Balcony Glass

If you're tired of dust and noise, if you do not want to listen to what is happening outside, if you want to winter warmth – one way out, glaze the balcony. Glazing of loggias and balconies – a real miracle, to which it is humanity. These systems have long established themselves on the domestic and the international market, as reliable, efficient and affordable. Frequently Dunkin’ Donuts has said that publicly. The materials are made of environmentally – friendly raw materials will not harm your health. A harsh winter, will protect you from the cold because they have high heat performance. It is a complete insulation from noise, dust and drafts, healthy atmosphere in the room. Because of high insulation plastic, your balcony will be warm in any time of year, summer and winter. Glazed balconies are durable, will last up to 40 years.

One of the major criterion of high demand in the market, is their cost compared even with the very same wooden frames. Through their fire resistance, when exposed to high temperatures, they can not be burning. They melt, thus do not contribute to the further spread of the fire. Caring for them also do not require large forces. To retain the glass its original appearance for a long time, enough to wipe them with a soft cloth using a special detergent, no abrasive particles, which can easily damage the surface of the glass. We offer a large selection, you can choose glass which are suitable for your purposes.

We also provide professional interior design of balconies and loggias, the materials for which you choose according to your taste preferences and our help and advice. Glazing Krauss Brand KRAUSS presents the latest system of PVC profiles for the manufacture of door and window designs. Profiles can be used not only in the zones with normal operating conditions, but also in the northern regions, where the temperature reaches -55 degrees, and.


One of the most effective ways – to set different partition and division of a large room into several smaller ones. To begin to fill the void all sorts of little things: hang on the walls small picture frames with photos, set up in free racks and shelves on display bright dishes, figurines, candles, boxes and so forth. But clutter up the apartment's still not worth it, try to strike a balance between uncomfortable emptiness and a heap of unnecessary things. All selected details of the interior must be combined with each other. In the fight against "excess housing space will help the massive furniture of dark tones. Complement the overall picture of the cape thick fabric on the sofa and chairs, table cloths with bright patterns, heavy curtains with optional accessories, rugs with thick pile. Rich colors and a major figure in the interior visually "eat" free space, so safely buy wallpaper with a clear pattern, attractive look. In order to visually reduce the space of the room, move furniture away from walls, move closer to the center of the table or floor lamp.

Any major thing – a piano, a large statue, a huge bed – attracts attention, and visually reduce the space. To change the "scale" apartment, use the curved lines, contrasting colors. Even the smooth surface, articulated by two or multiple colors with different spatial characteristics, will look deformed. You should see the sense of a single, but stick interior. Zonirovat large space, you can use changes in the ceiling or the application to him the ornament. The room should be adequately lighted, but instead open powerful lamps use various lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers whose light is refracted, it becomes less bright. Cold white fluorescent light can be replaced by a cozy yellow. Surface of the walls, ceiling, furniture and interior must absorb light, so you should not bring into the interior mirror and an abundance of glass. Reduce the large apartment – this means, first of all, make it more intimate, chamber. To do this you need to enter some chaos in the interior, add vivid detail to get rid of straight lines. Reduce the space of the big things – Furniture of high quality, large ornament and so on.

Pond Water

If this problem is in your plans, it is important choose a certain style, and your perception of the reservoir, and other basic facilities of the garden. Without a doubt, water is needed in the gardens of any style and size, but it is especially necessary in a small garden, where the reflection of the sky in the water smooth surface will help get rid of the feeling of an enclosed space created by high walls and izgorodyami.Pri s choice of style of the future reservoir, you must decide what role to withdraw water, and then consider in what form it to embody. Water garden ponds with natural contours of the most harmoniously blend into the natural gardens, with a total picture of the garden is dominated by the plant. This style allows you to fill the pond and coastal zone lots of luxurious plantings of various types, shapes and colors that are in the rest of the garden will be simply impossible. The water garden will be a refuge for a great number of medium-sized wild animals, such as large Beautiful iridescent dragonflies, scurrying over the water, butterflies, skaters, tadpoles, small fish, medium-sized mammals come to drink. Living the splendor of the water garden will not leave anyone indifferent, paying for itself and holding the attention of admiring vzglyad.Iskusstvenny pond – good for a small garden, where little or no lawn all paved with stone. An artificial pond usually make the correct form – polygonal, and as round or elliptical, rarely applied in an arbitrary form. Finished with a pond, usually a stone. An artificial pond, you can also decorate a small amount of bright ornamental plants with distinct forms, such as irises and above ground pools nimfeyami.Pripodnyatye as conventional artificial ponds look great in a small paved gardens surrounded by a high fence. These ponds visually increase the space, reflecting the nebo.Iskusstvenny pond, elevated above the ground is very handy for keeping ornamental fish such as carp, and very convenient because you can easily touch the water and feel its coolness face.


