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As well as rising oil prices encourage oil companies to seek new fields and the growing shortage of these professionals and effective leaders in the labor market makes recruiters seek new methods Search and attract talent. 1. What a talent. Why is the growth of competition in the number of unique, talented, simply – talent and administrators (hereinafter – the talent) will determine its place in the market? Because talent is a weapon and should be used as a weapon. Talent – this deficit, and it will be even more scarce commodity. So, what is talent? Talent – a person who has the skills, abilities, driving force and energy to create new value for their company. Talent is a man who is extremely hard to find, attract and retain.

The talent is very mobile and easily moved from place to place. In recent years, average stay of manager at one workplace was 3.5 years. This means that half of us to change employers every 3 years. At least this applies to those who read such articles J. Traditional methods (placing ads on the Internet and other sources) to attract talented people are losing their effectiveness. Conservation staff – is also extremely difficult area and, again, the traditional methods (higher wages, benefits and privileges) are not as effective as before.

Talent can be found everywhere. Recruiters need to recognize that talent can be found where and how you want. Good candidates are found in both active and passive search, as well as in the current stream of candidates.

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Rumors about what you're thinking about changing places, can play against you: you can gain a foothold for the glory of an unreliable employee, a boss can independently call you on the carpet for an explanation, and then your conversation will be held in a negative way. On the contrary, keeping his intentions secret, you agree not provoke unnecessary suspicion that the reason you left was the problem in company. In addition, pre-notifying the Director's intention to leave the company, you are demonstrating yourself as a responsible officer who is ready to fulfill their obligations: to complete unfinished projects and pass all the things a new employee. Unfortunately, the officer warned in advance about care, not always met with understanding from his superiors. There are cases when a worker loses not only the confidence and good relations, but the positive recommendations, as well as compensation due to him. As a rule, the latter are not insured employees who received the "black" or "gray" wages.

In order to properly submit an application for care, must follow the rules. First of all, the application must be submitted in writing. It must be present and the date of signature of the head. Remember that by law, the number of employee who wishes to resign, is not the first free day, and the last day of work. The application must be registered with the Secretary in the register of documents, while in front of the registration number should be be signed by the chief.

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For many companies, this method of attracting specialists became the standard. They are excellent workers and pay him less than he deserves. But why experts are worthy to take this job and turn a blind eye at the blatant injustice? And on that count so thrifty business leaders? Simple. Now it is very difficult to refuse a job offer and the real count on it, many managers of companies. For Professional job offer, even for less money, when money is already completed and sitting at home does not make sense just to get a lifeline. Job Search One of the most common way to lure workers who have arrived on property, is a promise, the fulfillment of which is very vague. You can promise anything, but no one will execute. You'll be amazed at the promised bonuses and social package.

But if you try to understand what it is to be paid premium, or any social guarantees included in the employment contract, the clear answer to you nobody will. Many companies indicate in advertisements as possible salary, and got a job, you will discover with dismay that you have the minimum salary for this post. There is only one way out. It is urgent to raise the professional level to the maximum. Working for two, you'll soon notice and increase wages. There are some interviews, especially where lower wages and watch as you defend your point of view, to fight for themselves.

Most often, get to a interview can be agents for sales and trading, where you need the ability to "fill" price and to know how to argue. Still, whether or not to accept jobs which promised some good and brings a completely different? Even if this happened to you, you should not get excited and slam the door. If the job you like, it's worth a little to bargain with employers. Before looking for work should assess yourself with a professional point of view of the labor market. Stay on the potential work and then we solve the problem of increasing the pay of their labor. It is possible that the employer agree to your terms. If you were turned down, then quietly suck it up and stay in the post or look for another job.

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