, would show an honest look beyond Central Europe to the North. In the meantime but parents March foreign bidding, straight into the parent trap. Andreas Kellner…


8 probable reasons why high-intensity training does not produce results. It is not enough hard training. You may find omega 3 to be a useful source of information. We must strive to ensure that each repetition was performed with perfect technique. Below-average pace. Each approach bring to a complete muscular failure. Reps 6-12. Less than 6 is not enough to work out the muscles, if you can run more than 12, then the weight of a heavy rod is not enough.

Number of approaches are not more than three, but again, each approach is to bring to failure. Poor nutrition. After a heavy workout your body needs material for building muscle. The source of such material – quality food. Your diet should consist of such products as: meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables. Try to gradually eliminate such products as: pastries, meats, fast food, fizzy drinks. Also, do not forget about sports nutrition. It can greatly assist in the recruitment of muscle mass.

Bad holiday. Muscles do not grow during a workout, and after it, during the holidays. Therefore, the rest is worth special attention. Sleep – the most important factor in the recovery process. No matter how hard you train and how well-drafted your diet – regular sleep deprivation would nullify all your work. Need to sleep at least 8 hours. Permanent load. From workout to workout, you need to increase the load, either by increasing the bar weight, either by increasing the repetitions. Using the same weight training slows and then stops progress. Too much exercise. You should not perform too many exercises in training. The frame of any program should be the basic exercises: squats, deadlift, bench press, bench press stand, pull-ups (pull the block to the chest) Dips. If the maximum laid out in each exercise, it will hardly do them all in one workout. Therefore, divide them into two or three workouts, add a pair of auxiliary exercises. In end each workout you will perform exercises 5.4, but with extreme intensity. Frequent training. As I said earlier, the growth does not occur during exercise, and after it, during the holidays. Therefore, frequent exercise hinder the recovery process. Need to train 2-3 times a week. But remember, the more you get, with more weight than you are, the longer it takes you to recover. Lack of training diary. If you do not keep detailed records of their workouts and nutrition, it will be very difficult to determine the cause of the lack of progress or overtraining, if it happens. Therefore, this blog will take time necessary adjustments to its program or diet. Frequent changes of exercise program. When should you change your program? Only when it stopped giving the result. But before you do this, look at it carefully review your training diary. Perhaps one reason for the lack of progress described above.

How To Buy A Suit And Remained Faithful To The Standards Office

The office staff is always judged by their looks. Psychologists say that a person has the opportunity to make a good impression in the first 30 seconds. For such a short period only thing you can catch – it's appearance. Women have an advantage over men. Business style allows for some liberties are in the clothing, the man is supposed to be a model of classical restraint and elegance. About me in a suit said first color.

Blue is accompanied by the professionalism, leadership, authoritarian style of management. Gray is associated with conservatism, self-esteem. Black dress made to wear on special cases, and blue – is universal, and gray suit for everyday use. Deciding to buy a suit, do not discard the rules of etiquette. The main rule – the clothes must suit the situation.

When choosing a suit, try on the most expensive model. If it fits, try to find cheaper counterparts. You should not buy a jacket that pulls or wrinkles at the shoulders. Complexion of a person depends on that of the range of shops can be measured, and what did not touch. A tall man is recommended to focus on the cellular fleecy fabrics, large suit costumes made of smooth fabrics with narrow vertical stripes. Expensive clothes will last longer and looks much better than. Well-known brands, such as paying attention to the material not only products, but also the internal fittings. The most expensive fabric is wool. Price depends on the thickness of the threads, as well as the coefficient of torsion of the thread. This concept represents the distance in kilometers thread, which goes on manufacture of 1 kg of wool. The most popular thread by a factor of 110'S -120 'S. Comfort owner provides viscose lining, which is not electrified at contact with the hair. Unknown and cheap brands often point to the reality does not match the quality of the material, giving the usual cut suits for prestigious. About the true state of affairs will tell factory label with the mark of the degree of torsion. If the store you can buy a shirt for the ridiculous price, and quality of the costume should be put under doubt. No matter how expensive suit was, at the owner he would look good subject to experience the convenience and comfort. When a thing is chosen correctly, the person moves freely, smoothly and keeps your back is not bound to hand gestures.

