How they must be our choices and attitudes in the world of the work? I can play any activity? How God sees the function of the work? God sees the work as deserving of its proper order: ‘ ‘ He works six days, but he rests in seventh ‘ ‘ Exodus 34:21 (NVI). Its work is very important for God, either it in the market of secular work or playing functions inside of the Evangelho, but it does not only abuse exerting its professional activities. God guides in them that also it is necessary to rest. Then, no matter how hard you are vocacionado and like them its functions, he has in mind that is vital to rest a little. We can play any activity? ‘ ‘ Determining you some business, will be you firm, and the light will shine in yours caminhos’ ‘ J 22:28 ‘ ‘ It raises you, therefore, because this business belongs to you, and us we will be with you; it strengthens you, and it makes assim.’ ‘ Esdras 10:4 God supplies the agreement clarity so that let us play excellent activities and all they inside of its designs and orders. This is an excellent criterion to decide with Mr. the activities which we go dedicating in them.

Example: to open a bar, to be speculating, to mount a brothel are activities supported for God? Not, therefore they wound the lines of direction of God to live it human. For this reason, she agrees to analyze very well where we go to invest our time and where work we go to gain our rich dinheirinho How we must choose our activities? ‘ ‘ She will give to favour and glory to you: she will not deny some well to that they walk in retido’ ‘ Salmo 84:11 b God guides in them, enabling us to play it the set of activities so that let us have professional accomplishment. They are useful activities and that God prepares in them vocational, standing out in part our profile, but enabling us where we need. If it does not scare if Mr. to disclose to it that you will be an entrepreneur, an entrepreneur, therefore, exactly without having had previous experience, it enables it to Mr. so that you play very well its activities. It will be that all the enterprise enterprises of the world are destined to the Christians? Declaration: importance and what the Word says on work – Shows to the future generations the louvores Mr., as well as its force and the wonders that made.

(Salmo 78:4 – 5) – To teach to the children: 1) to place its hope in God; 2) not to forget the workmanships God; 3) to keep the orders of God. (Salmo 78-7) – the stubborn and rebellious parents do not command the proper heart, its spirit are unfaithful the God. (Salmo 78:8), exactly with everything, they had not conquered because: 1) if had refused to keep the alliance with God; 2) if had refused to walk in the Law of God; 3) if had forgotten what God made and make. (Salmo 78:9 – 11) It takes ownership of the blessings that God also grants to it in the world of its work. They are my votes. On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing.

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