Travel Work

Cusco the navel of the world, as it is known to one of the cities more important and tourist of Peru, both for its significance in the past as at present, is one of the cities also most visited in the world and one of the more poor. Despite its importance, little or nothing been done by settlers indigenous of Cusco, which not yet have been able to leave poverty and ignorance with which they live long. While it is true that thanks to tourism many families manage to have an income masomenos accommodated in the city, there are also many populations around the city, which has them so say almost into oblivion. It is not extranarse to see children working on the streets of the city, trying to sell favors or treats to have a tip to change. The problem is due largely to the need of the families indigenous and them which are not seen as a priority their children to have an education for a better future but rather tries spend the day to day and survive the best way possible. These children are for the most part with a high-level ninio denutricional and level of illiteracy, as well as normally the parents and members of their families. It is true in Cusco there are many organizations that from ago anios work to combat and deal with this reality, however it should be mentioned that not are rough and that aid always arrives and in very good manner, is not enough.

Aid in Peru are mostly founded from abroad where most of the help is received. Apart from these large medium-sized organiazaciones of aid, is also common see small groups of tourists that mostly coupled by some school of Spanish in the city of Cusco (Englisch schule) organize activities for help with these ninio. These groups of volunteers in Cusco (soziale Arbeit in Cusco) working mostly for short time, which is the time that these tourists are in the city, then is passed aid. Not only tourists are those who could help, also these villagers near the city that have better luck. The aid to which I refer is not only economic, which in reality is that in the end less help, help but rather a help spiritual, an aid to conveying the more valuable that a human being can have and never loses, the knowledge!. Teaching is one of the ways most nobles demonstrate our solidarity and always will be well received.