Moreover, if the first second expansion expansion velocity substance would differ from the actual values by only 10-18 percentage of its value in one direction or another, then, writes in his book “Superforce” the famous British physicist Paul Davies: “The universe collapsed in a long time initial state ‘of a point’ under the influence of gravity, a substance in it completely dissipated. ” This means that the force behind the Big Bang, was designed with incredible accuracy. I wonder who? It is worth mention again about the first time – “inflationary” phase of expansion, which lasted about 10-35 seconds from the time that “earned” a world clock. During this time coming from the singular points (almost out of nothing) “embryo” of the universe had to increase its size to 10 100 times (AD Landa “Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology information”). From the perspective of the Big Bang theory of elementary particles (in fact they not elementary, and complex formation) occurred spontaneously and in an optimum structural-functional version. And it happened in minuscule fraction of a second.

So, for the appearance of hadrons, leptons and photons It took just 10.10 seconds. According to the calculations of physicists, about the same time formed the protons, neutrons, electrons and all particles according to function harmoniously. As in a fairy tale: “Stand in front of me, like a leaf before grass! ” Fantastic miracles do not stop there.

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