Hotels In Ukraine

Planning a trip to Ukraine? Now we will tell you about hotels where you can stay, of services they offer and the level of service and, of course, you will receive information on average prices for accommodation. According to official data only in 2006 the country was visited by more than 18 million guests (including 7 million foreign tourists), in Crimea – about 5 million A number of hotels to four times less than in Russia – the tourists are expected in 1200 hotels of different categories. As a rule, the main goal of the average traveler is the examination of historical, architectural landmarks and beautiful places. Therefore, tourist picks up a cheap, cozy hotel, where he stay the night and by day will continue to enjoy the city. The cheapest places in the so-called hostel rooms – in other words dormitories. Here you will be given a place in 2, 3, 4, 6-bed rooms for the amount of 25 to 130 hryvnia. Here are just some of them: International hostel "Olympic" – in Kiev, Lviv Backpackers – in Lviv, "Kovalevsky" – in Odessa, "Balaclava" – in the Crimea. Often the hostel and provide additional services: transfers, use of the internet, equipped kitchen, washing machine.

An alternative is a level of 1-2 star hotels and private hotels. The main difference between these institutions is a small selection of services in comparison with hotels 3, 4, 5 stars, a small square room. In Ukraine, there are about a thousand. Carried out by the tourist in a room per day is estimated at an average of 150 hryvnia in the regions and from 200 hryvnia in the capital. We give several examples of such hotels in major cities of Ukraine: Kiev "Park Hotel" ** motel "Mrs." in Lviv, "Glade of Fairy Tales" at Yalta, "Victoria" ** in Odessa. Three-star hotels have a good combination of price / quality of services, sometimes in many hotels do not yield a higher level.

What Services offered to clients in Ukrainian hotels of category 3 Stars? Feed breakfast in the restaurant or cafe, telephone in the room, booking tickets for events, change of linen every day, and other necessary guest services. Prices range from 550 hryvnia per person for a standard 2-bed room apartments for up to 2500. Alternatively, the capital's hotels Lybid and Obolon, Atlas in Donetsk, "Hope" in Dnepropetrovsk, "Bristol" in Yalta. With great comfort of the guests to relax in upscale 4-and 5-star hotels and luxury complexes. In this hotel has a wide bed, telephone, satellite TV, there are suites, restaurants with live music, Modern gyms are provided by rental car, there is the possibility of a variety of activities and many different services for your convenience. To provide guests online reservations on the official websites of hotels. Customers 5-star hotels, as usual, are big businessmen, known in political and cultural entities, often the couple. To date, the daily price per room ranges ***** from 600 to 20,400 hryvnia. So, if you decide to stay in that suite hotel, here's a list of them: hotels in Kiev Premier Palace, the Opera , Radisson SAS Kiev , Dnepropetrovsk Grand Hotel Ukraine" and "Katerynoslav, Donetsk Donbass Palace. No less than a high level of comfort provide 4-star hotels. In Ukraine, they had 31, most located in the Crimea and Kiev. The cost of living, of course, depends on room category – from 75 hryvnia for standard to 6200 per apartment. Remember that the right choice of hotel – a key to a good rest and good mood.

Children’s Shoes

Children's shoes and true test selection moms beauty and well being of our children specifically legs depends on the shoes they wear. And the question of how not to make mistakes with the election of the shoe and shoes (especially if most their cost is often comparable to the cost of a mature children's shoes), was up to trouble with the guardians of the episode, as soon as baby is preparing a first step. Creating a stop at children from birth and comes in 7-8 years. Closer to the first days of life child of his muscles, mating joints must actively operate. For years the baby's mother a hand massage the inner and outer stop the share does better blood circulation and muscle tone. However, the kid grows up, becomes functional and moving closer and he trains the muscular and articulate the installation stop.

