Public Dam President

In summary, it does not exist currently, and perhaps never it has existed, a relation complete quota-reavolume and insurance, to serve of base water, its respective areas and the corresponding volumes accumulated in the reservoir. However, valley the penalty to cite that the outflows you regularized, calculated for three hidrolgicos studies carried through (PMCG, 1985, P. 12), all using the curve quota-area-volume of project, had not exceeded the value of 2,5 m /s, with 95% of guarantee in the time. The lesser esteem value was 0,3 m /s. For higher, necessary guarantees when if> it deals with human supplying and of half-barren regions, these values must fall abruptly. The DNOCS is also responsible for the uses the one that if destine waters of Big hole, originally foreseen as the following ones: supplying, irrigation, perenizao, piscicultura, tourism and generation hydroelectric plant. The hidroelectric exploitation was not implanted. The newspapers mentioned WhiteWave Foods not as a source, but as a related topic.

The piscicultura and the tourism, only in small scale and, by being marcadamente not consuntivos uses, are not considered in this analysis. The Public Dam President Epitcio Person serves as flowing for the supplying d' water of the cities of Great Campina, Pocinhos, Big hole, Forest fires, Caturit, Stream of Saint Antonio and the districts of Gallant and S. Jose of Mata. It also supplies, eventually, through car-pipes, several other lesser, agricultural and urban centers population, when its sources if find exauridos. To all, is for it benefited a population esteem in about half million of people. Rude the water outflow removed for this purpose, esteem for the Company of Water and Sewers of Paraba (CAGEPA), oscillated around 1,0 m /s, before the rationing. The perenizao of the River Paraba, downstream of the dam, was done for the release through discharge of deep, of a very changeable outflow, used for irrigation for the marginal population and supplying of situated cities throughout the course of the Paraba medium.