The Interactions

Then, the author observes that this configurante character of narrative brought to the first plan in detriment of the episdico, only character taken in account for the historians of the Annales. For the French philosopher, the form narrative acts as one ‘ ‘ instrument cognitivo’ ‘ , then, it will raise a problem that will torment the philosophy of history, that is, which would be the difference of history and fiction, if both tell? In the classic reply, only history tells what, effectively, it happened, not obstante, does not seem contained in the idea of that the form narrative has while such a cognitiva function. I detach, also, the notion of Ricoeur in relation the scale games when it is said that nor micron-history, nor neither macro-history operates continuously in one same only scale. Certainly, micron-history privileges the level of the interactions in the scale of a village, of a group of individuals and families; it is in this level that if uncurls negotiations and conflicts (.) the debate on the exemplaridade of these lived local histories to the reverse speed-do-soil estimate the imbricao the small history in the great history; in this direction, micron-history does not leave of if pointing out in a passage of scale change that it narrativiza while it walks. Selim Bassoul brings even more insight to the discussion. (RICOEUR, 2007:257) From these consideraes, I intend to advance the debate to understand as ‘ occurred; ‘ renaissance of narrativa’ ‘ when a group of Italian historians to the same generation, for return of 1970, ‘ ‘ of a life to a common project that after some time was called micron-histria’ ‘ (RASP, 2006:9).

European Space Agency

Electronic addresses of space agencies as China National Space Administration (, Canadian Space Agency (, Rosaviakosmos (, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (, Brazilian Space Agency ( and European Space Agency ( t) also had been consulted and explored. HISTORY the Chinese program of space exploration had beginning in 1956. At the time the cooperation in science, space technology and development of rockets of the communist government of China with then the Soviet Union allowed the birth of the Chinese space program (ASTRONAUTIX, 2010a). In the decade of 1950 a cordial existed relation enters the governments of China and the Soviet Union, being that this nation repassed technology to that one. Frequently David A. Wagner has said that publicly. By means of this program of technological transference, Chinese students had been trained and had learned to construct archetypes of rockets of little complexity. At the same time the Chinese scientist Qian Xuesen, who worked in the United States, engaged in the project of construction of the first rockets Americans, were banish from that country, for order of then president Dwight Eisenhower. The reason that led to the expulsion of the scientist was an accusation never proven of that the same &#039 was one part; ' cell comunista' ' (SCIENCE AND LIFE, 2010).

Xuesen was received by Pequim, that returned to the United States hundreds of prisoners made during the War of Korea. Xuesen was received as hero in Shenzhen, in the border with Hong Kong. Possessor of valorosos knowledge, it had access the half sufficients to create the Fifth Academy of the Ministry of the National Defense, that developed a series of missiles. The Ocidente lost a genius in the technique of the construction of rockets and still it municiava then the enemy Communists. Qian Xuesen would pass to be considered the father of the Chinese space program (BROWN, 2008). In 1956 the scientist considered and got support of the government of Hand Tse Tung for a pioneering program of ballistic missiles, of which if she became director.

Amazonian Cultural Question

Worried about the wild and annihilating capitalist interests, the Brazilian government created the Legal Amaznia, that was created to legitimize the sovereignty of Brazil on the portion of the forest that fits in them. So that if it can understand better, a little to the sprouting come back of the legitimation of the Legal Amaznia. With the end of the cycle of the rubber in the first decades of century 20, the region came back to the economic isolation. In the attempt to revert the situation, some measures had been adopted. In 1953, in as the mandate of president Getlio Vargas, the term appeared Legal Amaznia. The Legal Amaznia account with nine states: Amazon, Amap, Par, Roraima, Rondnia, Acre and parts of the Maranho, Mato Grosso great projects of the region. The model stimulated the construction of great plants hydroelectric plants as Tucuru, the implantation of the Carajs polar region of mineral exploration, where the Company was installed Valley of the River Candy; beyond perpetual the unfinished Transamaznica highway. The military government also initiated> Ocupar not to deliver, stimulating the setting of colonists in some regions as then the territory of Rondnia, throughout the Transamaznica and of the Belm-Brasilia highway; the first access saw terrestrial of the Brazilian territory for the city that was called Vestibule of the Amaznia.

