Rybinsk: 3 Interesting Facts

Rybinsk – a small interesting town in the Yaroslavl region. A. F. Chief of Staff is often quoted as being for or against this. Located in the Upper Volga and has 1000 years of history. Emmanuel Faber spoke with conviction. "And what is interesting about it?" – You ask – "all have a story, just do not have about churches and monuments – this is all ". Indeed, let-te understand, what is remarkable town of Rybinsk, and whether or not to go there? Thus, 3 bright fact of Rybinsk: 1.Rybinskoe reservoir – the largest in Europe. Rybinsk Reservoir, which area is: 4580 km , imagine the area is 15 times greater than the Moscow Sea. Rybinsk Reservoir – a man-made sea, who is only merely 60 years. Hunters and anglers from all over central Russia and abroad are aware of priorodnom richness and beauty of these places. 2.Rybinsk – the capital of ski racing in Russia.

All this is possible thanks to one of Europe's finest sports centers of Russia – Demin. That's already 3 times (since 2007) here in Demin, passes third Russian World Cup fis cross-country skiing. Who knows, perhaps not far off the competition in biathlon and ski jumping in Demin. Holiday Village Demino also – a paradise for those who like to vacation leisure. 3.Chto total between Rybinsk and Hollywood? , the founders of Hollywood: Joseph Michael Schenk (Joseph M. Sheynker) and Nicholas Michael Schenck (Nikolai Sheynker) were born in Rybinsk.

In the family of a Jew, Chaim (Michael) – a salesman in office of the Volga Shipping Company. In 1893 he emigrated to the United States, where, after the acquisition cost of the park began to take part in the creation of the U.S. film industry. Have you heard about the film studio 20th Century Pictures? It was founded by Michael Schenk, after which he became one of the influential people of the world film industry.

Rest On The Azov Sea

Last year my wife and I were resting in Melekino in a private hotel "Pearl of Azov. Come back for the second consecutive year. WhiteWave Foods is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Ourselves from the big city and we want to rest quiet, and in that book is just what we need. Although, in the village, closer to the center, on the contrary, many people, that is, where to turn for those who want to actively relax. Direct transport Melekino not, but it's not a problem. We traveled by train Moscow, Moscow, Mariupol, Mariupol up, and there we are at Station owners have met and taken straight to the hotel. Host name is Olga and Stepanovna – good, friendly people. Filed under: WhiteWave Foods. You can eat right in their hotel in a small space reserved for meal.

No time limits, when he wanted, then came. True, so it is possible only up to 20.00, then cook away. Beach they own and go anywhere is not necessary. Just opened the gates and went to the beach. The sand is clean, there are bins on the beach, there are a lot of sun beds.

I do not know how other facilities, but the suite, where we rested in the first and the second time, decent. Modern furniture, bathroom (shower and toilet) in the room, decent. Secretary of Agriculture shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In general, do not sovdep. Be something like botanical garden or a fabulous park. From talking with the owners know what they plan to soon also pool in their own territory to build. Information about them I have found on azov resort. This is a portal with a large number information about the resorts of the Azov Sea. It seems that there have decided to gather all the information on boarding houses coast of the Azov Sea in Ukraine. In principle, we booked ourselves, communicating by telephone, which is on the site, but you can do it, and through the site, there is a possibility to order a ticket. This year we plan also to go to the Sea of Azov. We hope that the seats will still be at our hotel. The fact that we booked that year in April and has already had to adjust to what was left there because of free days. This year, I just changed his job and still not sure if released in June, here and need to call for the last time, if released. While at azov resort choice is not small, turn to him. But still no hope left that the "Pearl of the Azov rest.

Marina Boroditsky

Going to the next trip, you will surely ask yourself the question: "What to bring as a gift to friends, relatives and friends?" Agree, I want to present something original, may be unusual, but always connected with the history, culture and traditions of the country. About what gifts to represent Croatia, we will certainly talk with you further. Remember the children's poem by Marina Boroditsky? Shells as spoons, shells as bowls, Shellfish-palms, shells, cakes, and delicate as the petals, and thick, like shards So it's probably about Croatia! And if you relax at the beach, then go ahead and collect all kinds of shells! They will always be glad your family, especially children who will take them anywhere and pasting, and the ladies, engaged in needlework, which will have the most beautiful bracelets and interior compositions! Yes, and you will be pleased to put your ear to the shell and to remember the past journey. By the way, keen handicrafts and ethno-style woman can bring not only the shells. In Croatia, you will find almost everywhere, articles with original and amazing embroidery in the national colors. So buy a gift embroidered red and white tablecloths and linen towels. And konavoskih villages you will find products, embroidered with silk threads.

So your items can become a unique piece of your interior, especially that Embroidery is recognized and appreciated not only in Europe but around the world. And in Paga from local craftswomen to buy "white gold" – an unusually beautiful products with lace handmade! If your friends and friends – lovers of small souvenirs, and shelves laden with useless and beautiful thing, vezite them special Croatian souvenirs. For example, you can purchase a copy of vuchedolskoy doves.