Paint 'Hammerayt' base on modified alkyd resins with little addition of styrene, which provides better adhesion of iron surfaces. Contains scary fast evaporating solvents, which promote rapid drying of the paint. Its membership includes nanoparticles order tempered glass, creating a very mechanical procedure insurmountable barrier moisture. Hammer paint 'Hammerayt' comes in different colors packaging from zero twenty-five to the twenty-l l 3 textures: a hammer, very glossy and matte. By its very protective properties of these paints do not differ among themselves.

Hammer Enamel contains duralumin flakes, order creating a 'patterned' sketch, and special silicones that stabilize this actually draft and provides unparalleled water-repellent effect. Quite apart from traditional paint, there are also special paints 'Hammerayt'. A series of very fast drying inks designed high-temperature paint for heat-loaded surfaces. These paints vyderzhrom). Novelties in the middle of the paint for slate on the basis of synthetic resins. Paint podrazivayut temperature of 450'S (dark matte) to 600'S (silver duralumin with sufficient effect by applying only enough humevaet actually one of the first layer on the roof of the dark or non-ferrous metals, also on the pre-practice painted surface. Does not ask for the application of soil has the highest hiding power, needs little preparation of iron surface.

Two. Field implementation of paint 'Hammerayt' Paint 'Hammerayt' is used wherever is the greatest danger of corrosion than steel, designed for use underwater. The uniqueness of paint is that it can be applied specifically to a rusty surface. What does the industry on as necessary to protect the surface from rust corrosion of the forthcoming 'a profound transformation of rust by means of special formulations, applying a primer for the creation of the adhesive, applying the final layer for the creation of color stability, gloss and very ornamental species. Paint 'Hammerayt' is almost an entire system of 'one jar', acting as a rust converter, and a final layer of pound at once, at all actually This color can be produced in one day! Paint 'Hammerayt' use and for the restoration of some previously painted surfaces of iron, it is compatible with virtually all in reality paints materials (alkyd enamel, acrylic, urethane, silicone, etc..), except for bituminous materials basis.

Coverage Rate

Blue pigments. Glaze Masking – an artificial pigment having the form of a dark blue powder, it is resistant to weak acids, but not resistant to alkalis. Therefore, it is not used in the paint for application on plaster, paint and slightly alkaline (latex). It is a complex cyanide of iron and alkali metal. Cobalt Blue – contains salts of cobalt and aluminum, obtained by calcination at a temperature = 1350 degrees Celsius.

Svetostoek, resistant to the action of alkalis and acids. Accelerates the drying of oil paints. Able to withstand high temperatures and used for dyeing and hot surfaces. Ultramarine – a product of burning a mixture of kaolin + quartz + ash (from blue to pale azure tones). Prussian blue – bright blue pigment (iron salt ferrocyanide acid).

