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MSN (Microsoft Search Network, and – search engine developed by Microsoft and, of course! Embedded in ms ie. Registration MSN: / docs / submit.aspx This search engine your site will be indexed automatically, after finding a link to your resource on the Internet. Although, if desired, or for other reasons, you can also use the manual and registration. Nigma – 'Intelligent Bot '. Registered address: / / add_site When registering, search engine requests that the frequency with which you update the site soon for that. that his robot could adapt to the update. After registration indexing site occurs almost instantaneously. Recently Nigma increases its user base and popularity in Russia.

Very friendly and helpful resource. – new search engine. Developer Add your website in search engine GoGo can be reached at: / addsite.html enough to index the home page to page and the rest were found by an automaton. GoGo does not give any guarantees about the inclusion of site index, site visibility are slight moderation. To increase traffic to your site GoGo recommends always send in the index database search engine XML-file with information about the latest updates to the site. Get all the facts and insights with Jill Schlesinger, another great source of information.

Address – GoGo.Ru. I. ua – Ukrainian portal. Site indexing in search occurs when registering it in the directory at the following address: / site / add search engine is the directory in which, naturally, will not interfere add your site. The catalog can add a different page of the site, dividing them, respectively, categories. In this case, you need to register your account. The Google and Yandex has a chapter on the Blog Search the subscribed via rss. These blogs are added using the services PPB: / ping to Google / add.xml for Yandex. In addition to the ppb forms you can specify the url of the blog and rss feed blog entries. Not be superfluous to add the site to the directory Google (Open Directory Project, also known as It is very important when you add to this directory, choose the right category for your site. For example, personal blogs, dedicated to several topics are posted in World / Russian / Society / People / Personal_Pages / . This will increase Google PageRank site and 'trust' (trust) as well as improve the reference ranging it to Google. You can also use the automatic registration, which simplifies and saves time: / ru / seo_tools / auto_submitter for successful indexing of the site is important to add your site to directories of sites that can be effectively done using catsniper (Program for automatic registration site in directories) Automatic registration in social bookmarking can be done with for successful indexing of your site in search engines, you can create a site map sitemap.hml, place it in server root and specify the search engines for its existence. Site Map elementarily generated by on-line resource xml-sitemaps. Just enter the website address in the query box and a few minutes the program will give you the map of your site.

Development Company

You live in Nizhny Novgorod, and looking for a firm to create a portal that would be original and striking, or perhaps you are thinking about creating the web site to communicate with customers in Nizhny Novgorod and its area and would like to create a convenient and intuitive to use online store? Then our studio to create web portals – this is what you want. Our firm – a team of young and highly talented web designers who know and loving his job. Website made us famous not only in Nizhny Novgorod and Russia but also abroad. Jack Fusco has firm opinions on the matter. We know remarkably self-employed. No more like two peas similar to one another uniform, boring pattern and Internet portals. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Costco. When creating websites, we use radically different approach.

Is important to us, any client, so you can be assured that we will come to your order with all the attention and hard, and create a comfortable and an excellent site. Ensure that you can by going to the "Portfolio" section on our website. We understand that creating a site – it is a responsible and important process is the calling card organization and its face on the Web. We live in Nizhny Novgorod and make websites that really work for a hundred%. Our team is able to do for you web site all the existing styles and types. Our professionals to quickly cope with even the most original and challenging task. website development Nizhny Novgorod – our vocation.

Through a Web portal created by our company, you build a warm and homely atmosphere for your Homepage or businesslike approach and demonstrate the seriousness of your organization. We make stylish and robust websites with the use of all current Internet technology, as our experts carefully follow all the latest trends of site building. We keep up with technology, and it makes us much of the mass of competitors. Already we are working with technologies that will be actively used in Russia only after 5-6 months. So if you want to have done with the latest technology website, please contact us.

