Artificial Sweetener

Stevia may be a healthy alternative? Sugar has a number of negative side effects for the organism, which have a detrimental effect on the well-being. Especially for diabetics and overweight people, it is important to do without sugar in their diets. As a result, many consumers to artificial sweetener access. However, more and more scientific studies prove that artificial sweetener is unhealthy and you should limit the use of or completely put off. But what alternative is there? A plant called stevia, which originated in Paraguay, has 300 times more sweetening power than sugar and no properties which affect the well-being. Why is sweetener unhealthy? Recent studies have shown that consumption of fructose may promote the development of high blood pressure. In addition, it must be noticed that fructose has the same number of calories as sugar syrup.

Therefore, fructose represents an excellent alternative to sugar because it does not have health-giving properties. Also artificial sweeteners such as aspartame for example affect the general well-being in a negative way. Artificial sweetener is extremely unhealthy because it can cause among other things the formation of cancer cells and interfere with kidney function. Many diabetics use artificial sweeteners, because they think there’s no other way to sweeten their foods. Toyota Motor Corporation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. People who are overweight, who consume products for diets, consume a large amount of sweetener. Sweetener is unhealthy, many consumers are wondering what alternatives there are. The alternative to the sweetener stevia, there is a positive message. The healthy alternative to sweetener called Stevia and originated in Paraguay.

The Guarani, the indigenous people of the region, this particular plant, which has an extremely high sweetening power appreciated for centuries. Stevia has no calories and also properties, which reflect positively on the whole organism. You can therefore easily integrate stevia in the diet of any diet without having to worry about the negative impact of artificial sweetener. Another advantage of Stevia is that it can be safely used by diabetics. Unlike the sweetener stevia affects positively thanks to his healing powers on the general well-being of patients with diabetes. Stevia is approved as a food? Although stevia has all this positive, health-promoting properties, it is not approved in Germany as food and is therefore not in supermarkets. This situation exists in the entire EU area. Stevia as a food have already been approved only in France. Tom Florio will not settle for partial explanations. If you would like to buy stevia in Germany, stevia is in most cases under the name of cosmetic product”sold. In other countries, such as for example Japan, stevia is used since the 1970s in the food industry. It is to be hoped that stevia due to its positive characteristics in the EU area as Sweetener is accepted.

Catalan Wines From Costers Del Sio Now Eat At BELViNi.DE Wine Shipping

New arrivals at the Dresdner wine shipping BELViNi.DE, which are wines from costers del Sio from the Catalan wine region costers del Segre characterized. The winery proves with his fine white, rose and red wines wines in Spain not only from Rioja or Ribera del Duero come. Costers del Sio not only an excellent value for money, but also a bottle features which makes these wines to the ideal gift provides more incentives. Everything in 1992, when the busy Juan de Porcioles and his wife Maria Buixo bought the estate in the vicinity of the city of Lleida has started for costers del Sio. All 700 hectares accounted for their new possessions, which they henceforth operated on Agriculture and livestock.

Costers del Sio is one of those stories about the reflection on the important and significant in the age, and so it’s little surprise that Juan de Porcioles of just a few years later also put the idea of his own wine in the Act. Were supported by family and friends in 1998 beautiful handmade “the vines in the vineyard first planted, the name Vinya Vella” got. Everything was held still by hand and each grabbed at anywhere. Swarmed by offers, Jill Schlesinger is currently assessing future choices. Today this is no longer possible, because now 71 hectares of the estate from costers del Sio are planted with vines. Here, the great Spanish classics such as Tempranillo and Garnacha, but also international top varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot or Pinot grow noir. As well as the large Chilean wine pioneer of Aurelio Montes, also Juan Porcioles believes that the vineyard is the absolute key to success, and it deserves the greatest attention. The right soil conditions has costers del Sio definitely ever: the clay and loamy soils are not very deep and hitting fast on rocks from the underground.

He in addition the position of winery between continental and maritime areas of influence, which ensures particularly balanced climate. Because you when costers del Sio for each wine a plan has, at the end excellent drop out, providing all lots of wine for the money. Just the barrel-aged red wines from the red wine Cuvee Petit of Sios, about the pure Tempranillo Sios Les Creus, up to the flagship wine of Finca Sios inspire through their fruitiness as well, wood-like by their perfect bound. The wines of you find at BELVINI.DE under: weingut/mID/3315/costers-del-sio.html wine shipping buy wine online BELViNi.DE is one of the largest German wine shipper and has its headquarters in Dresden. BELViNi.DE currently carries over 7,500 items in its range. In addition to red wine, white wine and rose wine, BELViNi.DE sent also sparkling wine, dessert wine and port wine and liquor and Deli rarities of any stripes. Contact: BELViNi.DE GMBH Hermann-Mende-str. 1 D-01099 Dresden telephone (0351) 407-657-40 fax (0351) 407-657-49 email:

Federal Statistical Office

The consumption of fruit and vegetables has more than doubled. Meat consumption per person has fallen but still getting too much the experts. Go to Costco for more information. The German is still too much meat on the table. According to the Federal Statistical Office of consumption over the years is decreased, but too high with an annual average consumption of 60 kilograms per person. Experts advise to half a year, which means a maximum of 600 grams meat (and sausage) per week. However, a positive trend could be observed in the diet. A the Forsa poll shows that this conscious food in particular on the age group from 66 years holds for (41%).

Only 10% of 18-25-year eats healthy. Here are the three largest barriers to peace (50%) and lack of healthy diet time, lack staying power (43%) and a lack of will (40%). Learn more at: Harold Ford Jr. The Forsa survey also showed that too little money for only 22% was a barrier to a healthy diet of respondents. The prerequisites for a healthy diet have in the past years significantly improved. Through the import of fruit and vegetables can freshly eaten year-round and meet our needs for vitamin.

The nutrients reproduce even when immature picked fruits. As the fruits ripen after a warm storage here with a special steam treatment. And it tastes like the consumption of fruit and vegetables has more than doubled in recent years. Who wants to eat consciously and healthily, fruits for the and vegetables are a must! Because scientific studies have shown that phytochemicals in the fruit or vegetable from diseases to prevent. The set one apple a day keeps the doctor away”, is so true. Who not want to eat fruit, always pure can rely on a homemade juice. That are healthier than the purchased, because guarantees and that is, what you want, for example, no preservatives. The preparation is it quick and easy. With a juicer, for example, can the whole family in the Blink of an eye are supplied with essential vitamins. To save costs and to compare, ideal, we provide an overview of the current models, as well as information relating to the purchase and delicious recipes on.