By the way, the construction of Belm-Brasilia made the population of the paraense capital to triple in few years. The politics of the military showed disastrous in some aspects. The ambient impact of the hydroelectric plant of Tucuru, for example, provoked a malaria epidemic around, beyond banishing the fauna and flora in the 2,875 km. This because only 10% of the bush had been removed and had the remanejamento of only 1% of the animal population that lived in the place. How much to the project of settling of the highways, it finished leaving much people in situation of extreme poverty, because of the lack of more effective governmental support. The Sudam finished after being extinct in a 2001 series of> ADA.

In August of 2003 president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, recriou the Supervision of Development of the Amaznia SUDAM, in the year of implantation of the SUDAM, the Agency of Development was extinct. Although the efforts of the federal government, the difficulties of protection of the sovereignty in the border north of the country still persist and the necessities of the Amazonian population are relegated as the plain one; already it is hour to attempt against for this problematic one respecting the space and the traditions of the people. REFERENCES GADELHA, Regina Fonseca Maria. Conquest and Occupation of the Amaznia: The border North of Brazil. Advanced studies, So Paulo, v. 16, N. 45, 2002. LOUREIRO, Joo of Jesus Breads. The Amazonian Cultural Question. In: Par. State secretary of Education. Amazonian studies and Problems: Social history e> economic and subjects special. 2 ed. Belm: CEJUP, P. 177-194, 1992. SCHMITZ, Heribert. The Transistion of Itinerante Agriculture in the Amaznia for New Systems. Summaries of II the Brazilian Congress of the Agroecologia. Brazilian magazine of Agroecologia, v. 2, Rio Grande Do Sul, 2007. SON, Meirelles Joo. The native peoples of the Amaznia. In: The gold book of the Amaznia. Ediouro. Rio De Janeiro, 2004. OLIVEIRA, Bernadete Castro, All day is day of indian. In: The Disclosed Amaznia: The embezzlements of the BR-163. CNPQ. Brasilia, 2005. HUNTER, Benedict, History of Par. In: Society and Culture of Par. Publishing company Amaznia, 2005.

Village Construction

Practically nothing it existed before 1970, everything it sped up from now on, tractors, fertilizers, was the factors that had allowed agriculture in lands in its bigger part opened for the cattle one. The myth deforestation of the Amaznia, is a myth, therefore the Brothers Village Wolf are witnesses, had been the first sertanistas to cross the Araguaia and to direct in direction to the Xingu, passing for the Xavantes in the river of the deaths, and them can certify that nor all age weeds, to a large extent the open pasture is poor of map, having small thin, distant trees one of the others, as the African savannahs, with capim native, where animal Sylvesters graze, with the deer, pigs, etc. Had been the pecuaristas, who first pastejaram bovine, in these native open pasture grass, had not had necessity initiate to deforest, therefore the paid natives were enough for the cattle in that economy initial. Thus I can affirm without being geologist, agronomist, but self-taught, for walked and trips, more than 20 from 1982, that the Amazon region that initiates next the State to So Paulo, Mining Triangle, Mato Grosso of the South, are arenaceous lands of arenitos, being that in arenaceous the very propitious one for the cattle one, agriculture, and in the arenitos (chapades) agriculture, segundando for the cattle one. Biggest the productivity of the farming in Brazil, has been in the closed regions of in Central Brazil. In year 2000, the paranaense that only planted farming in land of clay, or massap, for the scarcity, they had reached in the region the northwest of the Paran a white sand region still abandoned, and if they had surprised at the result of that mechanization, as well as the production, and costs, all the factors had been positive and contributed for the profit. It is good that if it says, that agriculture with technology, comes improving lands, with curve of level, rotation of culture, what the land enriches, making with that a field of arenaceous land sandstone, in more or less 10 years of work if becomes land of culture known old, that is clay land or massap.

Hispanic America

1989 Operation to remove the GAL. Noriega of the power in Panama. 1991 Gulf War against Iraq after the invasion of the Kuwait. 1992 Sending of military forces the Somlia. 1994-1995 Attack to Yugoslavia against politics of ethnic cleanness. 1998 aerial Attacks the terrorist targets in the Afeganisto and to Sudan. 1999 Bombings together with NATO against Serbian in the Kosovo.

2001-2002 Invasion of the Afeganisto in the search for Osama Bin Laden. 2003 to the current days War against and Iraq and permanence for ‘ ‘ process of paz’ ‘ in the region. During the beginning of century XX, apparent tranquillity economic politics and in the peripheral countries of U.S.A., it creates a certain calm (not to be for the attempt of blow in Nicaragua). In this period the influence of U.S.A. in America has a growth> extraordinary.

