Women Give

If we go into the room, it is better to deploy the flowers in the hallway and there is packing to leave. Do not make expensive gifts. This is inconvenient and indelicate. Such a gift and you are forcing you to give something of value that does not always coincide with the possibilities of your friends. Expensive gifts are given only to family members and the people closest.

When something very good gift considered things related or embroidered with his own. Now this custom has almost disappeared, and pity. And if you can tie your friend warm gloves, a sports cap or a beautiful scarf, get a great gift. Often Women give men ties, unable to properly assess and collect this important detail man's wardrobe. However, when men buy their girlfriends lipstick, this is often also no good for turns out Not advised to give all possible creatures, without first making sure of wanting such a gift. Think about what would happen to the puppy, kitten, hamster or a parrot, if the future owner of nowhere to keep him or simply do not have such desire No need to give prints or paintings, if you do not really know the taste of the person to whom they are giving. Follow others, such as Secretary of Agriculture, and add to your knowledge base. "Original>> gifts such as antiques unknown destination or plaster cat piggy bank can only give collectors enthusiasts. Not advise to give items that have long been lying in your closet, but still "just as new>>. If they are not useful, they probably do not need anyone.

Mothers Helping Kids

Today we want to congratulate all the Mothers of the department that we can read in the closest or remote locations. To all who have fulfilled the mission that God, nature and life has given them to be generators and disseminators of life, we extend the most sincere congratulations. We hope that the Almighty bless and great joy in each of the hours of its existence. Mothers applaud his words conveyed to us to conquer the world. Also those with the tenderness of his touch taught us to be good people always dedicated to proceed with integrity, honesty, love and dedication to service for our neighbors.

Congratulations to those from the edge of his anxiety got the strength to break and had not left the minds on and the value available for boost from the hours of our childhood to those who undertook the quest to conquer our dreams on their own. Congratulations to those who, from her breasts they gave us to drink the sap the strength to assume courage each of the challenges of the times through which we traveled steadily. Congratulations to these loving mothers passing the dusty streets of our cities offering the fruit of the land or resources of the sea stood the test of sun and wind with the sole intention of carving in this worthy and promising future they want for their protect young children whom the unwavering love that women of our land will give your descendants know. Congratulations to the good and generous Mother in the wrinkles on his face keep the secrets of wisdom and in the folds of his memory stay the tradition of a strong race and D solid principles with which it was able to leave from the port of firm hope and lead us still and turbulent waters to the destination where we are to meet our desired future. Congratulations to the mothers whose calloused hands will show the world its capacity for work and the power of the seed of illusion.

Congratulations to all mothers who have left their footprints in the path of history and in the hearts of their children in society and people. Congratulations to those who have watched in the days of uncertainty and led to our body and soul with the balm which has eased our pain and disease. To all of them a word of gratitude, a voice of encouragement, a perpetual memory, and above all, a special recognition deserved, from the depths of our sincere heart. Congratulations to those who believe in the innocence of their children even if the finger of injustice the point, the accused and the judge. A who are the first up when the sun rises just at dawn and work even when the shadows of the night indicate that it is time for rest. Congratulations to those who continue at the foot of the cross, shedding tears of pain in the last hour when the wind roars menacingly and the earth trembles and the heavens seem to subside. Congratulations to those from the home and at work building a new and better world for all mankind.

Lie Tremendous Liberation Theology

I read an article in clubs, where the author speaks of theology of liberation from a perspective that from my humble point of view this wrong. With all due respect Maria Cecilia Valecillos it deserves, I say that we can do such radical judgments although we have certain criteria of valid judgments from our personal perspective. I don’t think personally that the liberation theology of a failure, though there have been failures and disappointments that we live in past decades. The theology of liberation, is the great contribution made from our reality as Latin American believers, she transcends even to many of its creators or rather sistematizadores, because the true creator of the theology of liberation is the people, the communities. Sad is that the theology of liberation is judged by an author out of the pages of The Economist, visible expression of the economic right. To be able to analyze the reunion with the Church. It is imperative to find us from a real religious epistemology with the concept of Church and ecclesial reunion with that Church. We do not confine ourselves to the reductionism of a right economists who make a bad attempt of theologians. I would like to ask Maria Cecilia Valecillos if today the liberation theology can catalog failure when so many people died and are dying for this option for the poor that has led to the total delivery on the other with the other? The theology of liberation is more than theologians of liberation and their religions. Then I would say, that the effort of many people in our own country that we have remained faithful to our principles and liberating values and firm and we have fully identified with the ideals of this revolution, not worthwhile because the guys economist, the Chicago and Boston Boys, or circles of intellectuals of right decide to make a call to reunite with an image or fantasy of Churchthat they have been built since its economic tenets.

Emergency Opening

Why change a secret lock? Need for this service does not occur so often, but sometimes so urgent that even cry. If you like while walking the dog "barsetochnikov" or other bad people stealing your keys – do not rely on "maybe blow over, it can cost you. Recode lever locks in the apartment, change urgently cylinders in the locks, experienced professionals will help you do it as soon as possible. If the crooks can calculate the location of your residence, it is sufficient it is likely that will come to you "guests" in your absence and without remainder will clean your apartment or house or cottage. Almost any lock can be recoded without losing its main features – high security. But there are other cases where the "professionals" from a nearby tent promise you the same thing, but locking subsequently opened the first available key. Do not trust the keys at random and strangers, do not leave in plain sight, a professional high-level code can be considered visually and then make a copy.

Be careful and you will avoid unnecessary problems side. The procedure for emergency opening of locks, doors, safes, avtomobiley.My working on high-precision professional machines made in Italy, Spain and Israel. Availability in our stock over 3500 types of blanks – allows us to make virtually any key to your home, office, intercom, car, safe deposit box, mailbox, airplane, boat, tractor, etc. Questions answered our editorial director of the emergency service "svitu KLYUCHV" Gubsky Yuri: If you received a call for what time your experts for emergency opening of locks can drive up and solve the problem: Flat, safe, avtomobil.V depending on the degree of employment and to download and roads – the arrival within 30-50 minutes anywhere city. (Check out the city separately negotiated with the client). Castle Apartments – 5 min.

1 hour, depending on the castle and its condition; safes – 5 min.


Develop an efficient financial system. Enrich your personal financial indicators of leadership so that you can learn what resources you have, how much you spend what you have goals and how to plan to attain them. Question mudrostiPosle review work, family time and money, as well as ways to assess the efficiency, optimization and navigation in each area, a break and look at them as complete system of life. As work, family, money and time relate to each other and create everyday questions about life balance, such as: whether to stay after work to finish a project, do a new work; to pay for a nursing home for their parents or take them home, or whether to stay at home with a newborn baby. To these questions can not be answered using the approach 'balanced weights. Perceived imbalance in fact represents an inconsistency with the principles, the best way of making decisions about this daily dynamic equilibrium – is the use of wisdom, or navigatorskogo mind. Wisdom – the ability to make choices, creating positive effects that we want in our lives.

In each of these areas, balance is important to always refer to the three constituent parts of wisdom: – Value principles. – Evaluate your experience. – Involve the inspiration. Effectiveness of all these attributes of wisdom rises alone, so it's important to choose a time when quiet and nobody prevents you to be able to increase their communication with immortal truths, knowledge and inspiration. Most importantly – the nature of final factor that allows to implement this dynamic balance, is the character. It's the difference between knowing that yields positive results, and its implementation. Many people know what to do to improve its financial position or does not waste his time, but they are slow with this or leads in the direction of the path that seems to them easier. Solution that you take to do what's important and not something that just immediately makes your character stronger. Nature is tempered in the difficulties of everyday life.