Moneymaker Design

Web Development – design of technologies used on the Internet – is not just a beautiful design and human-readable text, and original idea, the concept of a unified style, the integrity of the perception of the artistic image site, it simplicity, convenience and consistency. And visiting this site, you not only get the right information, clearly and conveniently presented on the site, but will appreciate this site and if necessary, must return to it. It's no secret that the Niagara sites on the Internet is quite difficult to stand out from the thousands and hundreds of thousands of resources of similar subjects, so that it is remembered your site and found its permanent audience of visitors. Therefore, those enthusiasts – beginners who are developing their own sites must be clear about the fundamentals of creating Web sites and have an understanding of the structural features of the World Wide Web. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Danone by clicking through. But completely useless meticulously examine and study very complicated server technology and network programming, rather to know the basics of web design and imagine the essence of the terminology of the Internet. After Moneymaker starting initially rather vague idea of the overall structure of the global web, a hierarchy of domain names, the concept of the Internet zone, etc. And very very strange definition for the beginner – tags, metatags, hypertext markup, links and other Internet terms. But – if you want to make money online not for ice cream, and a car or aim a blow at something more serious, then all the knowledge one way or another you will need.

After all, enough to build a quality, competitive, marketing site is not something that particularly difficult, but requires specific knowledge and skills. That newcomers to the Internet, alas – do not have. Technology web design is not are some tricky science, inaccessible minds of ordinary mortals. In the end, it's not writing his doctoral thesis, but it is a common way of acquiring knowledge that is available even to schoolchildren. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from A. F. Chief of Staff .

Movie Marketing

God I hate the latter, as a virus in the wall. None of the interesting materials for the viewer tends to appear on the web. Ever get a new sign, or a new spot, or interviews with the actors, or fan trailers (there are people who much strives to create these pieces, sometimes with more quality than the original, and who would be delighted to have recognition on the web), all these materials find them sailing in blogs, and comments on social networks, but not boring the movie website. There are several theories about why this is so and what should be done. Chris Thilk, Movie Marketing madness, believes that this neglect is due to that prioritizes the presence in networks with the use of the web, so that it is running as an outdated tool which only serves to show the trailer in a decent quality and little else.

The main problem he sees in these sites is their short durability, just one or two months mostly, so that distributors prefer to focus their efforts on social networks where you can update your materials and interact (bad, because in many cases they do not respond to users) with the public. I am basically in accordance with the diagnosis of Chris, without However differ in part with the treatment. He believes that it is high time that distributors believe each one its own central website from which inform all of his films, instead of one at a time. Not to be confused with what they do now, that it is to host the websites of his films, different each, on the site of the Distributor, so that when you go on the website of the film you have to go through the corporate home to get. He refers to that should create an image online of brand that serves as umbrella to promote all his films, thus the possibility of interest, inform and retain in time to viewers.

The concept is to create a central site from which communicate the upcoming movies and interact with users, the place you get from social networks. This theory, being interesting does not seem applicable, given that the type of films it releases each year a distributor they are very different among themselves, does not seem logical that an animated film and an adult drama have accommodated in the same place. However Yes they can be interesting a series of thematic sites independent, alien to the distributors, which serve the same way is that proposed in previous paragraph. Each film would promote in these official sites with their proposals for extras, games and contests to attract the public. Don’t know, you who you think? By the way, if you know of any film that is exceptional website, please tell me.

Sublustrum – Dreams Of The Dreamer

Sure, a quest marked with 'Made in Russia' – is at least grounds for doubt. Nevertheless, looking at that enthusiasm with which the guys from 'Phantomery' painted her unborn child, strengthened the confidence that it will be quite a different game Yes, it is entirely different game – 'the whole thing in tune to the internal frequency, and they knew this, of course, the same znali' is a phrase we found in the introductory video. It refers to some ancient race that erected dolmens resonating at the frequency infrasound, just on that same frequency, which can transfer human consciousness into a special 'shimmering world'. World consists of images imprinted in the subconscious as a film, in which everything can be change, which can be both a mother and so far away. Sublustrum unique game with a very rich inner world, woven of what is, perhaps, in all of us.

