Public Education Centres

Being in education after countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Greece or Slovakia is not to boast. Quite the opposite. A place that according to the children’s schools Nemomarlin () could prevent and improve if the educational cycle individuals would not be in its full context. And that means tackling the problem from its base: early childhood education. For more information see snoring mouthpiece. The problem is that in Spain the education system public that ranges from 0 to 6 years, a stage that is essential in the formation of the future citizen and therefore value that can add and return to the society, is not the most appropriate nor is at the height of the social demands that must be resolved, highlights Hector Diaz Reimondez, Counsellor Delegado de Nemomarlin. So Nemomarlin things raises a question: how is explained that an important educational stage for human beings is not developed in the public system from a holistic perspective and not enhance an education in values from the first stage? For this national network of nursery schools, the answer is clear. The free training that must strive to develop physical, affective, social and intellectually not compliant with this function as it should.

In fact the Ministry of education indicates that schooling at this age is not compulsory so that only offer partial and sporadic solutions to a need to increasingly clearer by society, adds Hector Diaz Reimondez, Counsellor Delegado de Nemomarlin. In recent months, docosahexaenoic has been very successful. To this must be added the educational gap between private and public centres. While the first tends to give assistance to children (take care of them) in the seconds it goes far beyond and pedagogical models are always put into practice more innovative and useful for the development of children at this stage of life. This ensures a personalized attention and a few more formed small. An example of this are the English classes for babies from four months, full Ana Gamo, psychologist specializing in early warning of Nemomarlin.