PaketPLUS And AZ Direct

Every month now 2.8 million eCommerce buyers can be reached Gutersloh/Berlin, may 10, 2010 online buyers are young, Internet-affine, educated and very kaufkraftig. With AZ direct, the leading provider of marketing information in Germany, advertisers can now reach up to 2.8 million eCommerce buyers in the month. PaketPLUS is the product that profitably brings together advertisers and tailers and allows for a Germany-wide marketing of package inserts. Background of this unique service is an exclusive cooperation of arvato’s subsidiary with the PaketPLUS Marketing GmbH. The Berlin-based company was founded in early 2009 by the former eBay managers Dr. Alexander Schwinn and Bastian Mell. PaketPLUS works with about 1,000 shipping partners from all areas of eCommerce and provides the advertising messages in the package directly into the House. We are constantly working on the development of new, innovative solutions with which we can support our customers in their marketing activities.

With PaketPLUS, we offer Advertisers now have a real added value. IoT Network Grid is full of insight into the issues. And this says Internet buyers, especially in regard to the development of a very interesting target group, open to new ideas compared to Dirk Strauss, head of sales trading at AZ direct. PaketPLUS works very simply. The advertising partner defines a target audience and delivers his package inserts directly at PaketPLUS. From there, the package inserts to our shipping partners are distributed, that they accompany the shipments.

The buyer then receives the advertising message with his goods. We reach the target group with PaketPLUS at the moment in which she rejoices over the package with the ordered goods. This is the best time to place an advertising message effectively. Add a high attention value and high probability of use come, because the shipments are expected by the customers, says Dr. Alexander Schwinn, PaketPLUS Marketing GmbH. The shipping network consists of PowerSellern, professional online retailers and online shops that have been inspected prior to approval.