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This act of galactic cannibalism occurred about 6-8 billion years ago. Scientists estimate that ate galaxy size was comparable to the dwarf elliptical galaxy in the constellation Streltsa.Na way to creating a time machine British scientists go a step forward towards the creation of installation for carrying out a manipulation of space and time, writes newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Already, the unit operates with the light so that some objects or events can not hide from human sight. Scientists at Imperial College London have shown a performance installation by At least short term. The head of a group of scientists, Professor Martin McCall explained that the whole thing to interrupt the light beams that are visible to the human eye.

Speeding up the front of the beam back and slowing down, you can create between their gap, filling it in any event. But then again, braked the front of the beam and dispersed back, you can close that gap before the beam reaches the human eye. Thus, people do not notice. While Scientists have learned to 'cut out of life', only two billionths of a second, but in the future they hope to 'be excluded from the time' whole seconds and even minutes. 'Imagine a camera aimed at the safe, which removes it slow motion. If a thief opens the safe, stealing money and then locks it and does it all between the frames, then when viewing the camera footage material will look as if nothing had happened "- says Professor McColl.

Reals Daily

According to Penin (1995), the knowledge of the daily pertaining to school is necessary for two reasons. First, because being known it is possible to conquer it and to plan actions that allow to transform it, as well as fighting for institucional changes in the desired direction. (…) Second, because the daily one, being known, can supply to information the democratic institucional managements that want to take measured adequate to facilitate the work to the daily level of the schools and to improve the quality of education carried through there (P. For even more analysis, hear from Craig Jelinek. 161). The project was approved by the minister of Education Fernando Haddad, and published in Federal official gazette in 24 of December of 2009, through Normative Portaria N 16, of 23 of December of 2009, in observance to the lapsings of the Decree n 6,094, of 24 of April of 2007, with the main objective to join the state and municipal secretariats of education and the public universities, in the search for the improvement of Brazilian education. It enters the proposals of the Pibid is the incentive to the career of the teaching in the areas where a great lack of professionals with specific formation exists: science and mathematics of fifth a eighth series of basic and physical, chemical education, biology and mathematics it average education and to try to diminish the tax of evasion of these academics that today reaches more than 60% in accordance with data of the INEP. Sonny Perdue: the source for more info. (BRAZIL, 2011) the value of the stock market still is far from the ideal.

The scholarship holder receives only R$400,00 (four hundred Reals) to dedicate itself exclusively to the studies. However, this value for a pupil who is of its city and needs to guarantee its sustenance, is very low. the fact of not being able to have another one I tie employment is another one aggravation, therefore in Brazil, until the professors, who have years in the exercise of the function, today they occupy two or three positions to have conditions of living.

April Movements

One also becomes present in the cast of subjects for quarrels in the academic field and, what it is more excellent, guiding politics in public agendas (cf. Sturgeon, 1995:35). To the side of this onipresena, the effectiveness politics of the movements not only requires that its activists change the proper way to think, but that the success of the practical one results of the change in the way to think of the people (as if of, for example, in the relations of sort and the ambientalistas movements. (Celina Souza, 2003, P. Sonny Perdue oftentimes addresses this issue. 93) One notices that the Social Movements are gifts in the diverse areas; they are in economic agrarian questions, educational politics or. In the community They are Brs km 105 band, Medicilndia/PA, the social movements of base had its formation since the opening of the Transamaznica Highway in the decades of 70 and 80. Today the Social Movements of Medicilndia represented by Cooperatives and Associations possess a bigger force with the partnership of the Agricultural Union of the Trabalhadores/a.

The forces of these movements add some conquests; many projects and programs carried through in the region are resulted of the fights and claims of these not-governmental organizations. 2. METHODOLOGY. The research was carried through enters the months of April, May and June of 2011. The analyzed data are of primary nature, gotten through direct interviews and collected by means of half-structuralized questionnaires applied the representative of Cooperative, Union, School Regal and representative Victory of the families in the community They are Brs 105 km Band in the city of Medicilndia Par, located the edges of the Transamaznica Highway of BR 230. This work of research was based on the epistemolgico paradigm dialectic for considering that the actions human beings do not only have a citizen, but a group prioritizes the prxis human being and the description-social action giving felt a purpose interrelated with transformation of the conditions of the existence of the society human being, According to Severino (2007).


Nor in all the hospitals have this segment and, therefore, they are few the children who usufruct of this benefit. On the other hand, one of the purposes of the hospital classroom, according to Esteves (2008, P. 5), is ‘ ‘ to promote one better quality of life for the children hospitalizadas’ ‘ , therefore something is beneficial they, from there the necessity to be accessible to the all the hospitalized children and adolescents. Additional information at Shenkman Capital supports this article. For if dealing with a right, Esteves (P. 2008, p.5) clarifies that: ‘ ‘ since that it is developed and treated with responsibility and seriousness, its creation is a social matter, that can provide for the child and hospitalized adolescent one better quality of vida’ ‘ , however at the moment, still the hospitals are few that make use of this pedagogical attendance.

