English Migrantino

It could prove the veracity of this said phrase espontaneamante. But ‘ would not use the term; ‘ piores’ ‘ , therefore it did not believe better or worse people. But yes, in prepared people or not to sairem of its cities and to go directly for another country, therefore this would very provoke a great change in its routines, with unexpected reactions, affecting directly who would go to coexist them. Jonas, headchef of this restaurant, was typically this type of immigrant, who by chance was goiano. A time it said to it that it had to all decorate the cardpio of the restaurant.

If thus ‘ made it Migrantino could become one; ‘ chef’ ‘ in two weeks, therefore it already was tired to have that to work alone for hours the wire and needed vacations. Only that he ignored that one did not become chef in two weeks, despite it decorated the cardpio all. If thus it he was, that customer who frequentava the restaurant assiduamente could very be one well chef, therefore with certainty would know of color the menu all. To learn to cook or any another thing, would be nescessario a minimum time of practical, said Migrantino to it. But Jonas categorically affirmed: ‘ ‘ I learned assim’ ‘. The servile one; of it the principle was to make the saladas ones, what it was not an easy task, already that it would have that to use diverse diversified different plates and saladas well for each plate, with names in English and Italian. Migrantino badly wise person the Portuguese.