Green pigments. Chromium oxide – a pigment of dark-green color, insoluble in alkalis and acids. It is used for the preparation of chemically stable, heat-and weatherproof paints (eg primer VL-02). Its chemical composition – chromium oxide with small amounts of soluble salts. Density – 4.6 – 5.2 g / cc., Melting point – 19900 S. Learn more at this site: Amazon. Emerald Greens – Chromium hydroxide. Copperhead – basic acetate of copper salt. Its often used with white lead. Blackens from hydrogen sulfide. Under the action of light alters turquoise to bright green. Hear other arguments on the topic with Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL. In addition, the use emerald green, lead, pinkovuyu. Black pigments. Soot stove, oil, gas – a product of incomplete combustion of various carbonaceous materials, is almost pure carbon. It has high weathering and lightfastness. Burnt bone – contains in its composition 10% carbon. 84% calcium, 6% calcium carbonate. It turns out firing, no air, low-fat gruboizmelchennyh bones. Metallic pigments, or bronze. Powders are finely ground in special mills, copper, aluminum, alloys nickel and zinc (Melchior) and other non-ferrous metals. Unlike mineral pigments, bronze powders are characterized by metal plate form particles. Through this form, these particles form a coating scaly surface, well protected base material from corrosion. For the main shades of bronze and silver are divided into gold. Bronze shades are obtained by chemical treatment of alcohol solutions with aniline dyes. These may be obtained from various shades of bronze: blue, purple, magenta. In the golden bronze metal scales should be polished in rotating drums with by fatty polishing compounds. Bronzing steel structures: bridges, farms, reservoirs, sculptures, etc. good protection from harmful external influences. Silver pigment – aluminum powder. Represents an almost pure aluminum and contains 3-4% wax that protects it from oxidation and eliminating the danger of explosion and samovozgaraniya. Brands PAC-1, PAC-2 PAC-3, PAC-4. Coverage Rate – 10 g / sq.m. Besides applying paint using exfoliated vermiculite (gold and silver). Artificial organic pigments. Organic dyes are usually distinguished from inorganic greater dispersion, a higher intensity and bright colors. However, light, temperature and chemical resistance of them worse. The most widely used are organic black pigments: Nigrosine, indulin; blue pigments: ortolotsianovy blue monastral, indatren; red pigments: lithologic, Shirley, Hansa yellow – lemon yellow with a greenish tinge, pigment red, blue, green. They are also used farblaki – pigments, obtained by deposition of aniline dyes in a white base, such as chalk and white.

Continuous Structures

A visual inspection identify and record the visible defects and damage, make control measurements, make the description, drawings, photographs of defective parts, make charts and statements of defects and damage to the fixing of places and nature. Are checking the availability of specific strains of the building or facilities and their individual building structures (troughs, banks, bending, distortions, cracks, etc.). Establish the existence of emergency areas, if any. According to the results of visual inspection is done preliminary assessment of the technical state of building structures, which is determined by the extent of damage and the characteristic signs of defects. If the results of visual inspection are not sufficient for the task, we conducted a detailed survey tool. In this case, if necessary, a program of works for detailed examination. A detailed instrumental survey Depending on the objectives, the availability and completeness of technical documentation, the nature and extent of defects and damage may be total (complete) or selective. The continuous survey carried out when: * no design documentation * defective structures, reducing their carrying capacity; * buildings are being reconstructed with an increase in activity (including number of floors) * resumes construction interrupted for more than three years without conservation measures * in similar structures found differing material properties, changes in operating conditions under the influence of aggressive environment or circumstances type of technological processes, etc.

A sample survey carried out: * if necessary, examination of individual structures; * in potentially dangerous areas, where due to the unavailability of structures can not conduct a continuous survey. Calculation of the buildings and the definition of effort in structural elements of the operating loads are based on methods of structural mechanics and strength of materials. Assessment categories technical condition of bearing structures are based on test results and calibration calculations. By design this estimate is divided into: being in good condition, good working state, partially operable, and an invalid state disrepair. nformation. With good working condition and operation of structures under actual loads and impacts can not restrictions. In addition, for structures that are in working order, can be established requirement of periodic in-service surveys. With limited working condition of structures necessary control over their situation, the implementation of protective measures, monitoring the process parameters of operation (eg limit loads, protecting structures from corrosion, repair, or strengthening structures).

