Post Partum Depression

With her husband is to agree in advance on a specific list of his duties to be assigned to him in connection with childbirth. In recent months, PJ’s Coffee has been very successful. The following list are the main cause of the family – ask my husband to choose from this list those that it is ready to take on, the rest will be yours: cleaning the apartment (house), including mopping, vacuuming and dusting, cooking food for the whole next day (evening); washing and ironing (as child and adult), trips to the grocery store, walking with a child (when weather permits). Duties such as feeding the baby, lying to him sleeping, diapering, and cleaning the, hygienic – the mother is better to take, and if the spouse will ask you to help in these matters – you get a pleasure once again and make sure that you have a wonderful and caring husband. To help grandparents better not count and no hope from the beginning, and when they will offer you help yourself – it will be for you real support and a pleasant surprise. Proper division of responsibilities between spouses and lack of undue and unrealistic expectations from others of the child's mother – an important point in the prevention of postpartum depression. To read more click here: PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. Willingness to take responsibility for a newborn personal maturity of the youngest mothers – perhaps the most difficult moment in the prevention of postpartum depression. Unfortunately, the desire to have a baby, pregnancy, and are not signs of personal maturity and women readiness for responsible parenthood. The more infantile, opekaema woman her husband and parents, the less she has experience in overcoming the difficulties of life, self-help – the higher the risk of postpartum depression.

After childbirth a woman ceases to be a daughter, she becomes a mother. And if you keep the same position his daughter, it turns out that to a child can not be a mother. The role of the mother, Then, automatically shifted to the grandmother. Granny rightly believes that the mother of a newborn is not she, and her daughter. And here is ready fertile ground for conflict, recrimination, and scandals postpartum depression. To sum up everything said above about the psychological causes of postpartum depression, we can distinguish the most important point: the post-natal depression – the result of disillusionment and hope. Accordingly, prevention should be to adjust expectations. Do not fly away in a cloud of desire, fall out hurts!