This narrow corridor was left in a corner of the bike, dimensional clock ticking, smelling of printer's ink newspaper, laughter of children, which is reached with the sun-drenched streets, is not it poluistertye Images Soviet childhood left where there's far recesses of our memory? Nostalgia is probably characterizing the main game word. Nostalgia in every frame in every breath born in the fading consciousness of man, who reconceived his life, something to the next second, released, to leave this world. And we follow capricious will of the writer, seeing as his consciousness, moving further away from home, to whom he was so attached, from his childhood fears and the things that he has always dreamed of, but which have never been able to get. Perhaps the main role in the process of immersion in 'a shimmering world' music plays.

Traffic Inspector

On the other hand – works like a proxy and bannerorezka. This means that the program blocks annoying advertising banners and window and caching of pages, images, and DNS-queries reduces not only the traffic but also time. In addition to these objectives, the program provides money and traffic records for the month and a day, keeps statistics on the days and months, the division provides access to different computers on a network. If providing access through an additional server is not desirable, it is necessary to focus on programs that help save bandwidth by other means. Which tasks should be deal with such a program? Reduce traffic by caching data, images, and files. Reduce incoming traffic by browsing the Web by blocking banners, pop-ups.

Reduce traffic by banning download multimedia files, or files whose size exceeds a certain value. Reduce traffic by deny access to certain subjects. Reduce traffic by limiting the speed of access to time for users. Keep records and billing of traffic as a whole and for individual users. And beyond that – to protect from intruders, viruses, spam and other malware from. Such requirements are met programs intended to organize a unified access to the Internet from the LAN, and simultaneously address issues related to the distribution of access rights to resources and files, the speed limit, a ban on downloading advertising banners and pop-ups that provide caching downloaded information for re-use of local storage. Typically, this integrated solution, providing multi-level savings. Among these solutions is worth noting Traffic Inspector, which in addition to detailed accounting and ad-blocking sites has also individually controlled filtering and caching.

Private management is so efficiently, the savings can be up to 35% of the total traffic. Mail Gateway provides additional cost savings by blocking spam without downloading the messages and the program has a system of timely locking out users with increased network activity, because we all know how much traffic can pump up the virus. By the way, to program against viruses, Traffic Inspector, you can connect additional modules from the Panda and Kaspersky. How to save bandwidth, you decide, whether the data is confidential and whether or not to trust them to relay through the server, or implement a comprehensive savings in itself, and can be used both ways. The conclusion is still one – save can and should be, because online budgets and shrinking of the previously available under the circumstances, traffic may not be enough.


Now to start your own blog can afford one. This form of diary entries is available to anyone regardless of his status, education and the availability of funds. The successful creation of the resource includes a few basic steps. The first step is to determine the theme of your blog. Best of all, if it will be something relevant, interesting, a large audience, rather than the individual. For example, kopirayterstvo, earnings on the Internet, creating Web sites.

Further, should pick up on specialized sites suitable template, which will reflect the selected theme to its design. What would be more convenient device resource, the easier readers to navigate the sections and notes. Spent on a control system is not required, the author's blog is easily download from free services. InsideWeb enough proposals that allow satisfy any bloggers. In addition, you can develop its own structure through a variety of plug-ins. You can add any partition on the main page to display new entries and comments.

If desired, it makes sense to invest in a domain and hosting that will ensure a higher quality. Once the outer shell is ready, you need to do content. It is important to decide how often to be updated record. For the audience it is mainly textual and graphical content. The more useful content to visitors, the more they will visit the author's blog. The ideal is to publish posts every day, but we can and reduce the amount of up to one in two to three days. If you plan to earn on their own resources, you must install it on the counter visitors. It not only tells you how many people were interested in a blog, but and that they were looking at the site and any requests. Such an analysis will constantly improve the design the better. Further, we can do moving forward. In particular, it is possible to exchange guards with blogs of similar subjects, to buy link or article. All this will increase the performance site and its position in search engines. In the future it will be placed on a resource sponsored links or banners. Thus, we can say that at this blog moment is the most accessible form of diary entries. Do not believe me? Try it yourself.