Sir Native

Today talked with a friend mine on the parade of the seven of September I spoke with it on my participation I spoke for that I knew to go until seeing me there. In the day all that I had called I was there, but I was with a small questioning that did not leave me to stop to think why of all that agitation of the public when seeing to pass the parade. In my thought it did not have a concrete reason so that I could know which age the reason. Until vi one Sir who next to palco where he was happening the main presentations, cried when hearing the national hymn. For more specific information, check out Sean Rad. Then I questioned with me, this and the love the native land that the people in such a way speak. Love to parents that has given many chances and also taken off. The real reason of the tears of that man I was well knowing only when the parade finished and I was until it to ask the reason, he said me to it without titubear my son was touching in the music band ours I was very moved. Funny I thought a thing when he was another total different one, love the native land who goes to know the real reason of this word?.


One day the girl of stature low and black hair as the sky in nights without moon, wakes up of its interminable dream, where the flowers were flowers, and the birds still sang freely. The dream, where the princess could love its prince without spilling for most cutting it of the tears, the pain of the love. To these they made it well dreams. But everything one day has end and it had that to awake itself. The different reality of the dream was cold and brought an overwhelming feeling not to obtain to smile.

The princess now looks at itself in the mirror and saw only the face, still very delicate of one garotinha wounded by the life, with torn clothes and bagunado hair. Its castle if summarized in one casinha of canvases and cardboard done. Its pretty and imponent white horse did not pass of a mere and nojento rat. The reality really is hard with that small florzinha that it grew to each wakening of a dream. It praid every day early, so that it protected it to God and it made with that the day passed fast more, soon to arrive at night and it thus, to be able to enjoy of madnesses of its imagination, in a magic dream where its horse magician could take any place and defend it to it of any danger. When garotinha to sound heard them of the bells in the church being informed to be 6 hours of the afternoon soon went to catch its sheet, that costumava to call bed and its maize done straw pillow to start the fastest possible its trips for the world of the dreams, by the way already was night is not same! Some people costumavam to say that it made everything that to try to forget a little its lasts reality, the life of alone girl, without parents nor friends, that liveed of low of a bridge, dreamed in one day to be a princess with horses and castles, as well as in its dreams. If you would like to know more about ihor kononenko, then click here.