And then my mother's attention – to elect the correct footwear for children. Destruction of sandals comes to a greater extent in the process of carrying on., Koi can not very well chosen – ie or it is extremely narrow, or very pointed, or in front of quite broad. When walking, the foot slides to the toe, as if leading to a severe pinching sandals. In particular danger bearing pointed to. the highest heel. Since children's footwear must provide correct and prevent the formation of the foot flat, with the acquisition of. pay interest on the following factors: Pattern and style of childish.

Y Older children more closely heel and toes in the space – spacious. Because of children's shoes (including the harm in a fashion), the tip must be large by allowing a finger to move freely. Narrow tip compresses the myagonkie tissue transgress the blood circulation, promotes the uneven distribution of congestion. Than the most balanced innate edge of children's shoes, the better, so if in this case, the great toe located in its own nature and location of missing his persecution from other fingers. That was used are considered flawless natural (natural) that were used, as they dressed skin (it is extensible, plastic, ensures access to air and evaporation of water. leg is not sweating and lack of prerequisites for fungal disease), or textiles. The most fundamental property of the data that were is then used as if they adapt to the anatomical form of sandals. Say rigid 'missing' synthetics – it creates Greenhouse result, transgresses the blood circulation in the legs, the muscles and prepares the mating stop is weak and lowers their vault. The list that was used to ease 'breathe': Textiles (natural fibers such as color, they made fibers; Skin (but only as long as it is a natural), Waterproof vol. with a special, breathable membrane, rubber leggings, flat Must be hard enough, more than the ankle, covering the bone. That way it will help your foot around the heel and warn the distortion of the heel. When purchasing a try: If we just bend heel and wrinkled, this children's shoes did not go as foot must exist and it is well secured. Does not necessarily derive little or no unnecessary lateral movements heel sandals share, because it does not matter what children's winter or summer shoes must have a special open, ie solid, well-fitting and the highest heel leg.

Simon Kanonita

Stone bridge connects the two sides helpfully Valley. In Abkhazia a special culture of food, it should be a lot of crazy and it is delicious. Delicious kebabs, wine, unique local food, hominy for example. About local people want to be treated separately, a more hospitable and friendly, I do not met. One story with a coin for luck which is only by lifting a cup of aromatic coffee, I saw a small coin, surprise, I decided to ask the waitress where she is. With a smile, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci on the face, it told about the long tradition of giving guests a little bit of luck in the form of coins.

Triumph over – we must go home. Rain drumming softly on the window the car. The nature of the mountain in weather like this all the more charming. White haze slowly but surely down the road, gray clouds and the dark green trees add mystery. Standing close to the warm side of the sisters, asleep under a lullaby of nature. New Athos takes first place in the list of most beautiful areas of Abkhazia. The city is rich in historical monuments: New Athos Cave (the second largest in the world), Athos Orthodox monastery, the church of St. Simon Kanonita, Genoese Tower and much more.

K Unfortunately, the day is short for the entire study, so we limited ourselves to a visit to the caves and monastery. These impressions will last until your next visit to Abkhazia. These caves, I have not seen, we just drove 10 minutes to small train deep into the mountains, and then went out to the observation deck, you find yourself in the magic world of gnomes and freezes on such a scale, depth, altitude and latitude! As the cave and the monastery did not leave anyone indifferent. All skill decorated with frescoes, icons, walls, ceilings, domes and columns. Saints are looking at you as if alive, with a slight reproach, they say, where are you running, do not hurry up, sit down, think about it. The first half day visit to Sukhumi monkey shone nursery. It is with mixed feelings. I read that during the Soviet Union, this kennel has secured enough scientific division. But now it looks so awful because of lack of material. Obviously not passed in vain, and the recent past – the military events. However, I thought, monkey do not lose heart. You should not be regarded as a raven and a number of the cells. Not only did my bag of corn chopsticks quickly moved into the cell, so still I heard the monkey laughter. They laughed at my absent-mindedness. Never underestimate the enemy! J The second part of the day dedicate fees. Sadly close my suitcase, throw one last look at the mountains and the sea. End. And here we are at a height of ten thousand feet above sea level. The bright sun shines through the windows of the cabin. Among the white cirrus clouds as pillows just lazily floating icebergs mountains North Caucasus. And down there at the foot of a cozy house we will have to wait for Samvel and his family. We can only wait for the next summer – and again in Abkhazia, the country of wonderful nature and amazing people in the region where there is always something new.

