Parents have a legal right to a Kitaplatz from the 01.08.2013. What does that mean in practice? A Kitaplatz is becoming more popular in Germany. To assigned places are, however, less and less. Many parents must probably now in the summer, wonder what they should do if they have no place in the nursery or a kindergarten for her protege, just talked to. The new legal claim to a Kitaplatz, which enters into force from the 01.08.2013 offers an answer to this question. What does title mean? In August 2013 changed the legal situation so that even one-year children have a right to state oversight. “In 24 para 2 of the social security code is then: until the completion of the third year of life, a child who has completed the first year of life, is entitled to early childhood education in a daycare center or children’s day care.” From 3 years, is already a legal claim, which is still maintained. For other opinions and approaches, find out what This ratio is not the reality that was anticipated in 2008. Especially the urban areas in the urban areas have a tremendous need. It is assumed that even a quota of 50 per cent is still too little. Tips for parents: parents should register as early as possible your needs of a Kita-Platz in the city, best immediately after birth.

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