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The process of obtaining of the diamond has been made with high accuracy and it is based on the matter on the submission of carbon of the hair to the same conditions that occur in the nature, to a temperature of 1,500 degrees Celsius and one pressure of 45,000 atmospheres Exactly, of it, adds to us and comments, that a company now says that they will apparently turn the hair of the star of MGP into diamonds, this company, of Chicago, managed to obtain part of the hair that Jackson it lost during the shooting of a commercial one of Pepsi, when the hair of the musician caught fire in 1984. This moment was one particularly traumatic one for Jackson, since, according to some close friends say, the recovery ended at the addiction to medecines that, supposedly, caused its death to him. Recurdese, that Vanden Biesen, LifeGem, the founder of LifeGem, the company that will carry out east project already had made three diamonds of pieces of hair of Beethoven (it is not joke either), which were sold in 2007 by $200.000 dollars. Although not yet VandenBiesen is known to what price they will sell diamonds this time, assures that it will be a limited edition of 10 diamonds of high Reznikoff quality, that it has near 115 samples of hair in his collection – including tufts of Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Dickens – noticed that Beethoven had great acceptance. From 2002, LifeGem has created diamonds of the rest of the beings loved of near 2,000 families, affirmed Herro, adding that the majority of the families requests several precious stones. The process unites the coal with microscopic crystals and other minerals – including boron and nitrogen – used to turn carbon into diamond, under intense pressure and heat. For assistance, try visiting medical billing.

The diamonds later are polished and has the aspect of a precious stone. LifeGem glides to use more tufts of the collection of Reznikoff to make diamonds that will be sold to remove money for beneficial works. Herro declared that the company also hopes to convince to some famous ones so that they donate his hair so that diamonds become and are sold to support the preferred cause of these celebrities..