Fundamentals and fundamental analysis project launched new online project for fundamental analysis of listed companies and their stocks. Fiscal years 2011 and 2012 DAX shares already analyzed. Industry and sector comparisons possible. Open Forum for users of fundamental analysis. BB MediNet solutions launches Internet project, a Web site around the theme of fundamental data and fundamental data analysis of listed companies and their stocks. To start providing all DAX values are registered and whose fiscal years 2011 and 2012 can fundamentally be analyzed. In addition to an overview of important data from the balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statement such as sales, EBIT, EBT, profit, assets, debt, equity, cash flow, etc., then many important fundamental indicators are calculated. Click music downloads to learn more. So, the year-end figures, net debt, debt-equity ratio, equity ratio, return on equity, cash flow revenue earnings rate and dividend can be analyzed.

In addition to Share price-based metrics such as p/e ratio, KCV, KBV and PSR are considered. All this information is available per share available. Through a classification of stocks in various industries and sectors the possibility several shares of an industry or a sector, to compare and analyze their fundamental data. So questions can be for an industry to the lowest p/e ratio stocks, answer KBV or produce, as well as calculate averages. Thus, offers many different information, figures and calculations that may be supportive of fundamental analysis. Calculating key figures using calculators, as well as finding out the key values from the balance sheets, profit and loss statements, as well as the cash flow statements will be easier with Click on the appropriate stock and all indicators are visible.

IM new to, related forum can chat friends of fundamental analysis with each other, introduce their own indicators, individual shares analyse and discuss, Exchange stock tips and much more. A registration and use of the Forum, as well as of the entire project is completely free of charge until further notice. For the coming months has set the goal to expand the number of shares. The values from the MDAX to include SDAX and TecDAX, as well as to calculate their fundamentals are planned. In addition, figures and data from the individual quarterly reports will appear next to the numbers from the annual reports with. So you can meet also statements about changes between the individual quarters, margin changes u.v.m. Contact: BB MediNet solutions Frank Bergmann settlers str. 15f D-01855 Sebnitz Mobile: 0171/2193628