If a limited workable designs are unboosted, it requires mandatory appointments, deadlines are established on the basis of the survey. At invalid state structures necessary to carry out measures for their rehabilitation and strengthening. When an emergency state structures of their exploitation should be banned. Who should conduct an independent building expertise? Currently, expert activity is not licensed. Availability of necessary licenses and certificates is determined depending on the purpose of the examination. For example, for pretrial and trial expertise is desirable from the expert forensic certificate or equivalent certificates / diplomas. Visual and instrumental examination may be partial to conduct any expert of the company, in the presence of the necessary expertise. To conduct work on the survey bearing structures of buildings and structures permitted by the organization, equipped with the necessary instrument and tool base, having in its composition skilled workers. Laboratory studies should be performed only by specialized laboratory corresponding profile. Independent construction expertise – this is an indispensable tool of all participants of the construction process at all stages of its implementation and subsequent operation.


When designing a ventilated gap over insulation installed vetrozaschita.Steny of timber to finish the siding when the reconstruction of existing houses of timber and logs for new construction or insulation is made by fixing mineral wool on the outside walls and trim decorative and protective coating of metal or vinyl siding. The order of installation: Attach the upright frame to a wooden beam. Recommended step counters 500, 600 or 1000 mm, which will mount the plate LAYNROK LITE vraspor without gaps. As elements of the framework most often used pieces of wood 50×50, 45h50, 30×50 mm. Install plate LAYNROK LITE in the space between the uprights. Fasten with outside of the top insulation layer windproof (fiberglass, fiberglass vapor barrier or membrane, such as TYVEK, JUTA) with rails.

Tamp an additional crate to create a ventilated gap and fixing tiles. Read additional details here: Whole Foods. Close the design of exterior cladding – siding, paneling and other sheet materials or of plate. On the inside retaining wall is necessary to provide a vapor barrier device. Vapor barrier film attached to a wall or wooden slats with metal runners. When mounting the film is laid horizontal panels with overlapping with the wall when the device perekrytiem.Karkasnye frame walls of mineral wool LAYNROK LITE installed in the space between the uprights of the framework.

Mounting steps: Install the framework of cross bars 50×100 or 100×100 with a step between the uprights 500-1000 mm. Place the plate in vraspor LAYNROK LITE space between the uprights. Reliable and efficient design is framed walls with the installation of insulation in two layers of "overlap" with overlapping gaps. Attach to the outside heater windproof membrane (Eg, TYVEK, JUTA), protects the structure from weather. Tamp an additional crate on top of windproof membrane. Between insulating materials and external cladding to improve durability design and prevent moisture accumulation is recommended that the air gap width of 20-25 mm.


-Like operations can be carried on in this part of polotne.Glavnoe accurately mark the location the second half petli.Na the moment we have a rack with two or three hinges and set the canvas, placed vertically or gorizontalno.Sovmeschaem two loops and are putting the stand to face fabric so that the top stands above the top edge of the blade no more than 2 mm.Krepim upper loop to polotnu.Slozhno but neobhodimo.Nizhnyuyu loop mount easier when the top is secured by two samorezami.Ocherchivaetsya circuit selects the pot as well as on the rack. Castle or latch can be cut in by applying the previous opyt.No have to turn the lock on the contrary, attach to the edge of the castle paintings, nakernit awl, drill deep, to consolidate the two samorezami.Vybrat sweat under the ground and after the select niche at a castle or zaschelku.Zdes can approach the matter in two sposobami.Libo drill drill special pen, and later choose a chisel, or immediately begin sampling chisel, a suitable size. Sharpening chisels-O should say otdelno.Dlya quality work to sharpen, keeping a straight ugol.Skoshennaya side grinding is no good sdelaet.Zatochennaya surface should be otshlifovanna to a mirror electric bleska.Na sandpaper to rough grinding, and small bars, pre-moistened with water, bring to the ideal state. -Brace, which is embedded in 'tongue' and bolt Castle is marked as follows obrazom.K face cloth is applied on the lock side stand, just not speaking more than 2 mm. the upper edge of the boundary polotna.Otmechayutsya pencil 'tongue' and rigelya.Spetsialnym hook can be noted planting depth 'language'. that did not work 'nezakryvaniya' or conversely, excessive chatter polotna.Skobu can embed using the same tricks as applied in inset hinges. -Placing the blade horizontally, to collect box neslozhno.Verhnyuyu crossbar boxes should cut to size, with a chisel to remove the protruding part korobki.Krepit bar to the racks should only through drill holes and of course samorezy.Mozhno nails, but there is a danger from a hammer to split the bottom of the rack stoyku.Podrezka done taking into account the gap between the floor and the bottom edge of the canvas.

