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With one capacidadede production of 700 million cans/year, initiated its activities for test of the cooling beer and dequalificao envasadores in September of 1997. The company belongs aogrupo Vicunha, and counts on the support technician of the National Siderurgical Company (CSN), that she is developing steel plates tinned special for this tipode product. The technology used for these companies is considered deltima generation, being that the four first ones manufacture aluminum cans (associates the international groups with experience in the sector), beyond to detrabalhar with imported and automatized machinery. Of this form, in Brazil, all the five fabricantesconfeccionam its cans with only two parts, being that the first part is atampa of the can, whereas second is an only constituted part of body deep dalata and, being necessary only one weld to join these two parts to efinalizar the product. In the case of the countries that use exceeded technology, the cans possess three parts: cover of the can; body; deep (separate ones dasoutras), being necessary two welds to join the three parts so that lataesteja ready to be vendida. To start its activities in 1997, with technology deponta, the Metalic contracted the CAP International Incorporation company north-americanaespecializada in the implantation of plants of cans of two parts, cujosprincipais equipment and machines also are imported. Up to 1996 the units industrials were located Southeastern naregio, mainly in the States of So Paulo, Minas Gerais and deJaneiro River.

The two last plants to be entered in operation are located noNordeste, northeast Latasa s.a. (Lanesa), in Pernambuco, and the Metalic, expose of steel, in the Cear, having both initiates its operations in the segundosemestre of 1997. To the exception of the Metalic, the too much manufacturers use oalumnio as raw material in the manufacture of the drink cans. In 1998, it was evidenced great predominance of the cans dealumnio, that represent 94% of offer in 1998, against only 6% of cans deao, manufactured for the Metalic.

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This slogan of the federal government would have to change for BRAZIL PARENTS OF the WORLD! Beyond being a perpetual sonhador optimist and I remember myself with clarity that about one three years when it gave lesson for adolescent in a course of professional qualification said with much wordiness Brazil will command the world! Perhaps vocs I and nor live deeply this more with certainty my grandsons and its children will go to live are time of glory. I remember to ahead see some faces frightened of such affirmation, does not have doubts I was called insane person. He said to mine loved aptitude pupils, independent politics and of religion, us we will go to command the world. Certain time a pupil I ask myself: ' ' Professor you is one politician, or you maluco exactly? ' ' I answered politician not! Maluco perhaps! I asked for calm and I started to give my explanations. The concern of the world is with water and food! In the world the perspective exists + 6 billion people is that in 2050 we will arrive the 10 billion people.

As we go to give what to eat for this people, we will need land to plant. land in Brazil you sobrando! Where more in the world we with a practically favorable climate have as much land as? In U.S.A. they have a concern with the alcohol that is extracted there of the maize that demand a very great area. Without counting the climate that is not favorable with rigorous hell and the constant concern with the become ones. nor to say needs me that the south of Brazil also has these types of problems, that do not arrive to be thousandth of what it occurs in U.S.A. Although that in this year of 2009 the south of Brazil was punished by the climatic phenomena.

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