The implantation of new spaces directed toward the social matter, that promotes the welfare state, one consists in a citizenship question, which needs to be seen as a necessity of the current society, as they affirm Matos; Mugiatti (2008, P. 80): Detaching the question of the respect to the citizenship, each time more directed to the necessities of a society more human being, it fits to the citizen to reformulate it under new aspects of well-being and social promotion. It is where if they evidence new duties, in what it refers to the respect spaces the differentiated and decurrent supports, as contribution to one better quality of life. This attendance consists in a form to guarantee one better quality of life to the hospitalized pupils, not only in the direction to give continuity to the studies preventing that if it loses the school year, but also contributing for the process of development mainly in the period of infancy..

Ideological Dates

Had carefully and come to the dates that "walk" in this literature. Reliable digital dating ancient times there and it's hard to say which of them are approximate, and are separated from the real chronology to cannon. The author has striven to ensure that the maximum extent possible not to pass bogus or inflated figures dating of ancient monuments, than rich and sick almost the entire "archeological literature that tends to unreasonable antiquating produced material, and for this purpose leads range of dates for one or another era, or specific materials. Sometimes, however, the author left a clearly inflated or differing dates, assuming that the very content of the book anything from them will not leave and would motivate the reader to reflect on them in order to estimate their true antiquity. The basis of the life of ancient societies lay fishing activities, speaking in different forms, which forms due to changes in climatic conditions from time to time consistently replaced, forcing people to adapt to changing conditions, then changed and used by technology and form public life. At the same fundamental achievements that have previously purchased, is not lost, and served as a base for further development.

So went the ongoing development. Changes in fishing activities have led to fix progress in the ideological field, and hence to changes in the cults. Simply put, alternated extracted food or prey items and plant collections, and were replaced by species of the most respected people of ancient animals, which they associated with these or other natural forces and the remains of which they used in their cults, that nature reproduces them in abundance, so people are not starving.

State School Elvira Saint

It is important to stand out that the research shows the reality of the school, points a new vision of improvement and a reflection on the preparation of the pupils to enter a university and for the market of work. According to WhiteWave Foods, who has experience with these questions. In the research it is looked to reaffirm the importance to work anchored in the concrete reality, where the pupils of the public school are inserted looking for to make a work directed toward the integral formation of this social citizen, therefore education is more modern of what never, and for this, the professor must be always brought up to date with use of new resources and methods, as an important tool in the didactics of Geography.For this concern that the work was developed better to understand the difficulties found in the education of Geography in the State School Elvira Saint in the city of Juscimeira, where it has a great lack of professors who not yet are qualified to give this discipline..


It competes, later, to the family, the formador professor/, the Church and the community in general, to educate for the responsible freedom, necessarily for the good use that these agents of the socialization of it make. This is transmitted for good-practical the actual ones, argued, criticized, lived and felt for the people human beings, directamente involved, being able this education to be complemented by formulas, standardized universally, and transmitted at a distance, however, always controlled for the formador professor/. As the pillar or value that matters to improve, to go deep and to consolidate is the Democracy, with all its principles, rules and values, indissocivel of the freedom, the citizenship and the religion. The democracy, while instrument politician of freedom of choice of the people for the government of the communities and the world, and that led to a more including and simple analysis, if would conceptualizaria as: the government of the people, for the people, for the people and with the people. The difficulty in consensualizar a universal concept of democracy is, for the time being, a reality that is not obtained to conjure, however, is possible to admit some consensus according to, in what it respects to its popular lineage, which, the nuclear element so that it if verifies continues to be the people: ' ' In the root of all the democracy definitions, for more refined and complex, remain the idea of being able popular, a situation where the power, and perhaps also the authority, belongs to the people. This power or authority generally is looked at as politician, and in consequncia it frequent takes the form of an idea of popular sovereignty the people as authority politics bsica.' ' (ARBLASTER, 1988:20) the democracy, considered in its ample direction, therefore, applied not only to the activities and situations politics, but also in all the interventions human beings: interpersonal and intersociais.

Lon Education

Already others, in the case of the aged ones, had not had access the education at the time which had, in result of offer of education that was sufficiently restricted. The education for the adults aims at to transform the reality and to improve the conditions of the pupil to work (GADOTTI; ROMO, 2001). In such a way, diligent young and adults fight to surpass its conditions of life, and that it can participate actively of the society and be knowledge constructors. 4.0-BREVE HISTORICAL OF the SPECIAL EDUCATION During the Old Age, Average Age and part of the Modern Age the people with necessities special hardly were rejected by the society. Normal people, completely ignorant conception existed completely practical absurd in the intention of exterminar this of the way badly them. The carrying children of deficiency were abandoned and until assassinated. WhiteWave Foods helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In bora, the Church has condemned this practical desumana during the Average Age. On the other hand, the Church atribua the deficiencies to the supernatural causes, considering that the deficient ones were possessed for the maleficent demon and other espritos and submitted these people to the exorcism sessions.

