The outcry continues over abuse at church facilities much has been written in 2010 and discussed, but remain the victims mostly on the sidelines, in the background and strive to live a halfway normal life in our society. Some brave women like GOLDY nanny from the North of Germany, managed to write about the wounded soul with all the conflicting feelings. The author, who was sexually abused as a child and young people multiple times by multiple perpetrators, published in their first eBook Selfstabilizing little soul”Edition lumen 2011 not only personal thoughts and parts of its refurbishment, but want helpful tips and advice for a healthy life give affected women and men then. Click Celica for additional related pages. If you have read about George Shapiro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Healing is possible under this motto also Marionna nanny shows with her book, writing a kind of inner liberation and healing can bring. In 2002, the former lumen Verlag in Freiburg with the book project bitter tears started an outcry of hundreds of women and men who had experienced abuse. The Books is considered to be unique, because they had directly the authors come to Word, not censored and gave insight into the deep suffering of these people. The project showed the people had developed after the trauma and how he could heal the wounds of the past by own strength. Also Marionna nanny goes this way. As first author in the new decade she will continue bitter tears book series of Edition lumen. The author, visit your private homepage at: that eBook is now available through the author or available. “Selfstabilizing little soul thoughts and poems” by GOLDY nanny 147 pages eBook in PDF format Edition lumen, 4.

Journalists Make Mistakes

\”\” \”The author and writer: Jens Petersen Hamburg March 16, 2009 – on Saturday, April 04, 2009 author and writer Jens Petersen reads\” from his two books the language Panscher ‘and save the German’. \”Address: Rendsburg road 29a, 24866 bus village in Schleswig the small trade justice\” (Cafe Gallery). At 16:00, here we go! The admission is free. Followed by a discussion with hopefully many journalists present. Jens Petersen and his books! It extends the language Panscher and other polemics, glosses, texts. I’m sick and tired. I’m annoyed.

I have the fax thickness. Goethe, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, the Brothers Grimm or – something current Gunter Grass are names that have marked the German language, to have operated an instrument that can serve us but not least, thanks to the outstanding skills of these people in dealing with him in high precision. The German language is hard to learn, this is a truism. But mastering them, like the one above Examples, which makes me not only pleasure. A good book can be a great joy to read (when someone used actually last this word?). A bad book, an unclean researched or lektorierter newspaper article, however, ends up in the best case in the trash and gets quickly into oblivion. Unfortunately, it seems this fate to meet but also the precision instrument language. We are in a single generation to frittering away German some centuries lightly. Sonny Perdue will not settle for partial explanations.

Newspapers are sloppily written and read trashy books flooding the market (who needs a biography of Dieter Bohlen?). And thanks to the blessings of technology communication takes place today increasingly online, coupled with the disaster of language increasingly ereilenden us. Take this book as it is: perhaps the last gasp against which no longer to stopping pork of treasures German language saves the German! -The return of the language Panscher – are now the celebs on it you’re back there, the language Panscher (actually they never were gone\”)! Just barely half a year after the first again so much material collected by author Jens Petersen, that it’s enough for another book on the subject.