Compelling Strengths

Any sooner or later, out of school. Where? This issue is common to all parents who are aiming to provide good education to your child. But here there is a detail: our mentality is that to make a beautiful formed a solid man of the lot does not know, raunchy, and modest young man will only education abroad. Popular, of course, states such as France, Italy, England, Germany and other European countries, as there is the highest classical school with established views on quality education. Universities of these states is a leader in the specialized world rankings, here the powerful send their children to learn. Clearly, education abroad has some undeniable advantages. This implies become acquainted with students of other states to adopt teaching methods and bring them home, and a show and see the world.

That is the reason why overseas travel and professors of our universities. I should say that thanks to the introduction of European education system, tn Bologna process, which means getting international diploma after studying in our universities, in the near future it will be easier to get an education abroad. Of special note is education in China. As you know, not so long ago, China was a dictatorship and a state with low standard of living. But today's China – it is occupied by one of the best places in terms of the economy rapidly developing country. And education is a popular and prestigious for the U.S. and Europe. Additional information is available at Carrier. Education in China is very different from our system of higher education. Education is divided into 3 stages: the first 4-5 years of a student studying for a bachelor's degree, the next 2-3 years aimed at obtaining master's, and the last stage in 3 years can become a doctor of sciences. Leadership of the state is interested in the educated people, so education in China is a budget item, which invested heavily. Organize by 2021 one hundred higher education institutions, leading in quality education on the planet – is the goal of the government program "Project 211" operating in China.