Travelling The World

What time is it? I’m sure that everyone played well you respond to that phrase interrogative or ask a Alguena. Finding the answer to that question so common is not so easy. Concerning this question for nearly 450 years passed a mistake that many people worried. After almost three years he traveled in a ship the first expedition around the world. The issue in question was addressed by Magellan died during the voyage. a The journey undertaken five ships of which only the ship a Victoria returned to the city of Seville on September 6, 1522. On this boat returned only 18 people, weak, sick and thin as skeletons.

It should be noted that the trip was undertaken by 258 people. a Immediately from the boat carrying 18 people lit candles above, reeling from weakness, he went to the cathedral of Seville to ask God for forgiveness of sins that had been made unintentionally during the long trip. What sins have been committed? to walk back the sailors of the ship a Victoria landed on the islands of Cape Verde for provisions and water reserves, they realized that time in the islands was Thursday, but the a Victoria according to the Logbook was Wednesday. The day the Victoria a landfall in Seville was no doubt that the Journal-Board had erred in one day. They had left a day without counting. to be that the sailors had entered all the religious festivities a day early, so that everyone in the church asking God’s forgiveness for their sins. a For oddly enough then the sailors were not wrong, since in the Logbook all dates were mentioned. Where was the mistake? a The Earth turns a full circle from west to east over a period of 24 hours.

Sailors of the a Victoria traveled opposite direction, ie from East to West. The three consecutive years, which lasted navigation, a the victoria gave a complete revolution around the Earth, but in the opposite direction that moves the world. Thus, during the three years they walked around than our planet, and that was the day that they lacked. a If the expedition had made the trip in the same direction as Earth rotates, that is, from west to east, had gone the other way around, that is, they’d been around more than Earth. a When distances are small, do not take into account the time difference, since this is small. But keep an eye makes us put time and clock. For example, at 12 pm on December 31 sent a message by email from the city of Vladivostok to Moscow, the message will be received in the capital to Lhasa 7 pm on December 31. On 26 August this year I made the trip to Nicaragua, where I spent 25 days. Visit many attractive places, tourist attractions, among which were the Masaya volcano, zoo. To mark this I mounted the web.