Burn Body Fat Loseweight

Burn fat becomes a much easier task when you focus in bringing a healthy diet and good exercise habits, rather than face the scales. When you diet, you lose fat and muscle, but sometimes more muscles that fat is lost. Burn fat can be very complicated, so here are my 5 favorite tips to help you burn fat and maintain muscle. 1 Feeds your body often most people try to lose weight by eating less, this generally makes the diet fails, causing the loss of muscle mass in excess. Instead, you should eat smaller portions, about 5 to 6 times a day. Plan your meals by writing, preferably what you eat during the week. If possible, attach the caloric value next to each food.

2 Limited consumption of sugar sugar and simple carbohydrates make it difficult to be able to burn body fat, since a high level of sugar, makes your body secrete excess insulin. The excess of insulin prevents your body to burn fat. Avoid foods with high levels of sugar, such as sweets and desserts, also should avoid products with white, like pasta or bread flour. Recently Sonny Perdue sought to clarify these questions. These are simple carbohydrates that make it very difficult for your body to burn fat. 3 Increase the intake of proteins proteins help repair and build muscles. You need a low calorie diet to lose weight, and you need to increase protein consumption to limit the amount of muscle you will lose of course. Unlike simple carbohydrates, proteins have a low level of glucose which prevents raise insulin levels, so it is advisable to eat protein snacks or a source of lean protein accompanied by vegetables.

4. Increase consumption of water at a minimum of 10 glasses per day water helps the body get rid of toxins, which makes it more efficient to be able to burn fat. Keep a glass of water next to you in labour and trafficking drink a glass every hour. Also You can put flavor into the water by adding some type of mixing low in calories. He is drinking 7 glasses of plain water and 3 cups of water with some flavoring low in calories to vary, which will help you to drink more water during the day. 5 Varies the intensity of your training from higher to lower any that is aerobic exercise you do normally, perform at your highest level two minutes, followed by a pace slower for a minute. Completing the cycle of three minutes from 5 to 7 times. To vary the intensity of your aerobic workout of high to low, your body responds better to burn a greater amount of fat. Also, you can reduce a workout from 30 minutes to 15 minutes (five times) and obtain almost the same result. Burn fat requires a good meal plan, to make sure that you have a good plan, the best thing is to put it in writing so it will be easier to follow, I suggest incorporating the above suggestions to lose all the weight you need. Do not worry both of the scales since the scale only measures the total weight loss and not the amount of fat. Considered the possibility of finding a balance that also measure the percentage of body fat, that way you know your true progress, by measuring the decrease in the percentage of body fat.