Precision Cleaning Systems

Component cleanliness as a quality criterion in the production of Bielefeld, called 16.08.2012 – who is technical cleanliness of components in many sectors of the economy increasingly as an important competitive factor. Not only in the innovative PVD coating industry customers increasingly expect that workpieces without subsequent cleaning can be used directly for reinraum -, vacuum – and gas plants. For this purpose, the components must be reduced, defatted and sterilized; a clean room technical packaging is beneficial. To meet the growing demands of cleanliness the supplier industry, the ISEDD GmbH in Bielefeld has developed a new buffer tank, which can increase the optional use of fresh water cleaning plants, such as E.g. the MIELE fine str agreement type IR6002 or PG8528. The special tank of ISEDD offers a universal solution for a wide range of applications. The concept of the cleaning system can be in various industries, such as vacuum, realize medical and coating technology, automotive industry, aerospace. An example for a common use is the temporary storage of oily water, as it occurs in the field of cutting, dividing and forming production technology.

There used water-based cooling lubricants (CLS), which are partly mixed with leakage oil due to technical conditions. It is to avoid getting the adhesive on the workpieces mixture of oil and Coolant for the cleaning after the first wash in the wastewater. The rinsing water is pumped into the ISEDD buffer tank and de-oiled during the dwell time. Then it is ready for the next batch of to clean oily components. In this way, the grossly contaminated first soapy water can be used always in the circuit. The Miele cleaning machine needed a wash about 15 to 18 litres of water.

Depending on of the level that corresponds to a quarter tank of gas about. In the flushing water removal only clean water in the cleaning machine is passed is due to held in the tank phase separation of the water-oil mixture. An integrated Oil skimmer siphons off continuously the oil floating on the surface and directs it into a container. The tank can be equipped with insulation and heating, different oil separators of task-specific filters as needed. Cleaning liquids with high loading capacity (E.g. Vigon) used in electronics manufacturing and others. It used a concentrate of the cleaner with water. Through the use of the recycling tank, this mixture can be used for a large number of cleaning operations. Maintain the State as emulsion, cleaning liquid is continuously pumped through a filter. While the dirt cargo caused by the cleaning process will be filtered out. The continuous bad care ensures a long usability of the cleaner. Also, the tank with heating and insulation can be fitted. Other options for a customization of the system include conductance -, differential pressure and level measurement. With the Leitwertsensorik is the quality of the Cleaning media monitors. The Differenzdrucksensorik serves as the filter check and indicates a pending change of filter. To protect of the heating elements and to improve process safety the level monitoring can be integrated. Cleaning machine and ergonomically designed recycling tank by ISEDD form a sustainable cleaning concept for increasing component cleanliness in the production of a process that is at the same time environmentally-friendly and economical. More information can be found on the website Contact: ISEDD GmbH 33719 Bielefeld press contact Reinhard Schulz Gustav-Babu-str. 11 fax: 0521-97176-100 Tel: 0521-97176-0 eMail: