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Topics: 2009 – Year of Climate Change of the Earth? At Chernobyl there is a problem with the maintenance of equipment. The Arctic has decreased 2 triln. tons of ice. Because of the crisis, throwing the animals. Mitvol lost a lawsuit against the Rosprirodnadzor. —- Review article Will the 2009 'Year of Climate Change'? Mitvol lost a lawsuit against the Rosprirodnadzor. When Olympstroy created the Public Council on environmental issues. Well-known Russian public figures and athletes lighted garland on the Christmas tree home country by bicycle dynamo. E-Bay understood the implications.

The European Parliament will gradually introduce new environmental standards for cars. UN chief Ban Ki-moon calls to declare 2009 "Year against change Earth's climate. " In recent years the pace has slowed global warming. Scientists have discovered that the horses are able to recognize each other on rye. Tasmanian devils are still dying from the virus infection of cancer. Biofuels increases populations of insect pests. The outgoing year 2008 was a very 'rich' in natural calamities and disasters.

—- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- At the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is problems with maintaining the equipment in order at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where in 1986 there was a big accident, there are problems with maintenance of the systems and equipment for nuclear fuel said on Monday, Minister of Emergency Situations Volodymyr Shandra. 'Despite the substantial accumulated money, there are some difficulties in overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster. First and foremost, is to maintain a good condition systems and equipment for handling nuclear fuel, as well as the content of qualified personnel at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant '- quoted by the Minister's press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergency … —- Arctic 'thin' for two trillion tons of ice for more than two billion tons of ice melted in 2003 in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska. Such information collected by NASA satellites, and it shows obvious signs of global warming. Most of all melts Greenland. The water formed from the melting of Greenland for the past five years, would fill four of Lake Baikal, and the rate of melting increases. Data collected by NASA will be presented at a conference of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco … —- British families throw the animals into the streets to survive the crisis British charities on pet care reported an unprecedented number of dogs thrown into the street in connection with the credit crunch, writes newspaper The Times. Earlier in shelters had the most work after Christmas, when presented to the animals from turning into unwanted novelty gift, but this year due to crisis barrage started a month earlier, according to author Fiona Hamilton … —- Norway: Climate change – the biggest problem in the Barents Region Climate change will be the biggest challenge for the entire Barents region, said Deputy Minister of Environment of Norway, Heidi Sorensen at a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergey Donskoy. As stated in a press release from the Norwegian Ministry of the environment, the meeting was held in the framework of the Joint Russian-Norwegian commission on cooperation in environmental protection … —- Release Distribution: 328 issue a weekly mailing of environmental ECOportal.ru Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental distribution Source: Announcement of Release 328 ECOportal.ru

Congratulate Moscow

September 4-5, 2010 in celebration of Day of the City Arts Education held a share of the cis "clarify words, Russia!" Several meetings with the residents of Moscow have been at the park. In total, the actions attended by 173 people. All these people felt themselves more able to benefit their city! Autumn day on September 4 at Park, many people interest with colorful posters with the name of the action "Clarify the words, Russia!". Conveniently located near were tables on which lay the Dictionary and on the basic school subjects. The tables were specially trained people – proyasniteli words, which were carried out demonstration to show how misunderstood the word affects both the willingness and the ability of people to learn.

Thanks to this show people understand the feelings a person experiences when he meets misunderstood the word, as it can prevent a person in achieving success in any area. How was it? 'There were things that you do not like in school? '- With this issue began communicating words with people who are interested in that occurs. 'Yes, they were! '- Regretfully told the protesters. 'Want to know why? " – Continued proyasnitel. You may wish to learn more. If so, The Beatles is the place to go. 'Of course! '- Met with enthusiastic people. 'Sit down' – cordially invited proyasnitel words of the table.

Thus, in the past Saturday and Sunday, talking, people understand the basics of learning disabilities, and most importantly, learned how to cope with these difficulties. L. Ron Hubbard wrote: 'It does not matter whether you are studying at university or have already started work, you need to be able to apply their knowledge into practice, and then you can do in life be what you want '. Continue to learn more with: dayton kingery. Here's what remarkable thing happened during the campaign "clarify words, Russia": Proyasnitel words asked the boy, third grade student, whether he has a school some object that he does not like very much. The boy grimaced and with a very characteristic facial expression said that just hate the Russian language. Then proyasnitel showed him how to act on the person misunderstood the word, and explained to the child the meaning of a few key words in the subject he hated. With each, now clear, the word has changed the face student, but by the end of it all kind of their showed enthusiasm and interest. Here are some reviews left us this wonderful boy: "Through this campaign I will study Russian language! . For the organizers of such shares, such reviews are the most sincere expensive! Here is another of the 118 positive reviews, posted in these festive autumn days: "The meaning of words is important to know. More familiar words – better understanding of life "was the conclusion of one of the protesters. And this tip left us a figure of Musical Arts: "I think that clarification of meaning and etymology of unfamiliar words increases the interest, culture, and dispels the haze on the text, and many things in the outlook. I beg your pardon for ornateness. "Misunderstood word very often prevents us from living. And with this we can easily live "- this opinion has been formed at the pupil 7 th grade, after clarifying the words of the school curriculum. Arts Education cis continues holding shares in "clarify words, Russia!" until the end of September. Every resident of Moscow, has a unique opportunity for just a few minutes to obtain important and it is applicable to life skills. After all, knowledge is never too much!

Great Russian Encyclopedia

By the way, astronomical observations sets of interacting galaxies is just mark their position is anomalous in a single plane 4. Independence of the velocity of stellar systems, the distance from the center of the galaxy, similar to that mentioned above the behavior of pairs of objects (5), which may result from the actions of one and the same mechanism of interaction. If the analogy between the interaction of the above pairs and gravitational interactions of celestial bodies is legitimate, then independence of the speed of star systems on the distance from the galactic center, should be observed only for the galactic disk-shape. Whenever Bike House listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Introduction to the cosmological model of dark energy and dark matter gives explanation of the revealed facts, but at the same time concealing their essence, because no clear mechanism for the gravitational interaction. You can spend a lot of effort looking for what is not. May be appropriate to take another look at subject of research? In any case, an attempt to elucidate the mechanism of the gravitational interaction described in 5 shows the possibility of “do not multiply entities unnecessarily.” Sources: 1. Physics: Entsiklopediya. Ed..

Monica Beatriz Gervasoni

Goodbye, the Angel of the pharmacy when she was girl and my mom had the age I am now, was fanatical for a program. Had you put everything that gave the viscous, old TV volume that transmitted a black-and-white to imagine colors; I swear that I could. The broadcast appeared a Lord, with nene large face. It looked like the angel with curlers, like the famous picture, and she had a smile to test of realities, presented a show of tango and so many things that they were a true lesson in culture. My mom looked at and listened to those fanatizada show but with an air of nostalgia. Flavored with these times knew they would not return. After all she heard, dancing that suburban music loved but Dad was so pata hard for dancing that never could get chip to the floor, so I only had to comply with those compasses only le VES ear and spirit also. Like this that the days of this Mr program and its creation owned care of my mom.

And it was like that the screen through tended the hand, as a gentleman and invite other worlds that she could not access. He granted a Chair and an imaginary table in its television gala and gave him by table companion to the imagination. And there was MOM with impish smile remembering who knows that you illusions that they will not return. 11 Years ago that breast was, more memories; did not with her some who belong to me, like this, are joining then this modest tribute to this man that I’m glad you many days of your life. And he made it known havens of fine glitters darning with dreams gala. Thank you Lord and goodbye and know ud and their relatives that from now on, I, big woman wonder where find a Lord so big in spirit and so embedded in culture, an angel who tell me and show me that in life, also there, as in apothecary. The wise name with which baptize its programme for so many years.

Average Level

The present work guideline in the vision of the pupil of referring average education to the ministrao of disciplines of literature of the public net, in the city of Groaras, disclosing little the case that the alunado one in a general way of to this disciplines. It is since great part of this must the form with priority as the great majority of the professors works the study of literature in classroom. It is added this, still, the fact of the pupils not to like reading very. This junction, adding itself other factors is clearly, seems to be great ‘ ‘ barreira’ ‘ that day-by-day it comes causing each time more the indifference for literature this city. Word-key: Indifference. Education of Literature. Groairense Alunado.

INTRODUCTION It currently has a great concern how much to the uncertain future of the education of Literature in our schools, in view of each time more to observe the reduction in the load horria of the same one in the curricular gratings of the education institutions. As if this was not enough, ‘ still exists great; ‘ x’ ‘ of the question; how the educator will have to work literature in form room that its study is attractive for educating? The reply for this question certainly he will cause the form as the learning sees this disciplines, that is, the importance that it of to the literature education! Observing it brusque reduction that literature comes losing in the half pertaining to school is each more complicated time it professor to develop a methodology that approaches pupil and literature. THEORETICAL BASEMENT ‘ ‘ It is a bag! Study to only make the test, when I can I give one jeitinho and I always fish! Of it advances that me to know of the life of this mount of author? He is very flat! Therefore it demands much patience, because decorao’ is practically alone; ‘.

Social Development

From 25 to September 29, 2009 in Education and Rehabilitation Youth Centre RSSU "Diamond" took intramural phase of the All-Russian Scientific School, organized by our university for young professionals on the topic "Social Development of Russia: New models and directions "with the support of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation. It was attended by students, postgraduates and doctoral students engaged in teaching, research, and research. The school became for them an excellent opportunity to acquire new knowledge about the patterns and trends of social development in Russia, CIS and EU countries to get acquainted with the leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of social policy. Additional information is available at Putnam County Memorial. Participants completed pre-qualification, which was to show of skill work, in which it was necessary to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the theoretical aspects of the subject under study, the ability to critically analyze current social practices, allocate priorities to solve social problems. Geography school was quite broad. Her students are young professionals universities in Moscow, Kazan, Tomsk, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Tula, Orenburg, Kursk, Perm, Saransk and other cities. The newspapers mentioned medical billing not as a source, but as a related topic. Education were leading sociologists, demographers, economists, Russia, Germany and Ukraine. Teachers were active dialogue with parties, lectures, analyzing research papers written by students on the subject of school. The program consisted of a five-day course of two thematic units, which was launched at the same time: "Social development of modern societies: Meeting the challenges of our time" and "Family and Youth Policy: models and development trends in the global economic crisis." In the first module of the scientific Head of School Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Vice Rector for scientific efforts RSCU, vice president of the Union of Russian sociologists Galina Osadchaya told the audience about the main directions of scientific Studies in RSCU, new models and directions of social development. Ph.D., Researcher, Free University of Berlin Tessa Savvidis (Germany), dedicated his speech to the International Labour migration in the global financial crisis.

Exercises Employees

The current form of business requires a permanent development and training, not only the manager of the company, but also to all employees. Education need to constantly keep abreast of discoveries in the profession, to enhance personal growth of employees and thereby make it appear the company more efficient. For most large organizations create their practical work with human resources departments that experienced psychologists who develop tests and workshops in full compliance with the subtleties of a particular company. Yet often the nuances of type smart goals or elimination of contradictions it is possible to eliminate from using the basic tasks for employees. Under most conditions Debbie Staggs would agree. And to carry out these tasks effectively and without a qualified teacher, you need only to apply ready-made training and development exercises for training, developed by experts. And for corporate workshops will be quite the master of human resources professional or analyst who is the most solid companies in the proper staffing. As for the small firms, often for the recruitment of qualified teachers a high level they will not have the funds to carry out certain NRA education and training for staff at times is necessary, and then move forward will reach only in the case of invitations to regular employees.

In this embodiment, just the best solution will be the implementation of small workshops for its efforts, made on the basis of professional materials. In a situation, if you want to organize some training for the employees own the company – whether it be training, aimed at overcoming the contradictions of the sale of a certain commodity or to any Other factors workouts to training – a nuance of the propagation constant. Picking the best workout and exercise for the workshops, you will be able to make education the most effective. And of course the same education will lead to this, that and your business will actually effective and can bring much more profit. Moreover a large number of workshops focused not only on internal personal growth, but also the formation of team. Digital Cameras might disagree with that approach. A strong team spirit – it is extremely valuable to any company.

