Rio De Janeiro

The first attempt of autonomy was given with the Regency (1830-1841), but only was with the Announcement of the Republic that Brazil separated-sedefinitivamente of Portugal. This fact took the men of letters of the XIXa century to explore the subject of the nationalism. The search of ' ' symbols that translate nossavida social' ' , it affirms Araripe Jnior. The beginning of the Brazilian simbolista movement marcado by conflicts in the south of the country (1893-1895): The Revolution Federalist, Revolta of the Armada.Caractersticas of the poetry we simbolistVejamos more at great length algumascaractersticas of the Symbolism: The simbolista poet turns itself toward the mundointerior; he guides himself for the subjectivity (characteristic of the romantic chain). Oegocentrismo is a basic principle of the Romantismo. While them they romnticospesquisavam the interior of the people, its fights, uncertainties, in a puramentesentimental field, the simbolista penetrate deep in the invisible and impalpvel world of the serhumano; The express simbolista poetry oque has of deeper in the poet; therefore, it if valley of adjectives quedespertem vacant, suggestive emotions.

The description is essentially subjective; uma species of excuse to identify the poet with the soul of the things. The verses are musical, sonorous eexpressivos. The poetry is separate of the social life, it is confused with music, it explores unconscious through symbols and the suggestions and of the invisible preference aomundo. The language is invocadora, full of sensorial elements: sound, light, color, forms; it has the job of palavrasraras; the vocabulary is liturgical, obscure, vacant. The words come on to the subject damorte. Frequent job of metaphors, sensorial, sinestesias analogies, aliteraes repetition of words and deversos? everything this confers to the poetry musicalidade and power of suggestion. The first simbolistabrasileira manifestation was given in Rio De Janeiro. A group of young, unsatisfied with aobjetividade and the materialism proclaimed peloRealismo-Naturalismo-Parnasianismo, started to divulge the idiasesttico-literary comings of France.