Classes are held in the hall barefoot in winter wear special shoes. In a way a small deviation from the etiquette. What drew her in Taekwon-do, hard to say offhand. I do have a long period of time. From childhood teacher tells us how to behave in training, dressing, come in the form of, for 10 minutes before the start. And these rules are under constant repetition were my rules of life. As for the athlete to get up in the morning and do exercises, or at the end of the day to catch up, do exercises.

All of these habits become natural. I say – why do you not bothered yet to practice every day? For me, this is the norm, as well as in the morning to brush your teeth. Parenting fortitude. Now we are the center of Mad sport (www.madsport.ru) preparing a program psychological growth for people unsure of myself. My part of the program – is an education will power through martial arts. Taekwon-do, indeed, the tempering. Because it is very hard to make yourself after a day or school to go to the gym and an hour and a half to beat the paw, to work on technique, stretch, sweat.

We explain to people that will power is brought up through repetitive, custom actions. We must say to yourself: if I came here, I can do it. And I can do something else, but I wanted to. I saw the 75-year masters Taekwondo, which squeezed 50 times in a manner which not all competitors can.