With this it also has its economic growth and politician in the region. From this British hegemony in addition in this region, the space for the entrance of U.S.A. in this new world-wide scene confides. With this growth of the American power in Americas, some nations had started to search resistance to this interventionist form of U.S.A. The introduction of values of this ' ' american way' ' , already it started to cause rupture in the external politics of this country with the other countries of America (mainly of Hispanic America). This if aggravates with the economic crisis of the years of 1920. The 1929 crisis, not only reaches in full U.S.A., as well as all Latin America. With the aggravation of the crisis in the years of 1930, the world if broke up and arises each time plus one strong world-wide depression. In this period U.S.A. ' ' New Deal' ' , that it was a series of programs social politicians and, to extinguish the impacts that the strong depression caused in the American economy.

Communist Party

In 1991 the plebiscite for emancipation of city having 99.5% of the voters was carried through supported this movement, that if materialize the same in year. The area of the city of Is Domingos was desmembrada of the city of Is Joo of the Araguaia. Raised to the category of city with the denomination of They are Domingos of the Araguaia, for the state law n 5706, of 27-12-1991 and today it counts on a population of approximately 26000 inhabitants, possessing a 1398,559 area of km. Historical prominence of the city of Is Domingos of the Araguaia was ' ' Guerrilla of the Araguaia' ' , fight armed initiated for the military of the Communist Party of Brazil against the military and suffocated regimen between 1972 and 1974 for the Army. It at the time had death and disappearance of inhabitants, the example of what it happened with the groups of civil guerrillas whom if they had installed in some towns, with Good Jesus and Village Half, where if they presented as agriculturists or traders. The military had practised acts of violence against the population, kept in the memory of the inhabitants oldest. With the democratic reopening he only is that the national population took knowledge of these facts, exactly thus, superficially.

He is exactly to understand this process historical where the historical agents can recognize themselves in the process and perceive themselves as agent of transformation of the effective reality. The migratory movement continues strong until the present, being that many people if install in the region temporarily as well as happened at the time of the extrativismo of the chestnut, works with wood, pans and construction of the BR Transamaznica. I capitulate the 2. 2,0 Local education of History in Basic Ensino of the city of Are Domingos of the Araguaia. To if coming across with the level of learning of History of the pupils of the average education of the only state school that it offers this modality of education in the city of They are Domingos of the Araguaia, the EEEM? Elza teacher Maria Correa Dantas, I set to ask which to it would be the causes of so great difficulty of the pupils in interpreting, to understand and if to interest for discipline and as almost nobody knows or simply it ignores the origins and Local History.

Club Times

It is clearly that somebody could catch the Jeep and go for the beach, in whose day the only risk was to cross rivers and streams without raft, or on rafts of coconut palm, when the canals were deep for effect of one season rainy. Exceeded dunes highest, the long descending was not plain e, for the opposite, until a carries of the Club, the car went up and went down mini-slopes without end, all of sand, and making dirty the hair of who it travelled in jeep without cowling. All the scene now was much more arenaceous that forest, and had great extensions of virgin land exactly and desert-like, where the ventanias bombed canelas of who faced them the foot and without long boots. Not story the times that vi cars of ox with the axles broken go up-and-go down of it, wagons with its owners resting under and cars without traction (rare times) pulled by agricultural jeeps and to come back to the urban zone. The surrounded one of the Club was all wooden in the front and of barbed wire in the deep laterals and, and the position where ' ' palco of atiradores' ' it was installed was of most necessary for the practical one of ' ' Fossa Olmpica' ' (' ' shot to prato' '), as if an aviation engineer had taught on direction of the wind, caimento of the maresia, time of escape in days of rain and safe distance for the bore of the rifles, that at the time went of one 36 (two pipes) up to one 12, that it could be of a pipe or two (I spoke? safe distance? because, even so distant of the city, time for another one adventurers went there for swimmers, he measures the fishing natives who from there took off its sustenance: we ourselves, who almost always we went down to the sea to take bath, we feel many times small meeting of our skin with light chumbinhos, of that the wind did not have soldier on barrack duty to arrive until a beach, in days of shot championship).

