Publish Book On The Internet

The book of the exiles, prize Ibero-American celebration 2010, Carlos Esquivel and Diusmel Machado, was presented at the last quotation of the book Saturday in Havana. Pedro Peglez Gonzalez, journalist of workers, to give details of the volume in space said that from a first reading, the jury considered the worthy text of the lauro, by ethical and aesthetic values. According to Carlos Esquivel, the volume highlights the lyric, that even outside the island, cultivated Jose Marti, national hero of Cuba, the romantic Jose Maria Heredia, and Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, La Tula. The next literary proposals of Diusmel Machado include books for children school notes, project that won the prize giver, and dreams of cloth, well nobody never nothing, written in the form of sonnets. With 13 published books of poetry, Carlos Esquivel ventured into narrative and essay, once in the year 2011 I saw the light your first novel, a Wolf, a hill. During XLIII Edition of the Cucalambeana day, carried out last year in Las Tunas, which paid tribute to Juan Cristobal Naples Fajardo on the 181 anniversary of his birth, both authors received the award Ibero-American celebration.

The jury was composed of the poets Pedro Peglez Gonzalez, Renael Gonzalez and Jesus David Curbelo, who found in the solid work structure literary, formal elegance, efficiency of discursive resources and high poetic height. In the 1951 film, Esa pareja feliz, of the tandem Berlanga-Bardem, were the adventures of the couple formed by Elvira Quintilla and Fernando Fernan Gomez trying to get out of their plight of realquilados and find their piece of happiness in the world. To do this, one of their highest hopes was commissioning a course by correspondence, was Fernan Gomez, of what was supposed to be a profession of the future would be and which had as motto: happiness by the electronics. What could be the equivalent to the motto previous past 50 or 60 years? One of the strongest candidates, could certainly be a happiness by Internet.