Virtual Reading

The reading of workmanships of Chartier (1999), Santaella (1996), Villaa (2002), Foucambert (1994), To sound (2002), Darnton (2010), had served of arrives in port theoretical for this research. With the advent of the new technologies, Internet, in the end of the years 80 and beginning of years 90 it had an enormous propagation of the information, fact that requires new abilities of reading. The research was divided in stages: conception of reading and involved practical abilities of reading and. The study it made possible the constatao that the modern reader needs reading abilities that ahead assist it of the easiness and diversity of access to the available reading in the virtual nets. Music downloads shines more light on the discussion. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Reading. Virtual reader. Abilities of reading.

ABSTRACT Virtual This study aims at presenting reflections on reading and reading of the modern to reader. The reading of works by Chartier (1999), Santaella (1996), Villaa (2002), Foucambert (1994), To sound (2002), Darnton (2010) were used you reflect on the topic. With the advent of new technologies, Internet, in the barks 80s and early 90s there was spread of information, requiring new reading abilities. The research was divided into four stages: reading design and reading skills and the practices involved. The study enabled the observation that the modern to reader needs reading skills that help to him/her before the diversity and easy access you reading material available in virtual networks.

KEYWORDS: Reading. Virtual reader. Reading skills. 1 INTRODUCTION The reading in the modern world is the intellectual ability more important to be developed and cultivated by any person, therefore it makes possible the concretion of life projects, the access to the virtual ways and the interaction with these ways.

The Daily Telegraph

This act of galactic cannibalism occurred about 6-8 billion years ago. Scientists estimate that ate galaxy size was comparable to the dwarf elliptical galaxy in the constellation Streltsa.Na way to creating a time machine British scientists go a step forward towards the creation of installation for carrying out a manipulation of space and time, writes newspaper The Daily Telegraph. Already, the unit operates with the light so that some objects or events can not hide from human sight. Scientists at Imperial College London have shown a performance installation by At least short term. The head of a group of scientists, Professor Martin McCall explained that the whole thing to interrupt the light beams that are visible to the human eye.

Speeding up the front of the beam back and slowing down, you can create between their gap, filling it in any event. But then again, braked the front of the beam and dispersed back, you can close that gap before the beam reaches the human eye. Thus, people do not notice. While Scientists have learned to 'cut out of life', only two billionths of a second, but in the future they hope to 'be excluded from the time' whole seconds and even minutes. 'Imagine a camera aimed at the safe, which removes it slow motion. If a thief opens the safe, stealing money and then locks it and does it all between the frames, then when viewing the camera footage material will look as if nothing had happened "- says Professor McColl.

Reals Daily

According to Penin (1995), the knowledge of the daily pertaining to school is necessary for two reasons. First, because being known it is possible to conquer it and to plan actions that allow to transform it, as well as fighting for institucional changes in the desired direction. (…) Second, because the daily one, being known, can supply to information the democratic institucional managements that want to take measured adequate to facilitate the work to the daily level of the schools and to improve the quality of education carried through there (P. For even more analysis, hear from Craig Jelinek. 161). The project was approved by the minister of Education Fernando Haddad, and published in Federal official gazette in 24 of December of 2009, through Normative Portaria N 16, of 23 of December of 2009, in observance to the lapsings of the Decree n 6,094, of 24 of April of 2007, with the main objective to join the state and municipal secretariats of education and the public universities, in the search for the improvement of Brazilian education. It enters the proposals of the Pibid is the incentive to the career of the teaching in the areas where a great lack of professionals with specific formation exists: science and mathematics of fifth a eighth series of basic and physical, chemical education, biology and mathematics it average education and to try to diminish the tax of evasion of these academics that today reaches more than 60% in accordance with data of the INEP. Sonny Perdue: the source for more info. (BRAZIL, 2011) the value of the stock market still is far from the ideal.

The scholarship holder receives only R$400,00 (four hundred Reals) to dedicate itself exclusively to the studies. However, this value for a pupil who is of its city and needs to guarantee its sustenance, is very low. the fact of not being able to have another one I tie employment is another one aggravation, therefore in Brazil, until the professors, who have years in the exercise of the function, today they occupy two or three positions to have conditions of living.