North American

Using the telescope of the Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, Slipher he discovered that dozens of galaxies in fact were being scattered from a central point. Between 1918 and 1922, Sitter, Friedmann and Slipher, independently shared their discoveries with Einstein, but strangely it resisted to his solution – as if, in its mind, account of the theological implications of a universe in explosion had occurred. Inclusively Einstein wrote a letter to Zeitschrift fur Physik, a famous technical magazine, calling to the suggestions of Friedmann " sospechosas" and with respect to those of Sitter, Einstein said: " This situation (of a universe expanding) me irrita". In another note, Einstein tranquilized to one of its colleagues saying: " Still I have not fallen in the hands of sacerdotes" – a clear reference towards Sitter, Friedmann and Slipher. The Discovery of Hubble In 1925, the North American astronomer, Edward Hubble gave to the static model of the universe a very great blow him. Using until that then greatest telescope of the world, Hubble revealed that each galaxy within the 6 xs 1017 miles around the Earth was backing down. Einstein was obstinately refused to recognize the work of Hubble. It continued teaching the static model by other five years until it traveled from Berlin to Pasadena personally to examine the test.

In the conclusion of the trip, Einstein admitted: " The new observations of Hubble make seem that the general structure of the universe is not esttica". Einstein died in 1955, modified a little its position but completely it was not convinced that the universe was expanding. The Sound of Big Bang Ten years later, in 1965, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson were calibrating a sensitive super detector of microwaves in the Bell labs of New Jersey. It did not matter where both scientists aimed, the instrument always sounded with the same type of sound – to regulate, with three degrees Kelvin (3K).

Publish Book On The Internet

The book of the exiles, prize Ibero-American celebration 2010, Carlos Esquivel and Diusmel Machado, was presented at the last quotation of the book Saturday in Havana. Pedro Peglez Gonzalez, journalist of workers, to give details of the volume in space said that from a first reading, the jury considered the worthy text of the lauro, by ethical and aesthetic values. According to Carlos Esquivel, the volume highlights the lyric, that even outside the island, cultivated Jose Marti, national hero of Cuba, the romantic Jose Maria Heredia, and Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, La Tula. The next literary proposals of Diusmel Machado include books for children school notes, project that won the prize giver, and dreams of cloth, well nobody never nothing, written in the form of sonnets. With 13 published books of poetry, Carlos Esquivel ventured into narrative and essay, once in the year 2011 I saw the light your first novel, a Wolf, a hill. During XLIII Edition of the Cucalambeana day, carried out last year in Las Tunas, which paid tribute to Juan Cristobal Naples Fajardo on the 181 anniversary of his birth, both authors received the award Ibero-American celebration.

The jury was composed of the poets Pedro Peglez Gonzalez, Renael Gonzalez and Jesus David Curbelo, who found in the solid work structure literary, formal elegance, efficiency of discursive resources and high poetic height. In the 1951 film, Esa pareja feliz, of the tandem Berlanga-Bardem, were the adventures of the couple formed by Elvira Quintilla and Fernando Fernan Gomez trying to get out of their plight of realquilados and find their piece of happiness in the world. To do this, one of their highest hopes was commissioning a course by correspondence, was Fernan Gomez, of what was supposed to be a profession of the future would be and which had as motto: happiness by the electronics. What could be the equivalent to the motto previous past 50 or 60 years? One of the strongest candidates, could certainly be a happiness by Internet.