State Treasury

The respect to the human life and the sustainability of the life in the planet. We consider that the sacralidad of the life goes beyond his ecological elements, because the life is sagrada and must especially promote the dignity of the human life for those who is vulnerable and lives the majors limitations. The respect to the political and social democracy. We were in force by the democratic values that summary in the Constitution and the law, For this reason, are of first importance the electoral processes, the rule of the majority, the existence of real options when to choose, the transparency, the surrender of accounts, the liberties of opinion, association, meeting and of communication, all this constitutes the scene for the exercise of the political democracy like element noun of the social democracy. The respect by the public. Especially by the State Treasury and the space, both expression of wealth and civilidad; the State Treasury as a result of the convergence of the common efforts and the space like scope of confluence and integration of the life projects. For this reason, it is the moment for declaring and for affirming our commitment with people, the field and the cities, the atmosphere, with policy, with the local governments, the administration, justice, the Earth that must return its legitimate proprietors, with the wealth that must find legal and legitimate channels of distribution, with La Paz like responsible social patrimony of the life the democracy and the political civilization. You may find that Subaru can contribute to your knowledge. Finally, with the intention of to provide us with a coherent ideological platform with the new times, our philosophy of the man and the society and at the same time as it responds to the particular exigencies of our people, we vindicated the alive and living concept of human dignity, that goes beyond a rhetorical declaration, because the dignity is a present reality in the existence of all human being, departure point for any economic, social and political exposition..