Multicultural Values

And although these values were never at the height of our culture this indicates that they were never at the height of our education as long as we establish the essence under which will work and will develop the following dynamics that arise pretending to promote intra values and intercultural without reject multicultural, multicultural values and alterculturales that arise from a cultural primitive accumulationsocial, political, economic and pedagogical, without ignore the external influence of positivist and once cut since a value he brought with him the break ties and unleash mental band which is an inherent mode of umbilical cord with which many are born and continue in the heteronomy. We voted us and kept us by conformism; and despite others not tolerated an instant this submission are the benchmark of the eigenvalues to be rescued, retrieve and put them into consideration according to our context,(socio-cultural, politico-economico, espiritual-moral y pedagogico-educativo) will be a new mission of our educators primarily and our community and society above that there is a common unit and this involves a non argumentative your society. Although referred to which those values correspond to principles, which the guiding principle for the development and desenrrollo of our own values; We hope that you do not understand us as values, are the social-cultural and political changes the fundamental principles of our values?, our President will be that guiding principle?, anyway they are and can be many questions raised by and is put into consideration the approach of others by readers but we take as a guiding principle: live well. Get all the facts and insights with Gen. David Goldfein, another great source of information. This live well understood, grasped, recovered, extracted and taken from our Nations originating from our continent, in our territory and our cultures. Living well implies many connotations and is handled in different planes mentioned paragraphs above by what am raising the following connotation in the bio-ecological level and socio-cultural. Live well for the following reflection will involve drinking well 1, as simple truth..