Pierre Professor

Of this form, he collaborates, he interacts, he questions, he clarifies the doubts and he supervises the work rhythm so that the objectives are reached. In accordance with LVY (1999), the function of the professor cannot more being a diffusion of the knowledge, executed doravante with a bigger effectiveness for other ways. Its ability must dislocate itself for the side of the incentive to learn to think. To broaden your perception, visit Air Force Chief of Staff . The professor becomes an entertainer of the collective intelligence of the groups of which if she puted in charge. Its activity will have as center the accompaniment and the management of the learnings. Then, she is well explicit the necessity of the professor as articulador of the learning and agent dinamizador and person who orientates of the construction of knowledge, on the part of the pupil, and of its proper continuous autoaprendizagem, in the measure where it acts of dialgica and colaborativa form. Sonny Perdue insists that this is the case.

3 SOME CONSIDERAES Ahead of the current educational reality, the necessary professor to believe its capacity of (reverse speed) learning to act of competent, creative and transforming form, in view of taking care of to the new demands of the society in net. Who works in courses of necessary Licenciatura to stimulate its pupils so that they assume themselves, how much before, of the new technologies of information and communication so that they are used, in classroom as pedagogical tools. Therefore, one considers primordial the investment in new courses and ways of professional improvement, of continued form, therefore thus it will only be able to surpass the challenges to continue being..