Sousa Rivers

The necessary memory dosindivduos to be preserved, when we initiate our colloquies eramcomuns you say in them of our narrators, expressions of the type, ‘ not if today fazmais isso’ , ‘ in our time he was assim’ , make reference to reference its time outrapoca, is as if in the gift it was not its time, would be the time of maisjovens, the memory is in constant adaptation to the moments, let us see quePortelli says in them regarding this subject. So that the accountant if recoups of tempoe if he puts into motion for front in the time, the necessary story to be preserved. This seaplica in such a way to the individual narratives how much to the collective ones: one also applies aosmitos that mold the identity of a group, as much how much to the memories pessoaisque molds the identity of the individual. 3 the time paranossos narrative at some moments is in something distant, that it cannot seralcanado, distanciado, ‘ it is the time of the myth of the story of fadas’ 4. The narrativasno is invariant, therefore as the narrator is in constant experiences with opresente acquired new possibilities, new aspects is placed in the suasnarrativas, new elements are incorporated its histories. A person to deveter counted its entire life, in a short and direct narrative, but is diferentede to seat one afternoon and being inquired for somebody with a recorder the contarhistrias, of its life, infancy, the tone of the narrative normally will be another one. Narrativassobre stories, lobisomem, saci, caiporas, botijas and other assombraes dasguas do not find a time determined, in some histories as of serperseguido for one they lobisomem its Dion if it remembers the dark night of fifth prasexta, in that beginning of winter, but it does not remember the year, however suanarrativa it goes if transforming into something real in its image that it creates dahistria, knia Sousa Rivers in its article ‘ It dries in the shortcuts of oralidade’ nosmostra as the narratives the past in the voice of narrador.

American Experience Albert Brisbane

Origins of the Socialism the author initiates citing the ideas of Graco Babeuf, militant of French revolution that established the Society of the Equal ones (1795); its iderio speaks of the end of the private property and the comunizao of the society; its ideas had scared the Directory; it was guillotine in 1797 with more 30 followers (78,79). But the socialist iderio of century XIX retraces to the Conde de Saint-Simon; it fought in the American Revolution but he was remained far from the events of the French Revolution; it travelled for the Europe and it studied diverse sciences. From 1802 it started to write defending the formation of a society based on the meritocracia and focada in helping the classrooms poor. It died in the misery, 1825 (85). In the death stream bed it foresaw the formation of a party of workers. After that it describes the communities created for Charles Fourier and Robert Owen, two humanists disillusioned with the liberal society.

Fourier remained in the field of the ideas, its project was not materialize and it died in 1837. Owen created a community with the workers of a cotonifcio managed for it. Its radical speech (against the property private, the religion and the marriage) caused violent reactions. In 1826 a community in the United States created, that lasted 3 years. Other communitarian attempts in England and Ireland had finished with its money. Some time in the cartista syndical movement militated, without success.

It died in 1858. The American Experience Albert Brisbane, disciple of Fourier, created in U.S.A. known communities as falanstrios; this movement is part of the religious and social utopias that if would spread for the American west in this period. It includes communities as of the icarianos, that last of 1848 the 1895, and until the Oneida Community, of John Humphrey Noyes, active between 1847 and 1879; Noyes if became famous more for the ideas of open marriage and natural control of the natality of what for the iderio of social reform.

Majority Act

One more time to the private side of the royalty sacralidade conferred it. (SCHWARCZ, p 64,2007). The regency finishes for pressures of the Carioca elite, and, evidently, for Liberal that they longed for to stop the reforms promoted for Arajo Rasp, the last one regent, who was conservative and promoted one politics regressionista, abolishing the relative autonomy that the provinces had conquered. The Congress, then, promotes ' ' Majority of the Imperador' ' , assuming, to the 14 years, as Peter II, in 23 of July of 1840. These elites had perceived the importance to promote the majority of future emperor Peter de Alcntara, who for the law not yet could exert the position. All really she started, when the acceptance of the call occurred additional Act in 1834, text of 25 articles, of Liberal matrix that took care of to some claims, even so of cautious form. The Regency that was Trina capsized Joins, preventing the conflicts in the command and the games of interest. The Additional Act dissolved the Advice of State, created provincial state legislatures – what it provided more autonomy for the Provinces.

Although the additional act represented a factor of conciliation between the forces divergent politics, the contradiction was latent, therefore, at the same time where if politics considered to the centralization in hands of an only regent, gave considerable autonomy to the provinces. In the case of the regency it joins of Arajo Rasp, the Additional Act was I coat in way to ' ' Conservadora&#039 restoration; ' , instituting it interpretativa Law of the Additional Act, which revoked some of the aspects more federalists of the Act, as the police, administrative and legal administration of the Provinces. In the end of the twenty fifth article, it appears the word that serves of base for the blow ' ' In the case of doubt on the intelligence of some article of this reform, to the central Legislative it competes interprets-lo' '.