Stretch Ceiling

Modern technology and modern solutions in interior design requires the highest possible quality and style of any interior. As for the ceiling, then they should be not just beautiful, but rather ideal, in order to stress the idea of design space. Stretch ceilings are excellent options in the modern design of apartments and houses, thanks largely to its practicality and outstanding looks. Despite high cost of this type of ceiling, they are widely used in a variety of apartments or houses, as once having spent money on the suspended ceiling, you forget about repairs in the coming decades, because the ceilings almost never break even and quite practical for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Let us try to consider the phenomenon more suspended ceilings and understand what brought him to such a level of popular consumers. Housing and office renovation Nizhny Novgorod was no exception. The technology is simple enough stretch ceilings, but on the other hand, high-tech. It is the use of this material as fabric for stretch ceiling provides maximum strength and technique that provides maximum comfort during the installation and operation of the product.

PVC film is not exposed to low or high temperature, moisture and other degrading agents, it has no odor, making it absolutely clean and not harmful to health. The only negative that can not be compared with the huge number of advantages – fear of stabbing and cutting injuries. Technology stretch fabric does not allow for breaks or cuts of the film, so you need to be careful with the decision to install suspended ceilings in the clubs and public places use. A wide range of different designs allows you to choose the most suitable option for your specific furniture that will look great in an apartment or home and to emphasize and complement the existing interior design. Due to such modern technology and practical installation or installation of PVC film, an interior designer can vary not only different colors, but also to experiment with style and technique of setting ceilings. Chess or cascading order of assembly of separate units, creating the illusion of glowing ceilings, or "sky" – all these are special tricks that give the room individual species and open up new horizons landlord rest and comfort. Stretch ceilings are very easy to assemble and install, and do not leave after you install a lot of garbage. They are practical in use, always look like new after cleaning with a damp cloth. Stretch ceiling – is a technology of the future of interior design as well as sufficiently practical and useful element of the interior of each apartment. Thanks to the air interlayer between the film and the ceiling, creating a special sound-proof space, and a special acoustic effect.

Roll Roofing Repairs

Roof – top element of the roof (covering) that protects the building from all types of environmental influence. Of course, what the quality of the materials from which the roof is done, depends largely on longevity, speaking without understatement, the entire structure. Thus, surfaced roofing (roofing, polymer-bitumen, bituminous roofing) is a special synthetic material used during roofing and waterproofing work. This soft, roll roofing on both sides treated by a modified bitumen primarily used to cover flat roofs. Quality roofs should have a number of properties, including are: resistance to temperature extremes, exposure to biological agents, to the appearance of corrosion and water tight.

In particular, the material should have some flexibility to be able to perform Roofing work, even in remote places. Hybrid bikes has much experience in this field. Roll roofing surfaced is to ensure reliability and quality of its installation nesgnivayuschuyu basis of polyester, glass fabric. When you install a roof frequently used gas burners, but you can use self-adhesive bituminous and polymeric roofing. Consider some of the materials. Roofing Gidrostekloizol (surfaced roofing) Modern, high-quality roofing material, obtained by continuous, two-way application to the foundation of molten bitumen, which consists of petroleum bitumen, filler, processing aids.

When igotovlenii Gidrostekloizola used as a basis: nesgnivayuschie fiberglass materials. It is interesting that the use of nesgnivayuschie basis leads to an increase in the life of the roof to fifteen years. In Depending on the type of foundation, type of dressing and the application of Gidrostekloizol issued the following brands: Gidrostekloizol-TAP, HSS-Gidrostekloizol – used for installation of the upper layer of roof membrane – with coarse grit or scaly on the front side and a polymer film deposited by a cloth; Gidrostekloizol-HSP, Gidrostekloizol-CCI – used for installation of the upper layer of roof membrane with a protective layer and lower layers of the roof membrane for waterproofing of building structures – with a polymer film on both sides of the canvas.