Russian Literature

If you like fantasy, you should download the free book Golovachova – this is very interesting novels and stories. Basil Golovachev – science fiction writer, has published more than 40 of his novels and his more than 40 novels and short stories. His books are still unique and that, reading them, you do not just dive into the world of adventure and fantasy, but also draws from the wisdom of these books. Golovachev in his works reveal the world his views on life and his worldview. Filed under: Sonny Perdue. Another great writer of our time – is Maria Semenova, she wrote many historical novels, as well as two novels, fantasy. If you type into a search engine: Maria Semenova, books, download, you can read a lot of amazing and exciting books. In general, work by Maria Semenova began with amateur interest in the ethnography of northern European nations: the Vikings and Slavs.

Gradually, the future writer began to study more and more literature on this topic. That's why her first novel, "The lame smith" is connected with the myths of the Vikings, though many refer to her first novel, a classic genre-fantasy. But this is not the case. Naturally, the share of science fiction and mysticism in it there, but overall the novel is based on one of the myths about Vikings. GA Zotov – modern writers in the genre of fantasy with mystical tendencies. By education he is a historian. Generally, when the book Zotov were born, there were many rumors that this is just an alias of some already well-known writer, but then found out that this is a different man, totally real, but the new writer. Of himself he, so far talked a little bit.

Only the fact that a lot of traveling for work, he has traveled to Tibet, where, apparently, and discovered his love for mysticism. We advise to download books Zotov, meet with his work. If you like the genre of fantasy, then You will remain in the electronic library vostorge.V You can also download the book "How to lose weight," download medical e-books and much more. What would you not interested in literature, you can easily find it in electronic library without registration.