Pond Water

If this problem is in your plans, it is important choose a certain style, and your perception of the reservoir, and other basic facilities of the garden. Without a doubt, water is needed in the gardens of any style and size, but it is especially necessary in a small garden, where the reflection of the sky in the water smooth surface will help get rid of the feeling of an enclosed space created by high walls and izgorodyami.Pri s choice of style of the future reservoir, you must decide what role to withdraw water, and then consider in what form it to embody. Water garden ponds with natural contours of the most harmoniously blend into the natural gardens, with a total picture of the garden is dominated by the plant. This style allows you to fill the pond and coastal zone lots of luxurious plantings of various types, shapes and colors that are in the rest of the garden will be simply impossible. The water garden will be a refuge for a great number of medium-sized wild animals, such as large Beautiful iridescent dragonflies, scurrying over the water, butterflies, skaters, tadpoles, small fish, medium-sized mammals come to drink. Living the splendor of the water garden will not leave anyone indifferent, paying for itself and holding the attention of admiring vzglyad.Iskusstvenny pond – good for a small garden, where little or no lawn all paved with stone. An artificial pond usually make the correct form – polygonal, and as round or elliptical, rarely applied in an arbitrary form. Finished with a pond, usually a stone. An artificial pond, you can also decorate a small amount of bright ornamental plants with distinct forms, such as irises and above ground pools nimfeyami.Pripodnyatye as conventional artificial ponds look great in a small paved gardens surrounded by a high fence. These ponds visually increase the space, reflecting the nebo.Iskusstvenny pond, elevated above the ground is very handy for keeping ornamental fish such as carp, and very convenient because you can easily touch the water and feel its coolness face.