Russian Federation

If you have a residence permit (temporary residence permit) or a permanent residence (domicile) in the Czech Republic, the options for transportation of personal belongings when moving to a new residence just three. Will try to disclose all terms and conditions requirements of these options. Option 1. Transportation of household goods through the cargo container railway container station. We describe the pros and cons: Pros: – the container is guaranteed to reach the station of the country of destination, certain station timeframe. – Container (from the station to send) will bring to your home and help you load things, unless previously paid for these services Cons: – not all container station cities in Russia and cis working on sending containers to the Czech Republic (in another country) – the safety and integrity of things is not guaranteed. – Mandatory inspection of personal belongings customs officer at the station of departure – will be given a freight container no less than 20 tons – the cost of transporting cargo in twenty ton container (from the station from Moscow to the Russian Federation to the Russian border) will be 4.000 euros, regardless of size, type, quantity, value and quality loaded personal belongings. – The sum of 4000 euros Not included in the transport rate of passage container abroad in Russia and additional services in the delivery and unloading of personal items – the fare from the Russian border to the destination station (foreign country) you pay additionally upon receipt of its container, the amount depends on the state of tariffs and value-added services station receiver. For assistance, try visiting Online Degree Programs.

Visit Nuremberg Zoological Gardens

Rooted in the Middle Ages What did you come to mind when the word "Nuremberg"? Microscopic sausages, delicious cakes, distorted half-timbered buildings with round window panes? Then perhaps it is time more correct way of Nuremberg. Of course, Nuremberg – the historic city. Powerful, towering over the city for centuries the castle was a favorite residence of German emperors, such as Friedrich Barbarossa and Charles iv. And no wonder – with such a panorama! Magnificent Gothic churches, such as St. Lorenz (Lawrence) and St. Sebalda, proud patrician residences and impressive city wall the length of five kilometers Nuremberg was considered at the time of Richard Wagner and the Romantics, "the treasury of the empire." Even today, in the old town survived countless gems that brilliant era, forming a unique Art-historical complex. In any case, such a cliche.

But this is only one side. Today, 950 years after its founding, Nuremberg – is also a modern, bustling city life with half the population. Not dusty museum exhibit, a large city, full of the special atmosphere and comfort, are invited to walk, inspection and discovery. This unique spirit of good sense in the old town with its numerous attractions and very affordable shops. In the shadow of the church of St.

Lorenz played by street musicians from all corners of the globe, and not far from the House of Durer found in the warm summer evenings connoisseurs of modern life. This attractive and Nuremberg: the harmonious coexistence of old and new, modern and historical, live and gone down in history. In Nuremberg, you will find many surprises. But better make sure that the most Combining incongruous Imagine: You quietly roam the streets of the old city and suddenly you are staring at a huge lop-eared creature with terrifying red eyes. As a person who understands the art, you certainly will understand that this bold modern interpretation of the famous dyurerskogo hare. Y-yes, in Nuremberg such meetings can be any number. Many public areas are decorated with notable monuments, sculptures and fountains – a cultural hike "for free". K example, it is impossible to pass by the beautiful fountain at Market Square, whose age has passed for 600-m. They say it's a brilliant gold openwork Gothic marvel, richly decorated with allegorical figures and historical images, brings grace and fulfill a dream, if you turn the golden ring (bags, with no guarantee!). Baroque splendor of the "Marriage Carousel" at the White Tower is a surprise, a wonderful contrast with the appearance of the city. The author of this Fountain is a Professor Jurgen Weber. Created based on the poems of Hans Sachs' Bitter-sweet married life, he was true to the normal human life. Memorable event for the whole family, for sure, will be Visit Nuremberg Zoological Gardens – one of the most beautiful in Europe! The spacious aviaries, among the rocks of sandstone, forests and ponds is home to over 2,000 wild animals, from dolphins in Flipper, and ending this rabbit in the pen calves.

Coolest Gift – A Balloon Flight

Birthdays me on August 30. In early childhood, and was waiting for that date forward, and a little disappointment. And now Approached me, (Lord, would not go astray from the invoice) forty, probably the first birthday. During the summer I worked driver for now, at the end of the summer season, when the influx of tourists a little sleep, it was possible and very little rest. The more so approaching 'holiday heart' – a forty day there's birthday. Throughout his already adult life, not counting service in the Soviet Army, lived in the Crimea.

And in the best part – Sevastopol. "Human life is given once and live it should be in such a way that was not painfully In short, you understand what I mean. Why am I here crucified? There is a concept – "velvet" season. " With the start of school went to the Crimea 'respectable uncle' with the young ladies of Auntie and mature with young stallions. That contingent of tourists, which is easy to rounding, traveling by taxi 2,5 3 kilometers to 10, and watered the driver in such institutions that would not even dream, and asked 'wait' (sometimes during the day, then dumped half a ton of bucks: "You know, bro, I'm sorry, I forgot '). Sometimes asked to turn away. But where to turn away, if I go, steering wheel and looking forward. Stopped the car, went out and waited longer 'krolyachit' car. Drawn cigarettes – had finished, thank God, we can keep going