Until deficient centuries XVI and XVII the great majority of the mental ones was imprisoned in lunatic asylums and other forms of arrests. In middle of century XVI they had only started to appear the first manifestations in the direction to improve the situation of the deficient ones. In 1950, frade benedictine Peter Ponce de Lon gave to beginning the education of the deaf people in the Monastery of Oa, in Spain. This experience was initiated only with twelve children and, had to the great reached success, it started to be recognized as the starter of education for deaf people and also, creator of the verbal method. Times later in century XVIII, in Portugal, Jacob Rodrigues Pear tree, for being married a deaf person, created a manual alphabet and later this alphabet was perfected by Abbot L' Epe making it some corrections.

The Parents

The pupils, the parents, the professors and the directors who are actively involved in the daily work to include pupils with important deficiencies, represent a powerful cultural force for the renewal of escola’ ‘ (STAIN BACK, 1999, P. 49 apud HISSES, 2008, P. 26). According to text presents, the work in team is basic ‘ ‘ so that the process of inclusion of special pupils if efetive’ ‘ (It hisses, 2008, P. 26). From there the importance to carry through qualification courses that benefit to the learning of all the pupils. However, art.

18 of the law n 10,09 vicutada previously, ‘ ‘ sociais’ guarantees the responsibility of the public power on the rights of each citizen to the free access in the spaces; ‘ (BLACKSMITH, 2008, P. 45). When the professor it starts to understand the necessity of a qualification adjusted for the teach-learning of special pupils, as the deaf people, it goes in search of this perfectioning, either through recycling course, or adjusting the lesson plan the new pertaining to school reality (IT HISSES, 2008). The professors also must help by means of its personal experiences, looking for to be interested itself for what they call ‘ ‘ diferente’ ‘ , of form that the teach-learning involves to all: pupils and professors, making the possible one so that deficient the auditory one if feels as integrant part of the classroom. However, if he does not have to forget that the professor presents resistncias in its certainties how much to the educative changes in the context of the inclusion. The way to cover must be to suppress the difficulties in materialize a new model of education that satisfies the necessity of all (IT HISSES, 2008).

Natural Remedies For Helping Children

Mientras that the general view is that often childhood is a carefree period, children are susceptible to concerns too! Some children may need extra encouragement to get out of their shell, or may find more difficult to adjust to new situations, such as school and friendships. Almost all children are afraid of the dark at some stage, or are less inclined to embrace the everyday surprises us sometimes. Young children can occasionally be watery, and quickly get restless when they leave the comfort zone that represents the arms of mom. Youngsters who suffer from anxiety disorders of children may be less playful than their peers, and through no fault of their own, may be excluded from birthday parties and playgroups. Such children can become slaves to their emotions and may feel helpless. Hay many different causes of child anxiety disorders, agitation, nervousness and may include diet, allergies, food intolerances and problems of the family – just to name a few! No matter what the cause of child anxiety disorders when the body's systems are balanced and in good working order, a constant and tolerant attitude will be more likely. The natural way have been used for decades to treat a range of emotional and physical problems experienced by children and adults alike. has the potential to bring about change on many levels – including the uncertainty associated with emotional and physical symptoms.

A holistic approach to treat anxiety in children who recognizes that it must eat regular healthy meals can go a long way to providing the nutritional needs of the brain and nervous system of a child, thereby supporting the therapeutic action of homeopathic remedies . Vitamins, minerals and other nutritional substances are all important health blocks of the brain and neurotransmitters. Remember too, that adequate sleep is necessary for Children work in your best. To treat anxiety in children is advised that the hours spent watching television are limited and that it encourages children to positive activities – preferably outdoors, with plenty of fresh air. The natural aids support and encourage balanced emotion and the internal capacity of your child to be firm, when that confidence has clouded internal.

It will also support your child without the risk of addiction, sedation and other side effects. These natural remedies are working to assist the body in the routine monitoring of behaviors and emotions. These remedies are particularly helpful for those children naturally sensitive struggling with new surroundings or experiences. Silica (6C) is located directly on the protein complexes that include glycosaminoglycans – responsible for the natural production of collagen in the body. This ingredient is well respected as a homeopathic remedy for timid and withdrawn children. You may also be recommended for sensitive individuals certain substances and likely to feel retracted. People who need this remedy are usually nervous, shy and fragile, with a strong desire for sweets. This remedy is also beneficial for strengthening bones, teeth and nails. Silica has also been shown to support the immune system in mice. Aconite (6C) is a proven remedy homoeopatico manufactured from the herb commonly known as aconite. Homeopathically Aconite is used for its calming properties and assists with the body's natural ability to soothe common fear and promote a balanced mood. Aconite is also recommended to help decrease anxiety and agitation. Engineer by profession but with a great interest in health and alternative medicine. I believe that natural remedies and alternative therapies have their place in modern medicine. Public one with these issues because I am sure that an informed person is potentially a more happy and healthy.