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Motivating brief interventions with parents in the pre-primary”evaluated training offer”KITA MOVE – motivating brief interventions with parents in the pre-primary education”in elementary education in North Rhine-Westphalia now firmly adopted. “” “So of the this time the complete team of the municipal day-care Howard Street” and must be “in Mulheim/Ruhr on this in-house training” participated the ginko Foundation for prevention. In two facilities, the parents work is important to make the education and training for children efficiently and sustainably. In addition to extensive mandatory services with and for parents, talks about education issues get ever more important in the everyday life of the daycare. Now the conversation is becoming increasingly important for the requirement profile of the daycare with little motivated on education issues for parents. To train the entire team on the basis of “KITA MOVE” he increased the competences individual employee and ensures a consistent principle in the practical work with parents. The parents are taken seriously in their educational mission and by the educators supports development education strategies to ensure optimum promotion and development of children. Since the motivating short interventions are challenging and training must, is a mutual support and reflection of participants in implementing in the daily work of the team very helpful and in-house training”provide this necessary frame.

Overall, the training under the guidance of the social scientist Anna Segeth and education scientist Norbert Paul Habib was experienced as varied, challenging and useful. The event is divided into 12 modules contains numerous Labs, practical training in the application apart from theoretical foundations. So the participants learn to recognize such as discrepancies in conversation sequences and to integrate into motivational talks or even helpful strategies, if in parents calls opposition comes up. The feedback shows that the training has contributed to fears of difficult conversations with parents and provide information on alternatives for the talks. Just because the target group of the hard-to-reach and little motivated parents for everyday teaching of great importance, the participants were very satisfied with the added value of information and skills. 100% of the participants stated to use the learned items in discussions in the future with certainty with parents. The participants will have time in the everyday kindergarten to implement what you learned and to gain experience with this method, before these experiences in the conversation are reflected with parents on another practice day and completed with practical inputs and exercises.

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Make your baby calendar now online! His new online portal, the IT service provider Imaginaro enters baby to the needs of newly minted parents want to documenting the first year of the child. My baby calendar is the specialization of the calendar Portal my, which offers personalized Pocket Calendar from 1 piece. The individual design options that make something so unique that, like a newborn human child are what makes the baby calendar. On the cover of the baby calendar, moms and dads in the design of your imagination can give free rein. Over 130,000 combinations of background, text, and graphics are possible here and wake up in each play. Funny day – and week modules such as, for example, the “Launemometer” help Mamas and Papas, to hold all important moments in the growing up of small new earthling. In the annex a development calendar, lullabies or many useful tables on different topics can be found either. “In a very short time it has become Established calendar Portal my in the market, because this type of calendar and online design program are still not there have been in Germany.

Precisely, for us, it was of particular interest, to find specific niches where this segment is still missing. What is hopefully with “My baby calendar” succeeded”, explains Imaginaro holder Christian Marzian. About Imaginaro: Imaginaro was founded in 2008 as a single contractor by Christian Marzian. Since then develops and operates Imaginaro successful online portals the Web2print applications, such as, Pro and my All portals, where consumer online can personalize print products from 1 piece without software download and order, characterized by ease of use. The resulting print products are using the latest printing technology in the quality of printing and processing well above that of most competitors.

So Imaginaro successfully linked the two areas of Web and print and is therefore a competent partner for the seek running Web2Print section in the German-speaking area. Via my My sells Pocket Calendar/Scheduler since autumn 2009 in the format 15 x 14 cm. Each pocket calendar can be personalized by the customer in just a few steps through the online application and individualized. In addition to personal colours and own texts, it is possible to choose day – and week modules that appear directly in the calendar. Also, the customer can choose between many different attachments. The ordered pocket calendar is delivered within a few days to get home. More information: Christian Marzian holder Imaginaro Reeser Strasse 199 47546 Kalkar phone 0 28 24 / 96 15 949 fax 0 28 24 / 96 15-950 eMail: press contact: Stephanie Rust Creativkuche phone 0 28 24 / 96 15 465 fax 0 28 24 / 96 15-950 eMail:

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